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The B!%# and The Media Ramble On...

Have you ever reached a point where you feel like you are shouting at a wall?  You begin to wonder if anything you have to say will make a difference to anyone.   934 more words


Understanding Malcom.

By Tom Demerly for tomdemerly.com

We got him because no one else would take him.

Malcom the Cat was in a crowded foster home with dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. 652 more words


Milo, Laurie Penny, the Lost Boys, and Toxic Masculinity

I’ve spent a lot of the last three months calling Trump supporters and the alt-right monsters. I did so on this blog. I did so in… 2,990 more words


2016/2017 Tag

First off, this post is incredibly late because I’ve had so much to do this year (I’m taking 17 hours, please save me haha *nervous laughter.* Also, I’m doing this instead of studying for physics because #procrastinationftwbutnotreallyillgettoiteventuallyipromise). 403 more words


Scrambled news

As a child, I thought there were clear lines. Things were either right or wrong, black or white. However, as I grew up, I learned the world was much more complex. 751 more words


I Happen To Like Cacti.

Now I know how it feels to back into one of these.  Ouch!  A reader (one) was apparently angry and frustrated at how I’m handling my blog posts and was tired of the intrigue, mystery, imagery and outright confusion that my posts often bring to the table.   321 more words