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Why do I miss her?

Day 8 after the incident.

I met her like 10 years ago. I think I fell in love with her then. From that point on, as corny and ridiculous as it sounds, she became my ‘dream girl’. 1,641 more words


Names in Red and Black

Soon we’ll know the results of the European Parliament Elections.

I remember every major poll since 2014 vividly: almost perfect recall. This one stood out for me in ways that chilled me to the bone. 1,670 more words


I want to feel included!

Am I alone?

Is it just me?

As we scour the internet for a collective identity.

No, Susan! It isn’t just you, who put her phone on the table and forgot where it was and then proceeded to create a digital to-do.

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Interview with Richard Stamp on fringe ethics

I’ve been covering a lot of thorny issue on this blog recently, particularly regarding how fair festival fringes are. But I’ve been giving my own views quite enough. 3,095 more words


Just more post-break-up stuff

Day 7 after the incident.

So many thoughts race constantly through my mind that they are overwhelming at times. I’m not used to this; to having to fight against them. 1,391 more words