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Another Day...

Another day, another beer!

After a day of riding a tour bus and touring the Muckross House near Killarney, several of us found a small pub and enjoyed a locally brewed beer. 83 more words


Secret's Out: The Senate Health Care Bill Is An Assault On The Safety Net | HuffPost

Americans are finally getting a look at the much-anticipated, heretofore-secret Senate Republican health care bill. As expected, the bill released Thursday amounts to a massive rollback of the federal commitment to promote health care access and would instead pay for hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

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Tallest building west of Mississippi River opens in LA

LOS ANGELES — The tallest building west of the Mississippi River opened its doors on Friday in once-stodgy downtown Los Angeles, which is sprouting a crop of new skyscrapers.

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Sin in the family of God ( A thought on the Bible )

Listen to a thought on the Bible. You can also read it below.

How should your church deal with sin with somebody in the body of Christ ? 532 more words


Photos: The Record-Breaking Residential Towers in Midtown Manhattan

Stephen Wilkes photographs the skyscrapers.

vanityfair.com: Photos: The Record-Breaking Residential Towers in Midtown Manhattan

Also see vanityfair.com:  Too Rich, Too Thin, Too Tall?

Ever taller, ever thinner, the new condo towers racing skyward in Midtown Manhattan are breaking records for everything, including price.

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Acts 9:23-31

(Acts 9:23-31) – A friend like Barnabas

You can imagine the position Paul found himself in, how badly he must’ve felt. You spend so much time trying to wipe a group of people out of existence, and now you ARE one of those people. 239 more words

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Am I Hungry?

Forcing yourself to create when you’re not up for it is much like eating when you’re not hungry. Will you even enjoy the ‘food?’ Creating this way usually comes from a place of boredom or a need to meet a certain deadline rather than an actual passion for the project itself. 375 more words