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Steve Allen comments on tube strikers being investigated

Radio station LBC is being investigated by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom after Steve Allen, one of its presenters, said listeners should “beat up” Tube workers taking industrial action last month. 35 more words


Shining in the format

My Swinburne Commercial Radio course lecturer/teacher/mentor Jim Barbour was the one who got this stuck in my head, this “shine in the format” mentality. From what I recall he was gently telling the ambitious class of 2005 (all 14 of us) not to blow off our first radio gigs too quickly. 370 more words


Rapper Stro debates Ebro(bot) on station not supporting NY artists...

I feel rappers are just wasting their breath debating the robots up there at Hot 97. They’re wind-up robots who are pre-programmed to play what the station directors say to play, no more no less.


Radio Trent 40 years on

It’s 40 years since Radio Trent became Nottingham’s independent local radio station, and the Nottingham Post have been talking to broadcaster Paul Robey about the station, now taken over by Capital. 74 more words

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It's radio - from prison!

Lolly Pheonix of Hooskow Radio | David Leaming/Central Maine | 15148

Hooskow Radio is a new community station being launched in Maine, USA. The new radio studios are located in cell blocks in the converted former Somerset County jail. 236 more words


How to make great radio, and a few bob as well

David Lloyd | Kris Askey | 15140

Nottingham and Midlands commercial radio veteran broadcaster David Lloyd has published a book called “How to make great radio”. 90 more words

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Juice squashed

TalkSport owner UTV Media has sold its Liverpool radio station Juice FM to Capital owner Global Radio for £10m. The review of its remaining 12 local stations in England is “ongoing”. 49 more words

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