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Ellen Hovde, Muffie Myer, and Susan Foemke on documentaries

Three women who had edited one of the Maysles brothers‘ documentaries and further established the art of cinema vérité talk briefly about the challenges and philosophy of editing… 44 more words


The Best Bible Atlas Ever, Cheaper Than It's Ever Been

The best Bible atlas ever, Carta’s Sacred Bridge, is now cheaper than it’s ever been, thanks to a new distribution partnership between Carta Jerusalem… 34 more words


Renny Harlin & David Mamet on Hollywood

Renny Harlin and David Mamet briefly talk about the negative side of the allure of Hollywood.


Steven Soderbergh on filmmaking - Part VI and VII

Part VI – On process, editing.

Part VII – Writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien join Steven Soderbergh in a discussion on the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. 246 more words


Your Net Worth

Really, what is your net worth? This drawing made me think.

In this day and age of commercialism and consumerism, we are bombarded by too many ads that brainwashes us to buy things that are unnecessary that we end up buying more than what we can afford and before we know it, we are already drowning in debt.


Ridley Scott on filmmaking - Part VIII

Part 8 of Ridley Scott’s thoughts on cinema and filmmaking. Remember, it’s all about intuition.


James Mangold on filmmaking - Part III

Part III of the filmmaking series with James Mangold covers the following topics; teamwork, intimacy, specifics of actor-director relationship, actor’s courage, widescreen, “noir” look, what movies are. 9 more words