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Chapter By Chapter Special: Seduction Of The Innocent ch. 10 part 1

Here we go again, kids.

Normally, Chapter By Chapter is me reading a fictional book one chapter at a time to study each part of the story. 3,299 more words

Comic Spotlight

Thus Spoke Beethoven

If there is no commonly understood, nor universally spoken, or globally agreed upon, excepted language.
If there is no common universal threading that ties all dialects (thoroughly interchangeable). 216 more words

Remembering Dick Gregory

Comedian and activist Dick Gregory died Saturday at 84. Essence has a wonderful photo tribute here, and of course, Twitter gave the great man… 665 more words


The food conundrum

'What's for dinner?'
 Providing the answer to this simple question is getting increasingly complicated.  Even a quick glance at the daily news turns every meal into an experience fraught with uncertainty and guilt. 882 more words

From Pastor Chuck: Alt-Christian

Regardless of your political affiliation, you probably have felt disturbed the last few weeks by events in our nation.

Any Christian should be very unhappy when self-described Nazis goosestep around any American town, particularly when rifles are waved freely in the air as part of the spectacle. 833 more words


How We Can Keep Iran From Becoming the Next North Korea

The recent news about North Korea—an accelerating nuclear program, overheated rhetoric, threats of war—reflects one of the most dangerous international crises in decades. The great tragedy is that, 25 years ago, the U.S. 899 more words


#SolarEclipse2017 ~ an indirect experience off the beaten path of totality

OK, we’re now here on the other side of the US 2017 Solar Eclipse that cut a swath of midday twilight across the country.

I’m reminded of the line(s)/concept in the movie “Ladyhawke” when the drunk monk said that an otherwise lifelong curse could be broken during “a night without a day and a day without a night”. 940 more words