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The Great Whore And Her Delicacies!

By Terry Lane

Most of us have the idea fixed in our heads that it’s the politicians who rule or are in charge of this world. 1,156 more words


Richard Greener: a life in radio

The interview with Richard Greener above was prompted by his commentary on the death of KGO, an AM station in San Francisco that featured local news and talk until it was bought by Citadel in 2007 and turned into a typical soulless syndicated programming automaton as former KGO on-air host Claudia Lamb put it in a… 1,118 more words


The Reality of Man Candy

Because I follow a lot of blogs and possibly because I share the interests of many women my age cough* cough*, my Facebook feed has become overwhelmed with photos of largely topless men and some who have only strategically placed items to protect what little modesty remains to them. 657 more words


Pawns and The King

Inspired by Nina Flore. Find her Twitter page  by looking up @NeedsNYC

Everything is on TV

Commercials always lie

While showing what we “need”

Buy this, buy that, it’s buy buy buy… 342 more words


Feed (M. T. Anderson)

In a world where everything is fed to you on a running ticker in your head, what use are things like deep thought, open communication, and independent thinking? 621 more words

Can we manage a Screen-free week? 

I’ll admit that sometimes I need inspiration for screen-free time. I love hearing the wisdom of other parents who are creative about the use of outdoor time as well as some nifty crafts for indoors. 171 more words