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Losing my voice

For a few hours my voice was gone.

The night had been cold, the conversation boisterous and shouty, and when I got home the only sound I could make was that of a bagpipe being stood on by an asthmatic warthog. 769 more words


Global Gobbles HSBC!

The UK’s largest commercial radio group, Global Radio, advised its stations, which include Classic FM, Capital Heart, Smooth, Xfm, Gold and LBC, to drop the HSBC tax story from their news bulletins on the morning the story broke for “editorial reasons”. 101 more words


FCC's "AM Revitalisation", 2 years on

The NAB event is under way in America and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

intends to release a “revitalization” report and order. He said it will give AM owners more flexibility in siting towers, complying with local zoning requirements, obtaining power increases and incorporating energy-efficient technologies.

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Americans stick with their AM and FM, researchers say

Ramallah AM transmitting station, USA | Library of Congress | Photo dated 1934 – 1939 | 15107

Vox reports that traditional radio platforms are holding their own in America and radio is the most stable medium for music. 320 more words


The Future of Radio

In 2006, I wrote an article which was published the following year on AssociatedContent.com (now defunct), entitled “To Pay For Free TV”. At the time, feedback I received indicated a majority of my readers didn’t see the prediction I asserted as likely to happen. 1,037 more words

What A World!

Making Music For Radio: What musicians/artists should know

If trends is anything to go by, Ugandan musicians whether Gospel or secular need to focus just a bit more on their social media. An article I read in… 498 more words

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