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Where Exactly Is Disney Going With All These Babies?

I noticed a trend with the latest Disney and Pixar films. One that calls into question the point of it all. Here it is:

Disney and Pixar have their female protagonists shown as babies or young children. 253 more words

My Scalp Makes All the Pomade I Need.

I’m an unabashed fan of the free market. It’s an idea so awesome we might get around to trying it someplace other than Hong Kong. However, we as a society are easy marks. 410 more words

Rampant commercialism and consumerism

A post at The Standard on Pathological consumption quotes George Monbiot from The Gift of Death (published in the Guardian in 2012 but equally applicable now). 369 more words


Cupid can wait.

A friend of mine posted the photo below the other day with the caption “Seriously?” and the hashtags #toosoon and #valentinesday.

Seriously? #toosoon #valentinesday

A photo posted by Peggy Shanks (@julep67) on Jan 2, 2017 at 12:51pm PST…

517 more words

Haiku #31

without wandering
selfless peril all must bear
stuck inside a trap


A Wishlist for the Disappointment of Christmas

Ah, now that Christmas is but crumbs and recycled paper, we stare at what counts as presents and ponder – did it really have to be this way? 293 more words

General Observations On Life

ENGLISH: And now the debt begins… or accumulates

There are a lot of things we seem to accumulate during the holiday seasons, such as weight, and also debt. How many people woke up the day after Christmas knowing that they are now in debt, or have accumulated more debt for the gifts they bought others? 632 more words