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Kathy Sheridan and the Modern Prince

Kathy Sheridan, Irish Times Liberal-about-town and crusader of the collapsing centre, responsible for gems like this, is reacting to the Grenfell tower disaster and the UK election. 1,368 more words

The Amazing, Evolving Taoiseach

Bit late to getting a Cork Irish Examiner membership so missed this moving piece from Alison O’Connor, another in the genre of ‘Area Man Becomes Taoiseach Before Onset of Middle Age… 544 more words

Noel Whelan Pens Ode to Youth

In a week where certain sections of the UK commentariat seem to have convinced themselves that their own offspring are on the verge of joining the red guards… 841 more words

Neutrality Is Not An Option For Conservative Pundits Against Trump

Failing to support Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee effectively means advocating a Hillary Clinton presidency as the least-worst option in 2016. And #NeverTrump conservative pundits should find the courage to do so. 1,206 more words

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