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New Music Video: Future - Where Ya At

Its finally out! Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 is packed with bangers, but “Where Ya At” is my favorite song on the album and the video made me love the song even more. 195 more words

Hip Hop

Creative Writing: Tick

‘Tick’ by Owen Harvey

Tick tick tick.

There it is again. That ticking noise. Tick tick tick. It’s never-ending, like someone banging a tiny hammer inside of my skull. 544 more words


An understanding of teenage girls, or how I learned to embrace the dark side


Collective nouns: like so much else in the English language, I find them interesting. Like onomatopoeia, palindromes, metaphors, similes and so much else in our vernacular, collective nouns can be played with. 3,076 more words


How Smartphones Are Destroying Culture ...

First of all, I know how hypocritical it is of me to say this.

Let’s face it, I am a fucking smartphone addict.

But even though I have no problem using my phone to take an instagram pic whenever the moment ‘takes me’ … even I have my boundaries. 91 more words


14th blog post and my Birthday

Yes today is my birth day. Thank you. Hi everyone! Welcome to the 14th post and as everyday gotta by I wish more and more people would comment! 166 more words


Sustainable and client specific in architecture

I had an interesting debate with a friend of mine the other day. We were talking about the future of architecture. He argued the future lies in multi purpose structures. 569 more words


Getting on with it...

Until the time there’s a major social and political upheaval, austerity is going to be the backdrop to our lives for some time to come. When you factor in the growing possibility of another financial crash that will make the one in 2008 look like a gentle stroll in the park by comparison, for more and more of us the future is looking decidedly dodgy. 1,427 more words