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No one could accuse the company where I am currently working of lacking in the holiday spirit. I arrived at the office yesterday after a day off for some doctor’s appointments to discover a profusion of ornaments and bells and a fully decorated Chanukah tree in one corner. 393 more words

Apropos Nothing

Self- Help Advent Calendar: Day Six "Make Your Own Stuff"

At some point, not too long ago, everything that everyone owned, used, or otherwise consumed was handmade. Every morsel of food and article of clothing was cobbled together via the witchcraft that is manual labour. 299 more words

Finding the "Real" Meaning of Christmas

**Original post written for Christian Broadcasting Network by Martha Koeble

It’s that time of year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. 193 more words

Christian Living

Let Our Homes Open and Bud Forth the Savior

Advent in the domestic church is a mystery lying somewhere under our wet-boot-stained carpet, the cookie crumbs, and the fir needles. Here, the coming of Christ is hiding somewhere between the packages outside our door, the voice of Bing Crosby crooning away in our kitchen, and our family Nativity scene donkey that only has one ear (thanks to the toddler). 1,084 more words

Domestic Church

A Little Something

Christmas is bullshit. It ruins lives. And my relationships. Every year I try to play nice when it comes to Christmas because people act like it’s so important to them. 1,336 more words


It's that Xmas Season again

Like snow in Winter in Canada, commercial crass Xmas is upon us again. I had to go to the grocery store early this morning for a small dinner party we are giving tonight. 439 more words

Making money with Clutter

It would seem obvious that speaking about money when trying to practice minimalism is staying out of touch with the purpose behind minimalism. But in all actuality, our journey into minimalism has helped us manage our money to use it in a more effective and purposeful way. 557 more words