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After Luke and Acts: Part 3 of Luke's Trilogy

As I’ve been working on the Book of Acts for my last few sermons, Acts has been working right back on me. I’m still thinking about… 449 more words


Keldian Takes An Exclusive Look Back At Journey Of Souls 7 Years After Release: Commentary and Review

Norwegian sci-fi metallers Keldian released their third album Outbound in late 2013, nearing two years ago already, however, that doesn’t mean the excitement around their music has died down. 3,011 more words


Welcome to Volume 2!

Our favorite day has arrived- launch day! Here are some highlights to be on the lookout for:


From the Publishers Who Brought Us The Sacred Bridge: In the Master's Steps

Far and away, The Sacred Bridge is the best Bible atlas–and one of the most impressive books–I’ve ever used. Now Carta is beginning to publish bite-sized adaptations from that massive and beautiful work. 881 more words


Ellen Hovde, Muffie Myer, and Susan Foemke on documentaries

Three women who had edited one of the Maysles brothers‘ documentaries and further established the art of cinema vérité talk briefly about the challenges and philosophy of editing… 44 more words


The Best Bible Atlas Ever, Cheaper Than It's Ever Been

The best Bible atlas ever, Carta’s Sacred Bridge, is now cheaper than it’s ever been, thanks to a new distribution partnership between Carta Jerusalem… 34 more words


Renny Harlin & David Mamet on Hollywood

Renny Harlin and David Mamet briefly talk about the negative side of the allure of Hollywood.