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Competition among states is the driving force behind environmental policy innovation

Many environmental problems are extremely complex and involve solutions that require significant tradeoffs. For that reason, the state-level experimentation that our Constitution’s system of federalism protects is as essential for environmental policy as anywhere else. 463 more words

The Rhetoric of Love

The rhetoric of love is as hurtful as the rhetoric of hate.  Trump populism, for example, uses the rhetoric of fear and hate, targeting women and people of color.  1,425 more words

Stopping The Destruction


The 45th President of the United States was sworn in on January 20, 2017. Three days later I received an email from one, Tim Edwards of a company or cell called FedGovConnect.Org asking me for a corporate disclosure of my business. 956 more words

Domestic Policies

Testimony at Cleveland Heights “Democracy Day” Public Hearing

January 25, 2017

Move to Amend’s proposed constitutional We the People Amendment has two components. One is much simpler to understand – ending the constitutional doctrine that money is equal to free speech – because the problems connecting big money to political lobbying and elections are so pervasive. 427 more words

Can species be saved without the Endangered Species Act?

That’s the question posed in a post on Vice.com‘s Motherboard blog. The answer is emphatically “yes.”

The question has to be asked because many environmental groups insist on setting up a false choice between whatever current environmental policy is and nothing. 929 more words

Wrong and Dangerous by Garrett Epps

Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right-Wing Myths about Our Constitution by Garrett Epps (2012)

This slim volume is a fun read (the touches of sarcasm are a delight) about what the Constitution actually says and directly refutes right-wing claims to the contrary. 466 more words


Progressive Sense

The delay has some marijuana-legalization advocates outraged, less so because they’ll have to wait a few months to buy pot and more so because they feel the legislature is trying to subvert the will of the people by fundamentally changing what they voted for.

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