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What Values Should Millennials Adopt?

There continues to be debate about the state of my generation, the millennials. A majority of the debate stems from previous generations doubting the future in the hands of the subsequent generation. 755 more words


This Is Where Words Come From

Disclaimer: Clichés and Cheesiness

Megumi Kamikawa


If I had the choice, this entire commentary would be a stream of consciousness – one with tears and screams and endless cussing. 531 more words

Campus Life

US Attacks FIFA Just Days Before Vote on Israeli Suspension from the League

By Richard Edmondson

Is the US prosecution of FIFA politically motivated? If so, the message being transmitted isn’t very subtle. 799 more words


New World Order: Debunking William Mount 'I Work For Lucis Trust'

Here Kafka Winston World, one of the channels I follow, has the same qualms about William Mount’s information as I do. This is how disinfo is found out and exposed, and I will be looking up videos by other Truthers for further analysis. 37 more words


In Mourning, In Memoriam

I never realized how much I relied on my iPod until it deleted all of my songs. For years I had stored songs just on my iPod instead of in iTunes because I had run out of space on my external hard drive and I figured, “I will never remove these songs from my iPod anyway so why waste the space?” I figured out rather abruptly last week the answer to that question: “Because any Apple product will inevitably fail and cause painful realizations.” So when my iPod display read, “No Music” I sat there staring at its little screen while a part of me died. 588 more words


New World Order: William Mount's Shocking Briefing On Jade Helm 15

Some of the reporting sounds accurate, but a lot of it doesn’t. From the info I was able to glean on Mount, he is former US Army, and also a retired foreign ambassador. 195 more words


Climate Change: Heat Wave In India Kills 1,100 People, Melts Roads

According to the news clip, this took place in one week.

From the Youtube description: A heat wave in India has killed over 1,100 people in the country in under a week. 57 more words