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Oh for a pre-Google pregnancy...

Life as an expectant mother twenty, or even ten years ago must have been a whole lot more simple. You still had the basics that we have now; you knew you’d got 40 weeks give or take a fortnight, you knew you would be meeting certain milestones along the way – as set out by your midwife, friends, family and some useful NHS leaflets, you expect and hope that, despite the heartburn, uncontrollable wind issues and the fact that you can’t stop your trousers from constantly coming down, it will all be ok and you’ll end up with a healthy baby and at least a year or unbroken sleep. 479 more words

100 Books of Me Part II

This second set of books started about a year ago. Now into my course, the shift is obvious. Almost exclusively first novels, my notes are geared towards what I can get out of it from a writing perspective, rather than as a reader. 1,940 more words


Time to blow the whistle on Sent Her Forward

It is with regret – though also some relief – that I am calling it a day and closing down Sent Her Forward. 1,205 more words

Women's Football

Upcoming Feature Guest Posts...

Here soon I’ll be posting FEATURED posts from guests that want me to put their work on my site. The first will be my cousin. Once I receive the post he wants me to post I’ll introduce him more thoroughly. 34 more words


Andy Galloway Reviews Scotland's Recent 'Bad Luck'

LOOK at it this way. There can’t be many more ways to mess up a qualification campaign. We’ve surely used them all now, writes Andy  1,633 more words


Three Things That Being a Paedophile Has Taught Me

I guess that as a paedophile who believes there is nothing intrinsically wrong with adults and children sharing sensual intimacy I’m as far out of kilter with society and conventional norms as one can be. 2,210 more words