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Get Clients to Advertise For You

As a business insurance agent, I’ve been writing a lot of auto repair shops lately.  And, one thing I’ve noticed about all of these shops, is the abundance of posters and banners in their waiting area.   230 more words

Calling All New Business Owners

In my opinion, the best clients are those who are just getting their business started.  They aren’t looking for a huge savings off their current policy (though, of course, they don’t want to pay a ton) and they are more likely to stay loyal to their agent (ever hear those business owners who say they’ve been with their current agent for 20 years?).   356 more words

A Signature Above The Rest

I’m always thinking of ways to get free real estate to promote my business and it recently occurred to me that your email, blog, etc. signature is a great way to get free advertising.   522 more words

Creating the Next Generation of Clients

I remember spending countless hours in college listening to experts give their spiel on how to be as successful as them.  And, I even remember the names of a few of the more memorable ones and, if I look deep enough, I still have a few of their business cards. 313 more words

How To Capture Leads With A Landing Page

For today’s post, I’ve asked marketing expert, Dan LaCob of Tribal Style Marketing, to share his expertise with us.  I hope you all will gain valuable information from his article.   1,103 more words

Talk About Your Business Tuesday

Every Tuesday I create a post on our agency’s facebook page giving small business owners the opportunity to talk about their business.  Since my niche is business insurance I figured the benefits from doing this is threefold: 306 more words

Co-Marketing Idea

We see it all the time, major companies joining forces to create and launch a new product line so I thought, why not take that idea and use it to our benefit?  322 more words