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Banned The costs

Banned , mmmm there are a few topics that come to mind here that have a personal tender point. There are maybe more than the black and White , banned, or banished form somewhere, banned from holdin…

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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

My Grinch is coming out.  Thanksgiving was when my Mother was alive and put out a huge spread which she would always take a picture of.  498 more words


Mystery Babylon?

I’ve been doing a great deal of research along with writing a fast moving, apocalyptic love story. An excellent writer once told me “the key to good fantasy writing is to make it believable”. 865 more words


Ce n'est pas Helvetica 

(Alas this text is not in Helvetica font)

I personally consider myself more of a fine artist than a graphic designer. But as I venture further into this realm of tech-savvy art boo-ha-ha (because let’s face it we’re living in the age of computers, Google, and smartphones), the more I notice the strong ties between graphic design and fine art. 785 more words

I’m A Generosity Addict and That’s Not Okay

I can’t remember which I bought first for her: the PS3 or the PS2.

This was years ago with our friend J. She was an avid gamer, and I was still riding the high of a successful wedding season, so I was feeling generous. 378 more words


i want. don't get.

Today’s commute on a shiny new single speed represents something of a triumph. Not a triumph over my growing list of self-inflicted injuries by being back on my bike but a triumph over the irrepressible marketing forces of the bicycle industry and my weakness to resist them. 368 more words