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Checkmate! Welcome to Republican Dictatorship of America

My last chance at free speech but it will be a while before they get around to arresting me.

I want to be the first to say it as I’m sure others are already thinking about it, some now writing about it and in the coming weeks it will soon be apparent. 554 more words


Immigration Enforcement is clearly staffed by complete clowns

  1. An endless string of stupid errors

Is Immigration Enforcement staffed by complete clowns? Rhetorical question. You’d have thought that they’d have learnt their lesson after the Windrush Scandal. 738 more words


What makes SEO important?


What is SEO?

SEO typically stands for Search Engine Optimisation, its referred to as a tool used to search the www for information, for example how quick and easy it is for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more to find your website. 394 more words

The Wizarding World of Chris Woakes

Christopher Roger Woakes. The name suits him, I think. Simple, elegant, and although reminiscent of the aristocratic cricketing elite of years gone, unassuming and reassuringly normal. 548 more words


Talk To Me

This is the first installment of #TalkAboutIt Thursday. Thursday posts are going to be dedicated to conversations. This week more than I’d like to talk, well write, I want to hear from you my readers. 392 more words

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Gesundheit - now get out of here!

“If you do not have control over your mouth, you will not have control over your future.”― Germany Kent

This morning I went to the medical clinic to setup a series of tests that my physician ordered for me after my annual physical examination of Monday. 366 more words

(c) The Main Aisle 2020

A little request for the virtue signallers and face mask naggers...

There are unintended / ignored / swept under the carpet consequences of the drive to get people wearing face masks to try and contain the coronavirus. 453 more words