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Thought for the Day - Joyless

If the joy of the Lord is our strength, then going about things in a joyless manner exponentially increases the energy it takes.

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Commentary: US Position on Artificial Islands

CHINA’s artificial islands in the South China Sea (SCS) and their upgrades have been serving as tools to Filipino politicians who’ve been mobilizing anti-Chinese sentiment against President Rodrigo Duterte who has been generally congenial to Beijing. 878 more words


Disability is NOT Necessarily Mental Illness

Two posts within a week, and interestingly enough, I find myself continuing with an unexpected part two of my “Disability is NOT” string of posts. Last time, I was here saying that Disability is NOT Incapability. 1,979 more words


We have Failed

We have failed.
My generation have failed to improve the world.
We have made it worse.
Growing up we went to school feeling safe. Maybe not from the cliques or the ridicule which can debilitate a person. 308 more words

Freddy Zalta

Journey to the Center of the Truth

As a kid growing up in the Catholic Church, my earliest and strongest impression of Jesus was that of Him hanging on the cross.  To my young mind, the fact that God would require this of His Son was pretty strong evidence of how serious He was about sin.   1,004 more words


The Right to Work for Models Working Around the Race Tracks

A step FORWARD toward gender equally, something we can learn from, from one of the more advanced countries in the world right now! Commentaries from the… 819 more words

Experiences Of Life

Professional Ballerina Posts Photo of Her Cellulite After Years of Disordered Eating

Kylie Shea is a strong, gorgeous professional ballerina, but she’s always been embarrassed by the cellulite on her legs. She typically fills her Instagram feed with perfectly posed professional photographs of herself, but on Monday she decided to share a “raw and unedited” picture of her legs to help others who are… 235 more words