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Commentary: Solidarity

THIS month I celebrate the first anniversary of The Manila Times’ welcoming me to its roster of political columnists. This publication made me the first openly transgender woman in the Philippines to be given a regular political column in a national broadsheet. 886 more words


Commentary: How interventions prolong civil wars

CIVIL wars are very disruptive political events. Not only could they end a leader’s political career, they could also redraw maps, reconfigure the regional or global balance of power, or even midwife a new world order. 898 more words


Why This Fitness Influencer Is Totally Fine With Her Weight Gain 

Most body transformation images show people who go from overweight or obese to thinner and fitter. But one fitness influencer has flipped that script, putting out a before-and-after swimsuit photo that shows how she gained weight. 579 more words


Amtrak Dining Changes are NOT Good News

Part of the experience for me of riding Amtrak to Chicago is having breakfast in the dining car.

I’ve had some good meals in Amtrak diners over the years and some interesting conversations with my table mates as the Indiana countryside rolled past. 802 more words


Children & Restaurants; why we're failing and how to fix it.

What a topic this is.

I recently read this article about certain restaurants deciding they wouldn’t like to have young children present at their establishment, and oh my the comments ranging from applause to flaming outrage. 3,256 more words


This Woman Is Proudly Showing Off Her Skin After Being Bullied as a Teen for Her Birthmarks

Lots of people have birthmarks—or beauty marks, as they’re often called. But Lorena Bolanos was born with several large raised birthmarks covering her face and body. 852 more words