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Being born in the 90s’ sure has its perks. I grew up with the Nintendo 64, watched Nickelodeon, ate Pokémon cereal, and dueled friends with our Yu-Gi-Oh cards. 178 more words


Συμπλέουν απόλυτα Μαλάς-Αναστασιάδης

Οι πυλώνες του Μαλά, αποτελούν πυλώνες και του Αναστασιάδη!

Γράφει ο Κωστάκης Αντωνίου

Σε διάσκεψη Τύπου στην Αθήνα, ο Σταύρος Μαλάς ανέλυσε τους πυλώνες της πολιτικής του στο εθνικό θέμα.


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I found this great article via TimesLIVE and thought you’d like to read it too:


TimesLIVE brings you South Africa’s hottest breaking news, politics, entertainment, celebrity gossip, sport and much more, around the clock every day, along with every week’s full edition of the Sunday Times, SA’s biggest Sunday paper. 11 more words


Is Hillary the Next Harvey Weinstein?


Henry Makow’s official web site. Exposing Feminism and the New World Order

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