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Hi guys,

I’ve been thinking that we as bloggers are privileged to raise our voice irrespective of the cultures from where we come. 214 more words


Hopeless Romantics Vs Realists

There are two types of romantics in this world. Hopeless romantics and realists. A realist sees another pretty face and packs it with the rest of the pretty faces he has seen before. 35 more words


Expats moaning about not being able to vote 

Expats are having a moan about not being able to vote in the EU referendum after two of them lost a court case. British citizens residing in an EU country for for than 15 years have been told they won’t be eligible to vote. 228 more words


How to Look for a REAL Real Estate Agent

First time house buyers believe that the first thing that they need to do when they decide to buy a house is to look for a house to buy. 636 more words

I'm Starting my Novel!!

I’m currently overwhelmed. I’m 17 years old, I’m graduating high school an entire year early and starting community college next year for general ed. I have so much to do in my life; It just scares me at how fast time has already gone. 177 more words


I think you all should go and follow this miss lovely person. Comment and like her posts. She needs inspiration and motivation to continue blog and I don’t want her to stop 😭 … 6 more words

Weekly BS!

Well, officially stuck to the budget for first paycheck! That went over fine with me but the boyfriend is struggling to not spend all the money! 214 more words