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Woolworths Controversy: Commercialisation Gone Too Far?

For anyone living in the 21st Century, commercialisation, branding and cross-promotion are part and parcel of our capitalist driven society.

All aspects of our existence, including our very selves, have become commodified. 434 more words

Wands, Half-Price! -- Commercial Witchery, Part II

This is part two of two; to read the first post, click here. Thanks!

Warlock is a contested term in the Pagan community. Some recall the word simply being used in genre fantasy as a male who practices magic; others recall the  1,241 more words


press 1 for English

You know how people get all worked up about “press 1 for English”? I see it all the time, posts on facebook complaining about this. Well, most of these posts express anger at those who’d rather hear a different language in their… 174 more words


Top 25 NCAA Tournament Basketball Games List on Bleacher Report

Of the 25, I watched 11 live, 2 via replay and 2 I wanted to watch (live) but couldn’t. A game not on there but I found incredibly exciting was the Kansas victory over Oklahoma in 1988. 111 more words

Random Thought

A Moveable Feast

Dickson Street, 1970. Old rock buildings with narrow profiles and high pressed-tin ceilings. An abandoned railroad depot that trembled when freight trains thundered past. A declining backwash between campus and the downtown square of a town still embracing its provincialism. 446 more words

I realize now

I do not have children because some being way smarter than I am realized that I could never pull off shit and say “The Easter Bunny” did it.   96 more words

Give it all away

“Get a free sample of our new mascara!”

Commercials all around us. Giveaway blogs. For many of our waking hours, we are bombadeded with tips and free samples that will make our lives better. 935 more words