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We Are The Consumer Culture Problem

I’m on vacation until Monday, so this is an auto-post. But please feel free to leave your usual comments and accusations of heresy, and I’ll be back on Monday to answer, with a post following on Tuesday. 737 more words

Gospel In Action

Valentine’s Day: History and Different Kinds of Love

We’re going to jump around a lot.

Prepare yourself.

I like Valentine’s Day! It’s a celebration of love. You don’t have to be dating or married to celebrate it. 706 more words

The Odd Bit

Valentine's Repeat 

Valentines come, Valentines goes, year after year always the same.

Money goes from many pockets to the hands of merchants, tills that ring with a ding in shops. 287 more words


Valentine's Day

Love sells

St Valentine was no lover

Just a martyr with a talent

For dying

How he came to be a symbol

For love and devotion… 104 more words


Happy Valentine’s Day/ Happy Tuesday

My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s day.

We say;

‘Happy Valentine’s day’

and a couple of years ago we even bought each other cards.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

The meaning of valentine’s day – It’s a day to celebrate love and supposedly an opportunity for us to reconnect. Love is the most amazing thing in our lives, whether you are with someone or not, nine times out of ten there is something in your life that you adore. 871 more words