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Voter Suppression In Georgia Targets Black Voters

It was only a matter of time.

Thirteen days before Americans elect the next president of the United States, it appears that Black voters in Georgia are being systematically excluded from the electoral process. 514 more words

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First, I encountered a Christmas section in 
Bed Bath And Beyond Logo

  in October.  Next we have a movie coming out called

  in November and worst of all on… 12 more words


Touchdown (7/20/2002)

I had no where to go,
I no longer had a home,
Dad kicked me out,
So I left for New York City,
Hoping that it was meant to be… 65 more words



I can’t believe I lived this long,
It really seems like a horrible song,
Playing over and over again,
This business of turning 30

As I walk down K Street, 124 more words


Dear Journal: E.T. Days

Dear Journal,

Some days I feel disconnected from society, like I’m a pod person just emerging for the first time and reticent to interact with others for fear that they’ll find out I’m not one of them. 378 more words


Reclaiming The Magdalene

Who was Mary Magdalene? How much of what we think we know about her is myth, innuendo, or fabrication? Can we clear away the false from the true, remove the layers of unsubstantiated church tradition, Hollywood fiction, rock musicals and imaginings of modern novelists to discover the real Mary Magdalene, friend and disciple of Christ and eye witness to both His crucifixion and resurrection? 1,307 more words

Christian Women

[Blind Commentary] My Little Pony: FiM S 6 Ep 20 - "Viva Las Pegasus" ✔

My Little Pony: FiM S 6 Ep 20 – “Viva Las Pegasus”

My blind commentary reaction to Ep 20 of S 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Viva Las Pegasus. 48 more words