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Drugs Uninhibited

From “Online Drug Sales Triple After Silk Road Closure, Says Report” (Slashdot.org):

The closure of Silk Road — a marketplace where internet users could purchase drugs and other illegal goods — in 2013 has had little to no effect on drug sales.

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Respect Cannabis

Hard Addictive Truth

People selling hard drugs, addictive drugs (cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, heroin, etc) should not have their sentences commuted. Just more demtard theme of lawlessness. This country is going to hell in a basket.

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Liberty Shield

Too Little Too Late?

I really wish enough people would finally care about this issue (well, at least my comments are getting some ‘like action’).

From: “Obama just commuted the sentences of a record number of inmates” (the Cannabist) 551 more words

Liberty Shield

Brain Control Warning

In a fairly recent post, I wrote (and now updated it a bit with some emphasis for clarity here)…

Our Supreme Court illegally redefined the Commerce Clause to ‘regulate…

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Liberty Shield

Supreme Court decides Taylor: knowingly robbing a drug dealer of drugs or proceeds satisfies Hobbs Act

After a long week of business travel, I’m ready to begin posting again and wanted to begin with some observations on the (in my view) egregious treatment given to Dustin Johnson yesterday at Oakmont by the United States Golf Association.  909 more words

Regardless of who wins, the nation loses

Either way you look at this everyone loses.  It is simply a formality before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination.  It is not as clear cut on the Republican side thanks to the political machinery’s desire to trip Donald Trump along the way to the nomination. 680 more words

One gun, two robberies, and the continued significance of dealing drugs that come from somewhere else

Manila “Nelly” Vichitvongsa and a group of co-conspirators planned to carry out two robberies of local drug dealers in Tennessee – one a cocaine dealer, the other a marijuana dealer.   617 more words