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Receiving the Grace of God

In his lesson on Sunday, August 30th, 2015, at Unity of the Valley, Licensed Unity Teacher Michael J. Scales will deliver his lesson titled, “Receiving the Grace of God.”

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August 28, 2015 – Obama Sets the Stage for the Crash…

Obama laid the groundwork for blaming the Republican Congress for the coming economic collapse yesterday.  Obama used the government Twitter account to warn Congress to avoid austerity this fall and prevent a government shutdown.   536 more words


Confession of a Barre Instructor - last 8 reps

Loved class today.  Prepared and everything match the members level plus a little edgy challenge and tempo.  I did miss the last 8 reps right side L leg lift in the very last segment.   36 more words

Cardio & Strength

Meet & Greet at 600

For me it’s quite difficult to understand, but we’re now over 600 following this blog. Welcome everybody and thanks, this is your doing. You inspire me very much, so please continue visiting this blog. 83 more words


My Thoughts on Those Reader Comments

If you’re in the screenwriting know, you know which particular set of reader comments I’m referring to.  It’s this set:

“It’s great to see a group of four women friends take on the sophistication level of THE HANGOVER. 1,212 more words


Spamtastic? Get the spam out of here!

When I was younger Spam meant to me a disgusting processed meat product that came out of a tin and would occasionally, much to my disgust. 1,033 more words

General Musings

Spoiler Alert

How soon is it said that Nibiru will be here? Not in 1300 years, not 100 years, not 10 years. No.

The Elite are stocking up their bunkers with food and supplies, NOW !!! 137 more words

Blogging 101