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Breathing Part II: the Job Interview

I spent two years working in group homes, and the high levels of both suffering and bureaucracy were wearing me down. In the hopes of relieving my misery, I applied for almost any available job, from book binding to conflict mediating to package sorting. 1,027 more words


The Air We're Breathing

I’m not going to argue that modern society hasn’t given us some really cool toys. Some of that technology is pretty awesome in helping us connect to people we wouldn’t otherwise meet, and maybe that aspect of the technologically-connected world relieves the sense of isolation which underlies these post-industrial times. 564 more words


Present Future Presently

People like to talk about science and technology as if it is some grand, helpful, ultima weapon, that it progresses to the advantage only. Technology is a multifaceted avenue that has given us computers and automatic rifles, coal-fired engines and the Manhattan Project, nuclear power and nuclear weapons, oh I mean nucular. 824 more words


truth nugget #61

so I’ll just come out and say it. it still bewilders me that in our long history, we are still fighting for rights. it’s absurd. but what’s more absurd than the fight for rights is fighting for one right that inevitably ends up cancelling out the right of another. 716 more words

My 648th Rodeo

What hot button topic
Headlines the news today?
While the slaughter sweat shops
Still maintain the nets
Stopping the depressed
From the suicide
Their entitled to. 162 more words


An incredible discovery.

Easily our favorite part of running a sports auction is the research component.  Digging into the history of an item, a player or a team, and discovering some obscure detail that can improve a story or increase our knowledge is rewarding, challenging, and most importantly, fun. 545 more words


The Haunting part 2 by Lupe Fiasco

Part 2 Of 2

Modern Radio and the commercial realm of music has injured rap. It set up ambiguous rules and systems for success that don’t take into consideration the quality and skill of the rappers craft. 380 more words

Da Fam Immediate