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Peter Bratsis on the Greek crisis: The materiality of power and the physics of change (Part II)

A fundamental lesson we have learned or relearned from the Greek crisis is that public opinion in itself is of little consequence and that any attempt to derail and undo existing modalities and articulations of political power need to disrupt the routines and activities that are constitutive of such power.

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What are you basing your vote on?

It appears to be election season. Dinner table talk has moved on to when the elections will be held and who are the big candidates contesting this time round. 845 more words


The Sim Lim Experience - Post Jover Chew

The public got a glimpse of Mr Jover Chew again; months after a viral video of him cheating his customers who bought iPhones from him made sensational news and sparked a witch-hunt for errant hand phone retailers. 234 more words


hhe members author ALNAP blog on palliative care in humanitarian crises

Elysée Nouvet and Lisa Schwartz co-authored a blog post for ALNAP on July 10, 2015 entitled:

Is palliative care in humanitarian crises a luxury?

If there is one thing the Ebola crisis has generated these past 18 months, it is widespread recognition that globally we could be better prepared for responding swiftly and ethically to complex pandemics. 107 more words


Who Do You Say That I Am?

As Christians, and Christianity, increasingly fall out of favor within the popular culture, I’ve noticed a growing reluctance to use either of those terms.  More often, you’ll hear such people described as, “religious” or “spiritual” or maybe even as “people of faith”.  900 more words



I workout five days in a week. When my all my paid work finishes at 4:30, I read for an hour after or take a walk around the area, make dinner at 5:30 or 6, take a one-hour nap, then have dinner at seven. 324 more words


On ”Lording” Over Women: Does Genesis 3:16 Override John 3:16? And What of The Great Commission?

Phyllis Beveridge Nissila


I am prompted to post this commentary today because of what has been exposed about the teachings promulgated by those involved in a neo-patriarchal belief system wherein men are presumed to be “kings, priests, and prophets” in the home and women are believed subservient in all matters to their fathers’ and husbands’ “lordship.” [1] 1,644 more words

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