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Regardless of who wins, the nation loses

Either way you look at this everyone loses.  It is simply a formality before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination.  It is not as clear cut on the Republican side thanks to the political machinery’s desire to trip Donald Trump along the way to the nomination. 680 more words

One gun, two robberies, and the continued significance of dealing drugs that come from somewhere else

Manila “Nelly” Vichitvongsa and a group of co-conspirators planned to carry out two robberies of local drug dealers in Tennessee – one a cocaine dealer, the other a marijuana dealer.   617 more words

Nutshell Against Prohibition Nuts

The good news is the more the prohibitionists hog the spotlight for themselves, the more the public understands the fact (yes, fact) that prohibitionists literally cannot sustain a single point in their favor. 609 more words


Obama Consistency

“…President Barack Obama must work harder to remove marijuana from the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances…”

What makes optimal sense is ending the Controlled Substances Act altogether in light of the fact that prohibition has (seriously destructively against public safety) failed to create even a drug-free prison system. 192 more words


Blue Lives Matter legislation in the Congress

Representative Ken Buck of Colorado has introduced the Blue Lives Matter Act, H.R. 4760.  This bill would add police officers to the list of protected persons in the Shepard-Byrd Act, the federal hate crimes law.  1,093 more words

Taylor v. U.S.

WHAT HAPPENED:  Defendant was arrested and convicted pursuant to the Hobbs Act, which is a federal statute that gives federal penalties to persons who engage in robbery or extortion that affect interstate commerce.  285 more words

Case Summaries

Backyard Weed and Federal Criminal Jurisdiction: Taylor v. United States

What are the limits of federal criminal jurisdiction – and what does that have to do with growing marijuana in your back yard?

There’s a lot of debate these days about the scope of federal criminal law and the issue of… 1,981 more words