Built to be photographed

Some properties lend themselves to being photographed more than others and its fair to say the Chateau de Lisse (said to be visited by Joan of Arc) was waiting to be photographed. 64 more words


Professional Photographer

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On the Edge

See more colourful & conceptual still life by Jonathan Minster here…

On the Edge

Brand new Getty Images photographer Jonathan Minster, specialises in colourful and conceptual still life.

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Commercial Photography

Arleen's Art

A selection of Arleen Birk’s beautiful artwork that I have been photographing, ready for print. For sales and enquiries, or to have your artwork photographed I am contactable through my contact page or adelemiranda photography on face book, or @adele_miranda on instagram


Interiors photographer

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Aerospace Parts

Photographing anything shiny is a kick! Finely machined aerospace parts fit the bill. You wouldn’t think Detroit for aerospace, but in the last year I’ve done work for several aerospace companies. 24 more words