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Everyone is welcome to this blog. I would love, and all are encouraged to leave, comments or engage in discussion on anything you see (and hopefully enjoy) here. 65 more words


Life of a writer... part 2

Thank you to all those who left comments and/or contacted me about my writing life… I especially enjoyed hearing from other writers who know how difficult it is to find time for everything, including time for promoting and social media. 376 more words


The Russian link - again

While France now seems to have its very own Russian scandal, the UK is also being treated to daily revelation about a Russian-linked scandal. UK bank – and undoubtedly others – were used to launder Russian money. 305 more words


Exit Fillon?

It is not just the Trump government, administration, hangers-on, advisors, friends, former election campaign leaders, supporters and others, which are all under some Russian cloud. 466 more words



Έλα κοντά μου. Δεν είμαι η φωτιά.
Τις φωτιές τις σβήνουν τα ποτάμια.
Τις πνίγουν οι νεροποντές.
Τις κυνηγούν οι βοριάδες.
Δεν είμαι η φωτιά.


Έλα κοντά μου. Δεν είμαι ούτε λιμάνι.
Δε σου τάζω την απανεμιά.
Ούτε τις γλυκές ισημερίες,
και τις αλκυονίδες ζεστασιές.
Δεν είμαι λιμάνι.

Εγώ… Δεν είμαι…
Παρά ένας κουρασμένος στρατολάτης.
Ένας αποσταμένος περπατητής…
Που ακούμπησε στη ρίζα μιας ελιάς
για ν΄ακούσει το τραγούδι των γρύλων.
Και αν θέλεις…
Έλα να τ’ ακούσουμε μαζί.

Μενέλαος Λουντέμης, Ἐρωτικὸ κάλεσμα, Τα Ποιητικά του, Ελληνικά Γράμματα Αθήνα, 1999
Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Άρτας


To the whole humanity in 2017

Excerpt from: 

https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/16/16811_fw-impeach-these-criminals-please-with-100-attached-torture.html …

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a victim of US violations of national and international laws regarding torture under the auspices of “research” apparently condoned by the National Security Department via the US DOD, US VA and the U Cal, US NIH, US DHHS, US FDA and etc.  1,521 more words

PSYOPS/mind Control

A Short Fuse

I have short fuse: annoyance, frustration, then anger just keeps building up until I blow like Mount St. Helen’s. It’s those many defects of character I work on a daily basis I can’t seem get under control. 459 more words