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Comment: Switching it Up!

You can tell we don’t try and do news here at squareblind.co.uk given our relative silence, aside from Neil’s excellent News-Round Up, on the latest console to emerge from the Mario’s Mansion. 577 more words


Mental Health Mondays - Managing My Anxiety

Hi Guys this week I will be letting you know all the ways I manage my anxiety and hopefully it will help you with yours.  347 more words


My Love~

My Love

I can see you~

My Love

I can smell you~

My Love

I can Sense you~

My Love

I can hear you……you call to me~ 215 more words

Human Behavior

~Bipolar Thoughts~Poetry~NJM~

Words pour out spinning in my mind

Gravity for these thoughts often impossible to find.

Subject to subject whirl in my head

Concentration is gone dead. 220 more words

Bipolar Disorder

~What's The Joke?~

What did you say? Laughter bursting

This elated feeling euphoric in style

Transforms emotions into a smile

Bubbly resonance erupts from within

Leaving less of a smile but a shit eating grin… 53 more words

Human Behavior