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Critic’s Log - Star Trek: Discovery 2.1

Critic’s log, supplemental.

With the grim inevitability of serious illness, the pseudo-Star Trek spin off (anything conceived in the mind of Alex Kurtzman in respect of the franchise he doesn’t quite understand demands a qualifier), designed for a single season as part of a now defunct anthology, has returned for a second. 1,305 more words


How Revolutions Matter

by Martin Yip

I was first introduced to Les Misérables in seventh-grade music class: whenever our music teacher had time to spare at the end of class, he would go on YouTube and play us clips of its musical adaptations. 542 more words


A Word from the Editors

by Michael Angerer

It is somewhat surprising – and then, perhaps not – that the word ‘revolution’ is in itself quite unconventional: it was adopted partly from French and partly from Latin (as the Oxford English Dictionary reliably informs us) and can ultimately be traced back to the Latin revolvere, meaning ‘to revolve’; and, indeed, the word was first used in English around the end of the 14th century in this general sense, in order to describe the circular course of heavenly bodies or simply the passing of time. 269 more words


To Those Who Are Not Revolutionaries

by Monim Wains

To the ones who lead good lives that are completely unremarkable. Those who live happy and fulfilled without doing anything that seems significant. 969 more words


They did surgery on a grape

They did surgery on a grape. They did surgery on a grape. Surgery was performed, and the subject of said surgery was none other than a grape. 606 more words