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Palestinian Family Describes How E. Jerusalem Home Was Taken--Bernie Sanders, are you there?

You come home one day and find Jewish settlers in your house. What do you do? Well, I guess if you’re Bernie Sanders you would simply… 535 more words


The Evil Within: Boxhead - Screen Peekers (Part 25)

J.D. and Jeff discuss the unsung heroes of these ancient temples, the engineers and architects who put them all together. Also, they meet an old friend, someone who’s been with them the whole time. 6 more words

Let's Play

Convention and Deviation - 2

In the book titled Performing Prose, there is a discussion of conventions and deviations, what they are, and how they relate to style. The book defines conventions as “patterns mutually recognizable to performer and audience, crystallizations of audience expectations in certain rhetorical situations” (38). 918 more words

The Young Farmers

It’s been a while since I blogged about our local farming community. A link this morning to a blog about women farmers which is highlighting… 139 more words


Commentary #3

In this quotation, it is evident that the author uses repetition to show familiarity with the subject. For example, the narrator, Anne, says “his horse…his horse’s mane…his kind brown eyes.” It is clear that Anne is very familiar with the “him” she is talking about. 129 more words

DC's Legends of Tomorrow goes "White Knight" or is that Knights? A Commentary

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) is stealing the show in the fourth episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Although he never claims to be a “White Knight” he’s certainly a man of sophisticated colours; from deviously sweeping one lady off her feet, only to swipe her ID card to winning another’s heart in Moscow, Russia perhaps he can become the next James Bond. 767 more words