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On my blog I have posted a short video by Daniel Pink about a napkin test that was developed by Richard Leider to help find one’s “calling” –  or as he says, that which “gets you up in the morning.”   You should take it.

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Community Colleges

কালস্কেপ (৯ম)

চেরাপুঞ্জি ,
জেগে ? না রেইনি ডে বলে হেডফোনে “ইজাজত” লাগিয়ে আধ ঘুমে ?
ওখানকার ওয়াদি ভরে যাবার পর বাড়তি মেঘ আছে আর তোমার ? আর হ্যাঁ, সে মেঘে ভালো জল আছে তো?


Oscars 2018: A Look At Contenders In The Best Animated Feature Race

With only a handful of Oscar-nominated directors in the running for Best Animated Feature this year, the race feels wide open, with no obvious frontrunners and the potential for any number of up-and-coming helmers to break through. 398 more words

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Set Dancing in the Early Nineties Ireland

I went Set Dancing because some of my friends were into it. I called to see them in Dublin one weekend in the early nineties and among other things they talked about their adventures in Set Dancing. 704 more words


Why mainstream Republicans want Senator Moore (at least for a couple weeks)

Regardless of his guilt, or even unlikely innocence, Roy Moore is a tainted candidate. The claims made against him would cause screams of “throw him under the prison” from Alabama Republicans, if he weren’t their candidate. 310 more words


The Daily Dog: The Elephant in the...

In yet another destructive move aimed to disassemble his predecessor’s achievements in the White House, Donald Trump this week reversed a policy on the import of African elephant ivory. 450 more words


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