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NASA is teaming up with this startup to develop hover engines for space

Arx Pax, which last year brought a Back to the Future-style hoverboard to life, today announced a partnership with NASA to develop applications for its magnetic levitation technology. 504 more words


Jeff Bezos will unveil Florida launch plans

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is heading to Cape Canaveral next month to make a “significant announcement regarding the emerging commercial launch industry” — most likely about plans for his Blue Origin space venture to build and launch rockets on Florida’s Space Coast. 153 more words


XCOR raises commercial flight prices by 50%

SAN JOSE, Calif. — XCOR Aerospace, a company developing a two-seat suborbital spaceplane for tourism and research applications, plans to raise its ticket prices by 50 percent next year, the company announced July 16. 446 more words

Starchaser Industries

How SpaceX’s launch failure is also a measure of success

As the countdown clock wound down to zero during the launch for SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, most eyes weren’t on the launch itself but rather on the landing. 958 more words


Crew Dragon Pad Abort Test

SpaceX conducted its Pad Abort Test even with storms passing just offshore. Crew Dragon used its SuperDraco rockets as a launch escape system to propel Dragon from a simulated rocket failure on the pad to safely parachute the spacecraft into the Atlantic Ocean just offshore. 8 more words

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

The Fire of Exploration

Exploring the final frontier has never been easy. For decades, in fits an spurts, we have explored the Solar System and established manned outposts in orbit. 635 more words


China's first lunar swingby and the first commercial lunar mission are on their way!

Chang’e-5-T1, which is a lunar swingby mission that looks very much like a dry-run for a manned mission as it uses a return capsule based on the Shenzhou descent module (only smaller), blasted off from Xichang Satellite Launch Center today.   313 more words