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Journalism is too important to just ignore the money question

The other week, I tried to explain some changes we’d made to the way we cover football in London. It was in response to a post on a Brentford FC fan site by a journalist called Jim Levack, who was annoyed that the titles I work with no longer send a dedicated reporter to every game. 1,083 more words


I just want to share the road safely

A couple of near misses on my commute home yesterday and a couple of twitter spats recently have prompted me to get this post off my chest. 1,202 more words



‘Do not judge!’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I said, do not judge. You’re judging people and that’s wrong, so don’t do it.’

‘I’m sorry, but isn’t what you just said . 415 more words


Camera Confidence

I’m a blogger…obviously. That’s why you’re here. An aspect of blogging that I didn’t consider when I originally started was the importance of photography within your blog. 616 more words


Here We Are ...

Thanks for joining me! Putting myself on here is a real big step for me, but I’m ready and up for the task. I want to open up more and really share my passions and hobbies. 145 more words


Nibarize Ingabire Victoire

Ibi byanteye amatsiko njya gushakisha mbona ibaruwa yandikiye Perezida wa Repubulika amusaba imbabazi, byanteye kwibaza byinshi, ariko ndavuga nti ahari wasanga narasomye nabi.

None, nimwigire hino namwe mumfashe gusesengura iyi baruwa ya Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza yo ku wa 25 Kamena 2018, yandikiye Perezida wa Repubulika Paul Kagame akamenyesha Minisitiri w’Ubutabera, ifite umutwe ugira uti “Gusaba imbabazi”. 530 more words


Mukabunani wa PS Imberakuri yagereranyije Ntaganda n’umuntu wavangiwe mu mutwe

Yabitangaje kuri uyu wa Gatanu mu kiganiro n’abanyamakuru cyari kigamije kwitandukanya n’itangazo Ntaganda aherutse gusohora avuga ko Ingabire Victoire uherutse kurekurwa ku mbabazi za Perezida wa Repubulika, ashyirwaho iterabwoba. 339 more words