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Wrong and Dangerous by Garrett Epps

Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right-Wing Myths about Our Constitution by Garrett Epps (2012)

This slim volume is a fun read (the touches of sarcasm are a delight) about what the Constitution actually says and directly refutes right-wing claims to the contrary. 466 more words


Progressive Sense

The delay has some marijuana-legalization advocates outraged, less so because they’ll have to wait a few months to buy pot and more so because they feel the legislature is trying to subvert the will of the people by fundamentally changing what they voted for.

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Transgender killing results in federal hate crime conviction

Several of my recent posts have addressed issues related to hate crimes.  Obviously, the Roof conviction and upcoming federal death penalty hearing has made that case the leading hate crime story nationally of late.  884 more words

No Connection Between Drug Law & Use

In case that moderators reject my comment for some unacceptable reason in their article about drug usage statistics, here it is fwiw…

What is clearly revealed (yet unacceptably unmentioned) is the fact that “toughness” of drug laws (even regulations) does not correlate with usage statistics (i.e. 540 more words

Respect Cannabis

Obama Commutations

President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of 79 people incarcerated in federal prison, almost all of whom were serving time under outdated and harsh drug sentences.

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Will environmentalists discover federalism under Trump?

One of the possible silver linings of the incoming administration is that environmentalists may have to discover federalism. For decades, environmentalists have been distrustful of states and… 674 more words

Christie Giuliani at Bay

Ponder these names: Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani.

Are these names more dangerous for the cannabis legalization movement than that of Donald Trump?

This is not just about cannabis, and that fact will likely keep the drug war dogs at bay in this case.

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