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Return of Bird of the Week: Kelp Gull

WC doesn’t intend to neglect the Southern Hemisphere’s birds. Here is one of the most widely distributed birds of the bottom half of the planet, the Kelp Gull. 252 more words


When You Haven’t Written Anything for the Blog, but You Remember Today is St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy responsibly. Or not. Here’s a bit of humor for the day.

As a child this is what I imagined when I was told the good saint drove the snakes out of Ireland: 54 more words


Responsibility . . .

What greater freedom in life could we have than to realize that we alone are responsible for ourselves? No magic, no tricks, no inside track to perfections . 776 more words


March 17th, 2018...Some thoughts regarding recent events

As most of us grow older, we become tougher, yet compassion, tolerance and understanding increase. Rather than hurting people, the older generation strives to build others up, so that the future might be brighter and less painful. 167 more words


What OFSTED still needs to do

It seems incredible to think how far the schools inspectorate OFSTED have moved on since I was writing about them five years ago. Back then they seemed to be little more than the “child centred inquisition”, a way of enforcing the correct way of teaching, and the correct way was always progressive. 937 more words


Commentary: On Broadcom and tariffs, Trump takes aim on trade – and Singapore?

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Actions to block Broadcom’s take-over of Qualcomm and the imposition of tariffs suggest Donald Trump is serious about upending the post-war international trade consensus, with dire consequences for Singapore, says one observer. 1,440 more words

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