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Informal Introduction

To the readers of this blog, allow me to introduce myself – I’m Taylor. A 20-something, fresh university graduate, a social media specialists you could say, who’s about to publish her triumphs and failures with social media so that others like her, don’t make the same mistakes. 360 more words

Indie Books - Part II

The comments on my post “Rotten Tomatoes for Indie books” were both entertaining and informative.

 “I never know if my reaction is because I am reading out of my genre comfort zone, or whether a book is as dire as it feels.

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Writing And Prompts

No Comment

I started this yesterday, nevee really getting it, erm, half-ass to a lame. But it seems lately there is much to say on the world’s tiniest keyboard. 249 more words


Poor Lib Dems: lost a moralist leader and seem to have got an amoralist one

#bbcdp Most remoaners just say 17.4 Mn of us morons.
@vincecable is saying we’re worse.
He called us #Brexit fundamentalists, implying we’re on par with Jihadi’s and KKK Christians i.e.religious fanatics. 94 more words


The Wonder of Us

Here’s what I believe. That if we encourage the love in our hearts & souls to flourish, if we think & react kindly to others, throughout the year & not just during Christmas. 260 more words


No Nexus

Here’s how I have it figured. Men & women are both attracted to each other for the same reasons, a pleasing visage & personality.

Thru familiarity – the man discovers that the face plate, or avatar of the woman was only a front for the turbulence beneath. 113 more words


Gift Cards

On the surface gift cards seem like a good idea. It’s certainly more convenient – for everyone, both the sender & the receiver. The sender doesn’t have to worry about picking the perfect gift & the receiver can choose what they like themselves. 215 more words