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When I was Young No. 36 – Postscript


After school was out in 1949, Uncle Elmo Larson drove up from Minnesota with his grain truck to haul whatever household things we had. Mother was legally blind but she drove our 1939 Mercury to Minnesota. 332 more words


When I was Young No. 35 – Prince


Prince was our dog in Van Hook. One of our neighbor’s dogs had a litter and we got him after he was weaned the spring of 1947. 339 more words


The Paramount Law of Transformation. Biological Blueprint of the Universe. Space Program sinc3 1452. Logic vs Divine Affairs ... .

*Logic manifest  derivative projection of progression, de facto,  reaction between electromagnetic waves (energy / spectrum of light)) and the molecules.

*Hum5n brain reflect classic quantified system of the Univ3rsal projection of progression, de facto, exact model of transformative beauty of Int3lligent Design. 369 more words


Shape-friendly Cheesecake

In a blender or Nutribullet, combine the following ingredients:

2 Eggs

2 tsp. Flaxseed Meal

2 Tbsp Low Fat Cottage Cheese

2 Tbsp Fage Greek Yogurt… 79 more words


"Status Update" Episode on This American Life Podcast

The latest episode of the always excellent This American Life podcast opens with a story about young girls interacting with Instagram. Here is part 1… 38 more words

From the Comments: A libertarian solution to Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) and the civil war in Syria

I have 3 scenarios in mind, and multilateralism is a must for all of them. 1) I’m still a proponent of recognizing the separatist aspirations of Mideast factions and introducing new, smaller states into the international order (haphazard though it may be).

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Current Events


For those of you who have been meandering my blog (and not commenting….shame on you!) for the past year, you will notice the changes I have made to the theme. 419 more words

Self Reflection