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When did Easter become Christmas, Part 2?

One newspaper insert screams “Easter deals in full bloom!” A chain retailer advertises pre-filled Easter baskets brimming with toy jewelry, clothes and Barbie dolls. Another shows me “toys under $10 to fill their baskets.” Movie studios and toy companies once rushed to get their wares out before the winter holidays; now it seems Easter suffices just as well. 362 more words

Money Idols

Yeah you rap about the chains and loot, the game and crooks
Spreading word about Dolce&Gabbana
Get those kids by rhyming bout marijuana
Talk about money, big talk hero 6… 194 more words


Thirteenth Post: Goodreads and What To Publish First

So I’ve been told (more like I read on other blogs and publishing advice places) that Goodreads is a place to go to spread work about your own book. 494 more words


Narcissistic Personality Disorder

My baby is a narcissist,
TopShop wearing iconoclast,
I’m too much of an anarchist,
to put up with this sit-

so cosmopolitan,
where did we go wrong? 86 more words

Words Of A Flowing Nature

Various Absurdities of the Televised Sporting Life

Between episodes of an irreverent short story, I’ve decided today to write about sports in this space, rationalizing it on the basis that what will be written forthwith is fictitious and exaggerated. 582 more words


The Phoenix, by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Sylvia Townsend Warner’s satirical tale of crass commercialism and casual animal cruelty first appeared in her collection The Cat’s Cradle Book in 1940.

Warner was an independent-minded woman, a feminist and lesbian, before either of these was fashionable. 150 more words


Emotion and How It Can Be Used Against You

In today’s world, there are many ways that your own emotions can be used against you. This is something that one hopefully learns through the years. 680 more words