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Government By Twitter?

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend Twitter, though not its licensing agreement, help my daughter sell clothing at Macy’s, fire at will any member of my Cabinet who tries to advise me, and perhaps someday actually read the Constitution of the United States and realize why I am sitting behind this desk in an oval office with bulletproof glass and horrific American art.” So help me, Russia.

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A 4-Step Guide To Become A Popular Instagrammer

Are you still stuck at a couple hundred of followers? Well, you can change that quickly with the following pro-tips that will definitely let you outstand on the over 700 million active user platform, Instagram. 401 more words

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Never Read the Comments: The World's Most Common Language

(The following is merely a selection from the first 4 days)

Ignoring the slew of comments about the host and everyone pointing out the typo in the graphics, we managed to get… 54 more words


Always Listening: Another note from the Author

The point of view of a story is often the key to its success. It was brought to my attention that none of the stories I have posted are from the male perspective. 139 more words



Israel on Wednesday welcomed US President Donald Trump’s tough talk on Hezbollah the day earlier, with Intelligence Minister Israel Katz praising the president for saying that the organization poses a threat to both Lebanon and the region. 255 more words

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My Love~

My Love

I can see you~

My Love

I can smell you~

My Love

I can Sense you~

My Love

I can hear you……you call to me~ 215 more words

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