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How Donald Trump could affect space ventures

President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers say they want to rely more on commercial ventures to pioneer the space frontier – but some of those ventures’ high-profile backers aren’t exactly in line with other parts of Trump’s policy agenda. 224 more words


Jeff Bezos geeks out over rocket drill machine

Building a rocket ship may sound romantic, but there are a lot of nitty-gritty details behind the work – and that’s what Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is celebrating in his latest email about Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine. 212 more words


BlackSky satellite delivers its first pictures

Seattle-based Spaceflight Industries is sharing some of the first pictures of Earth ever taken by its low-cost, high-resolution BlackSky Pathfinder-1 satellite – and they’re spectacular. 111 more words


In Seattle, space sisterhood is powerful

The billionaires who run Blue Origin and SpaceX – Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – may be locked in an outer-space rivalry, but the engineers who get the job done say they’re rooting for each other. 140 more words


New Chinese commercial spaceflight provider makes debut

While much of the recent media attention to spaceflight in China has been focused on the Tiangong 2 space laboratory and Shenzhou 11 human spaceflight mission, a new Chinese commercial spaceflight company quietly made its debut in Beijing on Wednesday 19 October. 631 more words


Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Will Take Tourists to Space by 2018

Blue Origin, the Jeff Bezos-owned space tourism operation, has confirmed that it is on track to launch test pilots by 2017, followed by commercial passengers in 2018. 326 more words


A Chinese SpaceX? Aerospace industry eyes commercial market

While much attention has been given to the success of China’s government-sponsored space programme, the Chinese space industry is now unveiling ambitious plans to expand into the commercial market, providing services ranging from low-cost satellite launches to Earth imaging and telecommunications for commercial users. 668 more words

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