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Hmm, I wonder what kind of music Zelda would play?

Sapphire the horse has shown a remarkable talent on the electric keyboard, enjoying both the sounds and the feeling of the keys. He’s got quite a riff going! 147 more words


Creature Feature - Angels

The creature type Angel has been in Magic: The Gathering since day one. Over the years, copies of spectacular winged assistants of the gods have graced the cardboard faces in decks everywhere. 802 more words


False Flag Umpqua, OR: CNN Blunder - 2 Shooters, Pros With Silencers

The witness is 17 year-old Maccrae Kittelman. In my previous post, another Truther, Peekay22, noted how his mother Marylin Kittelman gave other contradictions to the official, and false, gun-grabbing narrative. 103 more words


False Flag Umpqua, OR: Witness Thought It Was A Drill, No Shots Heard

From the Youtube description: Bill O’Reilly interviews Marilyn Kittelman. She tells us her son, who was inside the school, heard NO sounds and says it was a DRILL. 15 more words


Stop shaming survivors for not reporting rape

by Miles Collins

The sexual offences statistics that were released recently have once again emphasised that there is a problem of under reporting of rapes in South Africa. 837 more words


Noélle reblogged this on African Phoenix and commented:

In my younger days I was quite vocal that women who are raped and don't report it are complacent in other rapes. (Yes, not a great moment for me.) Then I learnt about the actual process of reporting a rape. Add a lot of growing up, some much needed empathy and here I am. Being raped is possibly one of the most cruel violations any person could endure. How they decide to happen it is their business. Whichever path they choose, I support it. One day it could be me and if I choose not to report it, I am not responsible for the rapists' actions afterwards. No one is responsible for the rapists' actions. No one is to blame for their rape. No one is to blame for someone else being raped unless they are the rapist.

False Flag Umpqua, OR: Army Hero / Crisis Actor Christ Mintz... Busted!!!

I bet you haven’t heard this bit from Lamestream News. It’s a small world, don’t you think?

New York Daily News: “Chris Mintz ran towards gun fire to save other. 54 more words


Random Art: Save It For A Brainy Day

Shhh. Quiet… we’re thinking today. Back tomorrow with some neat stuff I’ll see in the morning (provided it’s not under embargo).