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Hauʻoli lā hānau!

Wishing Aunty a happy birthday.

Were it not for her, I would not be doing this blog…

Commentary From This Blog

Let's move forward, and not backward. 1897.

All the while the circle of annexationists are reviling the Asians, they majority of them are employing those people as servants. How are you being deceived of the truth of their desires, O United States of America? 20 more words

Commentary From This Blog

Donations, 2017 and beyond.

Aloha all,

I have been asked where donations for this blog should be sent. I am not asking for money. I am just doing this blog on the side when time permits. 124 more words

Commentary From This Blog

A set of mele including "E aha ia ana o Maunakea," composed by Lioe Kaanaana of Waimea for Ane Bell, 1894.



Hanohano Mana i ka uhiwai
Haaheo i ka liko o ka mamane
O ka noe a ka ua kikoni ili
Me he la o kuu aloha kekahi… 491 more words


History from the old Hawaiian newspapers!

Perhaps these posts will be useful to someone you know?

Help support the recovery of all kinds of people, places, and information from the old Hawaiian newspapers! 34 more words

Commentary From This Blog

Road to hell is paved with gold, 1915.


C. R. Forbes Warned from Undertaking by John G. Stokes; Will Put Up Markers

Plans that Charles R. 525 more words

English Newspaper

Anybody ever see one of these blue ribbons or blue badges of the annexationists? 1893.

The appointment of Mr. Kauhi to be Sheriff for the District of Ewa is very characteristic of the Provisional Government. Because Mr. Kauhi has sported a blue annexation badge he has been considered fit by the Attorney General to hold the responsible position to which he has been appointed. 160 more words

Commentary From This Blog