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Old Diver Tales

As most of you who follow my little blog, well first thanks for that. My appreciation goes out to you who have deigned to put up with me even after you kinda got a handle on the type of guy I may be. 951 more words

Holland College Commercial Diving graduate part of historic Victoria Straits Expedition

When Joe Boucher signed up for the Commercial Diving program at Holland College in 2008, it’s unlikely that he thought that he’d end up on board a ship off the coast of Nunavut searching for two ships that disappeared almost 170 years ago. 1,502 more words


Diving & The Media: A Survival Guide - 8

Although it is unhelpful to the operator’s cause to ever think of the media in adversarial terms the very nature of a critical incident is one that tends to favour the journalist’s position; especially when the dive operator has no control over when or where they might be interviewed …  a continuation of the previous extracts regarding media interviews. 932 more words

Recreational Diving

REPOST: Taking the Plunge: A Guide to Starting an Underwater Welding Career

Underwater welding is an exciting new career both to the experienced diver and skilled welder. Taking place in a different environment, this in-demand occupation may have its challenges, but its rewards are enticing. 891 more words

Full Buoyancy Jacket - Diving in Vietnam

“I love the smell of neoprene in the morning. It smells like” … disaster?

Surfacing from the first dive of the day we watched our boat slide across the South China Sea toward the distant horizon, the Vietnamese skipper blissfully unaware of the curses following in his wake like homing torpedoes. 1,532 more words


Helideck Happiness in the Irish Sea

Until this time, I hadn’t been brave enough to head up to the helideck to enjoy this beautiful view and with good reason. The bridge use a radar system which emits radiation to the surrounding upper deck area, particularly the helideck, and the last thing I fancied was frazzling my body under that! 504 more words


White Horses & Strawberry Eclairs

Whilst the white horses rolled the sun continued to shine, the tides were in good order for us to dive but diving wasn’t an option right now. 124 more words