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Two reasons to refinance commercial loan for the business owners

Today any business commercial loans should evaluate the terms of those loans on a regular basis. A regular review will ensure your present loan is allowing you to leverage all of your commercial assets and you will get the exact value for the money you have borrowed for your business.  144 more words

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Don’t Lose Deals By Being Afraid To Think Outside the Box

By now, brokers and borrowers alike are very familiar with the benefits of a 30 year fixed mortgage.  Most of us cling to this structure because we perceive it as safe. 724 more words

Importance of commercial banking and finance advisor for your business

A commercial bank is a financial institution in Australia which is authorized by law to receive money from businesses and individuals and lend money to them for their business. 144 more words

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Are Commercial Loans Making A Comeback?

After years of tight-fisted banks saying “no” to your requests for commercial loans, it looks like the dam may finally be breaking. Lenders seem to be more willing of late to share some of their liquidity with you, the entrepreneur. 214 more words

Consumer and #property #lending in the #Eurozone

Below an extract from the latest European Banking Authority (EBA) report on consumer trends.

At the end of 2014, the outstanding amounts on lending for house purchases in EU countries amounted to EUR 5 735 billion in aggregate. 373 more words


Understanding A Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan is a loan that a bank or lender gives you to help finance the purchase of a house. It is most advantageous to borrow approximately 80% of the value of the house or less. 554 more words

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For those who find that they are too busy to meet with a loan officer in person, Doug can provide you with one on one service using our online mortgage system. 192 more words

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