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Gospel 1st Sunday in Lent Year C

Luke 4:1-13

Ephrem the Syrian explains that Satan waits until Jesus is thirty to tempt him because it is only then that Jesus reveals himself to be the Messiah. 336 more words


Travel Insurance - needed ? or useless ?

As travel as a pastime, entertainment and necessity has become one the biggest ticket items sold and bought on the Internet, particular by a large seniors’ population, who incidentally require more than anybody else PEACE OF MIND (Oh my God, maybe I suffer a stroke while enjoying myself in a foreign country !), Insurance companies are advertising and selling at all cost and pressurising travelers to buy travel insurance. 527 more words



As one ages, he begins to notice less the peculiarities in individuals he meets every day. He starts to pigeonhole them into convenient categories whose justification for being is known only to him. 137 more words


Hospital Infection Rates Are On The Downslide (With One Troubling Exception)

California hospitals are getting better at preventing infections in their patients, according to new data from the California Department of Public Health.

Hospitals and other health care facilities have been known as hotbeds of infection for years. 491 more words

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Thought for the Day - Fruitfulness

Just as an apple seed produces an apple tree, which in turn produces apples, the seed of God is meant to produce children of God, who should then manifest the character of God to the world around them.  70 more words

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A New China Policy for the Philippines Post-2016?

by Lucio Blanco Pitlo III

Leadership change may augur policy shifts in the arena of diplomacy and foreign policy. It is in this light that the upcoming 2016 Philippine Presidential elections deserve attention, as it may have a significant bearing on future Philippine foreign policy directions, including on the management of the territorial and maritime disputes in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) and overall Philippines-China relations. 32 more words


Philippine Foreign Policy under the Glare of the Domestic and International Community: Mary Jane Veloso's Plight

*This article was originally submitted as a term paper for Political Science 180 – Philippine Foreign Policy.

The case of Mary Jane Veloso sparked the outrage of both the domestic community and the international community. 1,257 more words