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Is This Your Life?


You wake up.  For one brief moment, after you rub the sleepiness from your eyes, you smile at the thought of a new day. 371 more words


Corruption And Crony Capitalism

For decades, businesses have received favors in exchange of campaign donations or other kind of political support.

Government corruption.

Criminal politicians.

Higher prices and lower quality goods and services. 34 more words


Up Close and Personal

It’s generally acknowledged that we are now officially in the midst of a major phase of extinction when it comes to plant and animal life on our home planet. 453 more words


M. L. Kappa reblogged this on Letters from Athens and commented:

I'm reblogging this post from one of my favorite blogs, Champagnewhisky, because saving wildlife for our children and grandchildren is a subject close to my heart. I also thought the pictures were wonderful!

On the Start of a New Semester

Tomorrow is the first day of classes at my university. Last Friday, the campus was almost eerily quiet, but by the time I arrive at my office in the morning, thousands of students will have returned to their dorms and filled the parking lots. 371 more words


Your Taxes

President Ronald Reagan recognized that higher corporate taxes have a trickle-down effect … and not in a good way.

In his words: “Some say shift the tax burden to business and industry, but business doesn’t pay taxes … business must pass its costs of operations – and that includes taxes – on to the customer in the price of the product. 170 more words


The Larger Meaning of "Hidden Figures"

My wife and I saw the movie Hidden Figures this weekend. It’s about three Black women who worked for NASA as “computers” at the beginning of the space race between the United States and the then Soviet Union. 512 more words