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Oil, Water and Intrigue: A Book Review

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Oil and Water, by P.J. Lazos

Source: Oil, Water and Intrigue: A Book Review

Pros and Cons of Commercial Diving Full Face Masks

Commercial diving provides the best underwater services for offshore marine, yacht, insurance and all other diving needs. Commercial divers may be needed in a few varied settings be it underwater welding, boat lifts or other diving operations. 379 more words

Boat Bottom Cleaning Stuart FL

ROV Inspection - Reservoir Valve

ROV Inspection

This month Commercial and Specialised Diving were asked to assist with the inspection of a faulty valve located in a reservoir.

In this case it could have been extremely dangerous to send in a diver to inspect the valve as it appeared not to close fully. 107 more words


Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiles are a common sight in many swimming pools and Commercial & Specialised Diving are frequently called out to repair and replace these delicate tiles. 109 more words

Swimming Pools

How Locks Work - CSD Techno Spot

A very common site in the British countryside is that of the Lock, but how do they work?

There are many different types of locks such as a staircase lock, broad lock, guillotine lock and double lock. 190 more words


Anode Installation

One of the services in frequent demand at Commercial & Specialised Diving is the installation of sacrificial anodes. This is a highly skilled operation that requires underwater welding. 138 more words