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Happy-Merry Hallowgivingchristmas

Have you been to the stores lately? Have you!? It was bad enough when the stores were putting out their Halloween candy in July.  July, people. 476 more words

Everyday Musings


In another life, he was well heeled and healthy. He had a career, friends and a sense of direction, holidayed, regularly, in fashionable resorts where people recognized him, waved and said hello, anxious to be known of his acquaintance. 138 more words

Flash Fiction

Sometimes you gotta get it off your chest

Bear with me. It’s not short, and it does play on the particular nerve string that continues to irk the snot out of me. It relates to those individuals who EXPECT to have gobs of money coming their way because they exist, and for little more than that. 494 more words


On Optimism, Pessimism & Reality

After meditating as such on these topics I came to a profound reality, that of truth and bias.

The optimist takes the perspective that the world is chocked full of love, beauty and tranquility. 806 more words


Casual Drama - a poem

Casual dramas characterise gentrification

In the heat of development, taken for

Granted like the price of berries heard

As bartering pieces between dead friends.

* 23 more words


Dear Sara...

A thoughtful parent sent me an email the other day posing a question about her twin boys (5). She made the brilliant suggestion to start a “Dear Sara” column where I can address these kind of concerns in a larger forum and offer my advice. 681 more words

The Trade

I do not like their smug faces
or lavish grins. We eat it up though,
feeding the beast in them and in us.
A feast of lost life and sinking souls… 6 more words