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Terrorism even here? 1926.


The Ku Klux Klan Association is here in this town according to Maurice Rey, the owner of a hair salon on Emma Street. 180 more words

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The newspapers may not always report "the truth," but they are a priceless source for historical information, 1864, Today, and Tomorrow.

The newspapers are someplace we should be looking at for other ways to look at Hawaiian history.

Newspapers, unlike books were relatively easy to come by (whether it was by subscription, or by sharing with a neighbor). 233 more words

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Hawaiian Newspapers, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

For a long time, I was sure that anybody who was interested in Hawaiian moolelo, whether it be language, or history, or mele, or kaao, or genealogy, or education, or winds/rains, or thought would know that there are online generations and generations of newspapers available online, whether it be in English (at… 65 more words

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J. H. Kanepuu plans to publish a book filled with genealogies of the people, 1881.


I want to publish and distribute a book of Hawaiian Moolelo for all the people of this lahui; and my great desire is for the questions below to be answered, so that the book can be filled with all of the genealogies . 117 more words

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Please take the time to answer a short survey from the Bishop Museum Library & Archives, 2017.

The Bishop Museum Library & Archives is actively working to  improve our services. We appreciate your candid responses to the short survey in the link below. 52 more words


More information from the December 28, 1891 meeting at Manamana, 1892.

Within that spacious structure at Manamana, gathered together was a huge crowd  because of a call out to all to an open meeting of the people on Monday night, December 28, 1891. 451 more words

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