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The fall of the QB with four rings

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The phone was so smart it allegedly was destroyed by the legend whose dumb stance to do so may have cost him his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time. 761 more words


Demon's Souls: This Guy's Beak - Screen Peekers (Part 16)

It’s Jeff time, baby, which means Jeff gets to show off all of the myriad ways to kill helpless, starved, undead prisoners. You’ll get to see inside of iron maidens and what happens if a squid dude gets close. Then, J.D. takes over!

Let's Play

New World Order: What Are GWEN Towers Really For? Mind Control?

I will be putting up more information on these towers on my next post, once I gather a couple of sources together.

From the article by… 130 more words


Our Surge

Come on, let’s ride this following breeze, roll and twist with her, and leave their many ships far behind, where we’ll continue to skate over and trace the entire sky.


Stupidity: The Pursuit of Easy

People spend all their time and effort in the pursuit of easy.

If life was easy, everyone would

—  be an adonis

—  have more money than Croesus… 53 more words


RumiNations: I am Waiting for ... Mock SCOTUS soup 2

I am waiting for … the Supreme Court to allow the complete outlawing of guns and define “shall not be infringed” as meaning, if you have a gun, like you are a government agent or something, you are not allowed to glue fringe on the gun stock.


Liberty Still Has a Fighting Chance - Lawrence W. Reed

Over a nine-month period beginning in 1831, a 26-year-old Frenchman visited nearly every corner of what were then the 24 states of the American Republic. He traveled from New England to the upper Midwest to the Gulf Coast in the Deep South to the mid-Atlantic. 537 more words