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I like my work as an illustrator and I love being a painter. Of course there is a little of me in my illustrations but working as a freelance illustrator means taking your clients needs and demands into consideration. 102 more words

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Session is over. A painting is finished. And as always I have squirted out too much paint on my palette. Cadmium red, yellow ochre, burnt sienna and preussisk bleu. 125 more words

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Black Friday. A black day for earth.

I walked into a big department store here in Sweden yesterday. First I get all exited. So much nice looking stuff. Smart gadgets, pretty clothes, shiny kitchen supplies, stylish make up, little things here and there that I – don’t need. 134 more words

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Dress Code

When I paint people a personality behind the faces emerge. Unintentionally a little story tells me why and what I need to include or exclude in a painting. 322 more words

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Fresh flowers on a friday.

Angels and softness. I start working with brushes, with colors on the palette that I like. Slowly the image emerges and as I go along with it, I get a sudden urge of what the painting needs. 63 more words

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Comment of the Day - 18/07/2017

From an article at Washington Post Eugene Robinson

We have a president — commander in chief of the armed forces, ostensibly the leader of the free world — whose every word is suspect.

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