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Commercialized Islam

After ‘jihadis’ version of ‘terrorist Islam’, presenting a new version by our people and media ‘commercialized Islam’!

Extremist have left no stone unturned proving Muslims as terrorists all around the world. 401 more words


Friday’s Focus—Muting the Volume

Recently, while watching TV in the evenings, my husband would hit the mute button whenever commercials rolled around. He said he had been feeling bombarded in listening and watching them; almost like an assault on the senses. 633 more words


news at nine...

fragmented images
of human tragedies
layered between
ads on the latest toothpaste
movies on earthquake disasters
news carefully filtered
to leave you with
a sweet taste… 53 more words



In a world where it seems like everything is for sale, it is difficult to not let myself be put on the auction block.

When I was young I heard a song by… 148 more words


Passion or Pastiche: The elephant in the room (part 4)

Part 1 –  Part 2 –  Part 3

I’m just going to come right out and say it.

The elephant in the room is you. 3,284 more words


More And More

Have you noticed the tone of the commercials nowadays?

Every second commercial boisterously and noisily assures you that their product or service gives you ‘MORE’. The word ‘ 737 more words


Burger World

You givin me a 2.99 menu worth 33 cents and call it a happy meal? You come to our neighbourhoods ripping businesses out the borough so you can stamp your brand on our foreheads and dole out pitiful wages to the underprivileged.  223 more words