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List of name variants, 2016.

Kililika? C. Lui?

I have been trying to get various major organizations to host a page that would list different names of historical people (both famous and not so famous), along with any other information that’s available on them, like birth and death dates, pictures, &c. 145 more words

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Lorenzo Lyons, translator of "The Raven"! 1871.

I posted the awesome translation of Poe’s “The Raven” back in 2013, but back then I did not realize that “Hawaii” was Lorenzo Lyons! Wow. 56 more words

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Hauʻoli 2016!

I just wanted to wish everyone a year filled with joy and laughter. And mahalo a nui to all of those people who find the time to repost and talk about the articles they think are worth repeating. 29 more words

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John Kahawaiolaa passes on, 1919.



Mr. Sol. Hanohano, Editor of the Kuokoa, Aloha oe: Please extend your patience in allowing an open space of our tireless precious one, and it will carry around the sad news to all the islands of Hawaii nei, and the family, the associates, the friends, and the laborers from the appearing of the sun at Kumukahi to the taking of the sun at Lehua. 259 more words


Connections, 2015.


Lately I have just been curious, so if you could take (less than) a minute to answer this short survey, I would appreciate it!

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David Kaonohiokala Peleiholani Jr. passes away, 1921.


David Kaonohiokala Peleiholani

Mr. Editor of the Kuokoa, Aloha amongst us:—Please allow me once again some open space of the Pride of the Lahui, for my sad offering placed above, so that all of the family from Hawaii to Niihau will see our lei, David Kaonohi Peleiholani, shortened to D. 642 more words


Portrait of Levi Haalelea, 1864.

Portrait of Haalelea.—The haole which we spoke of the other week has painted a Portrait of Levi Haalelea who has passed, and it is now in the photography studio of Chase (Keiki). 97 more words