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Ghostbusters Commentary (PAL)

This is my commentary for the original Ghostbusters. I was going to do this as a review but I thought it’d be fun to try it in this format. 77 more words


The story of Priya

It was 5:30pm. I was walking to EDSA to catch a bus to Galleria for my gym when I saw you, meowing like most hungry kittens abandoned by their mothers do, next to an old man selling cigarettes and candies on Reliance street. 919 more words


Why to Watch - Oh My Ghost(ess) K-Drama


  1. Adorable but realistic Main Leads (w/ Character Development)
  2. Unusual and unexpected premise and context
  3. Entertaining and dynamic supporting cast
  4. Great honest communication –> Less draggy-ness
  5. 930 more words

Get well soon, Tumi

At 6pm, we were in a rickety tricycle rushing to the nearest vet clinic in Pioneer Center. I was holding you as if you were a baby. 108 more words


Nigeria's Economic Strait: Adjusting to the Lean Days

The days are gone when Nigeria and Nigerians swelled in economic plenitudes and riches buoyed by crude oil; well so it seems, perhaps till there’s an upturn in the fortune of the black gold which continues to flounder in the international market. 1,041 more words


Mistaking Spoiling as Love, the Case of the Mother Murdered by the Son Signified the Failures of Education

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

When the teen, Hsiang was asked why he’d murdered his own mother, he’d spoken very honestly, “I don’t know”. But, actually, I don’t know meant I DO know. 454 more words