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China 2019 – ancient water towns

The water towns were very interesting, more than I expected although getting to them was definitely not what I expected.  I thought that they would be out in the middle of nowhere and we would approach them in a very rural setting.  191 more words


What WC Did On His Vacation: Harpy Eagles

Crikey. WC leaves the internet for a few days and returns to find that Gov. Mike “Sucker Punch” Dunleavy has kicked Alaska and the Alaska economy in the fork. 615 more words


Enrichment Programme Preview ‘19: Ecological Literacy Programme (Eco-Lit)

By Pyari Chopra (19SO3B) and Shanyl Ong (19S06C)

Contrary to popular belief, the Ecological Literacy Programme, also commonly referred to as ‘Eco-Lit’, isn’t just your typical ‘green club’ or environmental advocacy group. 615 more words


In February’s Sun

I paused in the sun

Lifted my face to the sky

Offered a prayer

An invocation

For this day and those to come

Protect those I love… 12 more words


Enrichment Programme Preview ‘19: Bicultural Programme (China)

By Jowell Ling (19S07B)

To most JC students, Secondary 4 will be the last year that they come into contact with anything related to Chinese while in school. 433 more words


Speech and Silence ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Through language, humans bring out the full potentiality hidden in matter, advance the building of bird nests and beaver dams to architecture and engineering, the gathering of nuts to farming, squawks and barks to music, and limited animal perception to the intellectual jewels of modern Western culture… (essay by George Stanciu) 10 more words


Surviving Day 2 of a National Emergency

Donald Trump sought refuge at what appears to be a very crappy omelet bar at Mar-a-Lago as the United States bravely somehow made it through Day 2 of our national emergency of not having a big wall that Mexico refuses to pay for. 258 more words