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Spam Humor

Some spam comments are so funny that they make me wonder if that is intentional. 79 more words


11 Serious Replies to Earnest Spam Comments

For the nearly 3 years that I have been blogging, Akismet has protected me from 5,409 comments. Whew! Some of them are from people I really like to hear from and converse with. 587 more words


LOCAL NEWS: LeBron James Says | 'This Is A Great Moment And This Is Not Promised'

LeBron James is about to play in his 7th straight NBA Finals.

Think about that for a second.

That’s seven straight seasons, carrying the weight of intense expectations both here in Cleveland and in Miami, and delivering a trip to the championship round. 216 more words

- Local News


I change my theme yesterday. I looked at all the themes in the showcase and wanted something versatile. Simple yet can be used to inspire. It had it all and my social links were intact (I checked today and gave a sigh of relief). 139 more words

Creative Writing

Kitchen disasters.......;-)

have you ever cooked an egg in the early morning and thought it came from outer space ?

Then there is the time when you wonder where you put your reading glasses because the print is too small. 86 more words


2k17 Summer Comment Challenge // Newbie Nerves and Excitement

So, as you all know, I’m a cute, albeit very new, hatchling in the blogosphere. I don’t follow nearly enough blogs and will unashamedly admit that most of the big, beautiful world doesn’t know  217 more words


No more $10 KFC popcorn chicken buckets?

Let’s say you are the CEO of a convenience store and one of your products needs to be recalled quickly due to safety issues. What should be your first step? 396 more words