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art of the possible

Politics aside, I found this speech (from 1969) still relevant, still thoughtworthy, no matter how you lean.

You can read the story behind this speech here.


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish -- Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wasn’t always the confident showman he seemed to be on stage during his famous keynotes. On the morning of June 12, 2005, hours before Jobs was scheduled to deliver the commencement speech for the 114th graduating class at Stanford University, “He woke up with butterflies in his stomach,” says his wife, Laurene, in… 623 more words


Commencement Speech: Emmanuel Faber - "Who is your Brother?"

I’ve just added another great Commencement speech to my youtube playlist: Commencement Speeches

Emmanuel Faber gave the commencement address at HEC this year, 2016.

The first half is in french, the last in english.   120 more words


[Dịch] Diễn văn trao bằng tại Harvard của J.K. Rowling

Tên khác: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination – Phúc lợi của thất bại và tầm quan trọng của trí tưởng tượng…

5,740 more words

Very Good Lives--J.K. Rowling

Sometimes I feel the need to curl up in J.K. Rowling’s writing like a security blanket. Harry Potter is obviously my favourite book series, even though I promised not to read it for five years after the movies were over I still broke that promise to myself and snuck them in a few times when I was stuck in a book rut and needed to break out. 224 more words


This is Water - David Foster Wallace

(If anybody feels like perspiring , I’d advise you to go ahead, because I’m sure going to. In fact I’m gonna .) Greetings [“parents”?] and congratulations to Kenyon’s graduating class of 2005. 3,886 more words


The 2 things that matter most to people in their 20s

This was my speech to the graduating class of 2016 at the University of California, San Diego, Revelle College. I just wanted to be real with them, and thought a lot about what I would’ve wanted to hear 10 years prior when I was sitting in their position. 1,819 more words