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November 27, 2015

Black Friday shopping
Risking life and limb for deals
On crap I don’t need

I’ll be happily
Holiday decorating
Stringing lights on house

Trying not to get… 7 more words


Go Local for the Holidays – and Every Day

Well before Halloween, overeager merchants began their yearly bombardment of holiday marketing. While this is certainly nothing new, it seems that earlier every year we see Santas peeking out from behind plastic jack-o-lanterns or even back-to-school supplies, just waiting to leap out for the post-Thanksgiving spend-o-rama. 461 more words


2015, November 6 - 954 - shopping 2

paper and plastic (5)
bags holding hidden treasures (7)
waiting to get home (5)


The Self-Righteous Wrath of The Whore

By Terry Lane

In the book of Revelation St John is given a vision of a “…great whore that sitteth upon many waters (peoples of the world… 1,431 more words


Episode 13: Joshua Mercer ("It's good that we make a big deal out of [Christmas]!")

It’s Thanksgiving week, which marks the start of the pop-culture Christmas season. It’s the start of the Christian Christmas season, too: this weekend marks the first season of Advent. 163 more words


An American Thanksgiving

Please, internet, forgive me for posting what amounts to an unsolicited rant on the internet right before Thanksgiving. It’s the most inappropriate time for such things; indeed, Thanksgiving has become the holiday of unsolicited ranting. 613 more words

News And Analysis

Translation: Horror, Part two: the commercialization of bereavement (from Vice.fr)

This is my (flawed) translation of an article I read regarding the commercialization of tragedy following last week’s terrorist attacks on Paris. Here’s the link to the original article in French… 475 more words