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Heavy Protest At the University Of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria.

The protest started at exactly 5:30am, moving from the Male hostel to the female hostel, which lead to the closure of all entrace into the university community, and also the prevention of movement oustside the school. 107 more words


The Trial Of Senator Bukola Saraki, My Opinion And Views.

It was indeed a thought breaking exposure, that for the very first time, a senator of such ranking, prestige, position and authority, as attributed the number 3 highest office in Nigeria, will not only be heard to have been tried in absence, but was not only tried in his presence, was made to enter the dock, this indicates that our respect for the Rule of Law, as a nation is gaining grounds, it goes to such a far length to lay sounding emphasis that moral regard for the law, and equality before the law is gradually returning back to our nation. 286 more words


NIGTC Romans: A Look Inside

Does the Church need another commentary on Romans?

Time will tell. But Richard N. Longenecker’s Romans volume in the NIGTC series is about to be released. 164 more words


Book Note: Mark Strauss's New Commentary on Mark (ZECNT)

I really dig Zondervan’s Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, as you can see by the multiple volumes I’ve reviewed here. The series continues production, with… 391 more words


After Luke and Acts: Part 3 of Luke's Trilogy

As I’ve been working on the Book of Acts for my last few sermons, Acts has been working right back on me. I’m still thinking about… 449 more words


Keldian Takes An Exclusive Look Back At Journey Of Souls 7 Years After Release: Commentary and Review

Norwegian sci-fi metallers Keldian released their third album Outbound in late 2013, nearing two years ago already, however, that doesn’t mean the excitement around their music has died down. 3,011 more words