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Trump Accomplished Nothing Positive On Trade In His First 100 Days

As Donald Trump approaches his first 100 days in office this weekend, his administration has generated more headlines over international trade in his first three months in office than perhaps any of its predecessors. 943 more words


A Farewell to Bates Motel

Tonight marks the end of A&E’s surprise hit Bates Motel, a show that upon announcement may not have sounded like a great idea (didn’t we already learn that you shouldn’t remake… 950 more words



This piece is dedicated to individuals working on letting go of past mistakes and circumstances. This could be concerning a relationship, losing a job, financial issues, or going through a loss. 113 more words


Why Google Books Deserves Better Than These Obituaries

When scholars of the future look back at the early 21st century, they’ll point to technology milestones like the first iPhone and the Tesla Roadster. They’ll also include another milestone—a fabulous digital library built by Google—and wonder why the world did so little to appreciate it. 989 more words


The Widow's Web: Director's Commentary

A director’s commentary outlining how and why we made certain editing decisions for our piece.


Bernie Sanders to Rebuild Democratic Party?

I’d say the lessons of 2016 are still ambiguous at best. Everyone is clamoring to have been right in 2016 and to be certain that others acknowledge that distorted reality. 288 more words

2016 Election

Blinding Us With Science

On Saturday the world enjoyed the long anticipated March for Science, which transformed Earth Day into a global defense of STEM, led by quietly spirited people undaunted by weather, buoyed by conviction, and waving an unlimited supply of… 543 more words