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We’re Being Too Hard On Ashley Madisoners.

Cover image from flickr user Athena, licenced under Creative Commons.

We’re all loving this Ashley Madison thing.

Admit it, you feel superior. You’re quick to hate these people. 743 more words


I'm Cultured AF

It’s been almost four months since I earned my bachelors in art history, and there’s been times when I still don’t really believe that’s what I ended up studied. 385 more words


CERN: Breaking News From Paul Begley, CERN Has Shutdown! 9/1/2015

Pro-Christian viewpoint.

At first, I didn’t like the way Begley hams things up, but I think he’s hilarious now. Here he is, taking over three and a half minutes to deliver 10 seconds’ worth of news, regarding a recent CERN shutdown. 56 more words


Jeremy Corbyn Vs. Bernie Sanders

Jeremy Corbyn…Bernie Sanders. One takes an open, principled stand on foreign policy; one does not. Guess which one is which… 897 more words


False Flag Parker: Alison's Real Boyfriend + Multiple Facebook Pages

And you still wonder why the politicians are trying to restrict the internet? How many smoking guns do you need, sheep? Links can be found on the YT page, and search this blog for… 23 more words


A review of July's Nerd Block Classic and Horror Block

I know I folks that this is late since I got them in the last week of July but things are jumping around here with the day job so I don’t have as much time to write and review things like I want. 741 more words


False Flag Parker: Analyzing Andy Parker's Scripted Gun Control Rant

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From the Youtube description: “The John Walsh of gun control” wants to “make it harder for them ..to purchase guns” 18 more words