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Brand Evolution.. Why hello you...

There is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt. I have always thought that was a bit extreme, I think familiarity breeds indifference. See something once or twice and you pay attention, see something 100 times and it becomes invisible. 537 more words


Talking about value

One of the key themes in my art is the idea of ‘value’ – of materials, of subject matter, of me as an artist, and so on. 572 more words



Very old watercolor/guache on paper NOS $15


Living in tragedy splash sheet 2005

I would cut this down… watercolor/markers on paper 2005. NOS $30

exit plan

MFin IRONY 2005 markers on cardstock, NOS $10.

drop top

Very old watercolor guache on rice paper, ripped bent… $15

power supply

Very early work “power supply” $25. Watercolor on paper.