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The Paramount Law of Transformation B;ological Blueprint of the Universe Spac3 Program Since 1452 The miracle of the awakening. Quantum Mechanics and other Miracles ...

The miracle of the awakening.   

Quantum Mechanics and other Miracles … 

Universal Echo; since initiation sequence along with resonant waves in 3D Space occurred, de facto, spectrum of light and temperature, electric charge (compatible opposites) which is essential with regard to transformation sequence, all of that is inflating itself, as well as inanimate matter, which represent fraction of space prior to great inflation. 258 more words


A realpolitik, inside view of the Social Security negotiations in the EU on "Brexit"

by Elisabete Silveira, Director of Negotiation and Coordination of the International Instruments Office - Portugal's Social Security

*Dr. Elisabete Silveira was the Portuguese official for the European negotiations involving the United Kingdom referendum on the EU (“Brexit”) 979 more words


Sense of Humour?!

The frog was wise, the frog was great

The frog knew Latin and sampled wine

The frog had lessons in music

And could play a tune… 75 more words


Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

Wow, I can’t believe I managed to reach the end of the A to Z Challenge! It was my first time participating, and I’m so glad I did. 467 more words


Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak

This really bothers my soul… well yeah it’s that deep. I just don’t get how people are able to give opnions on things they barely know anything about. 255 more words


Why comment?

During April I read more blog posts than usual, mainly as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. However, I didn’t comment on as many of them as I should have done, judging by some amazing people like the Ninja Captain. 314 more words


What People Are Saying About 5o Cent As A Bully.

Rapper 50 Cent is currently getting whipped by haters around the globe. The sad news of his unnecessary humiliation of a young man he met at the airport hasn’t been taken lightly by many. 3,189 more words