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Unintelligible "minion"-management- babble in the workplace

Unintelligible minion babble

This morning a former colleague and I were exchanging snarky emails as we have tended to do over the past 8 years that we have known each other. 638 more words


Turkey’s Electoral Maelstrom        


If I were Turkish, and not merely a sympathetic observer and part time resident, I would write an Open Letter to the opposition political parties that had separately and collectively achieved several goals in the June 7th elections: 1,290 more words


Your Internet Speed Can Increase Your Home's Value

Broadband has become a must-have. In fact, the speed of Internet service is even having an influence on American’s biggest purchase: Their homes, The Wall Street Journal reports. 187 more words

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Measles: The impact of vaccination heterogeneity on herd immunity

A couple of hours ago, I posted a series of 15 tweets regarding measles in the United States. It all started off a little something like this: 58 more words


Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day

Today many of us are celebrating Independence Day. Officially it happens tomorrow July 4th here in America. It has not yet happened for everyone everywhere. 55 more words


What is Metrolink's New CEO Art Leahy Up Too?

By Noel T, Braymer

The interview in the June 30th Los Angeles Times by reporter Dan Weikel with Art Leahy gave some hints of what the future plans for Metrolink are. 683 more words


Cap and Trade's effect on California's Railroads

By Noel T. Braymer

The State of California’s official policy is to reduce its emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. 939 more words

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