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"We eat what we like" 90s Apple Jacks Commercials

Why did we like Apple Jacks cereal so much if it didn’t taste like apples? Answer: BECAUSE IT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE APPLES!

As a kid, if I wanted to eat something that tasted like an apple you know what I would have eaten? 80 more words



The real genius of advertising is that it can stick with you, sometimes for years. One particular commercial has remained firmly lodged in my mind ever since I first saw it. 956 more words


Life's Greatest Question Answered: Could Kool-Aid Man Really Break Through A Brick Wall?

VSauce has done us all an incredible service in answering one of life’s greatest questions:

Could Kool-Aid Man Really Break Through A Brick Wall?


CitiBank Fights Identity Theft With Humor

Maybe not everyone is particularly worried about identify theft at this very moment in their life but after stumbling across a few CitiBank identify theft videos I thought to share. 140 more words


Superbowl Flop: Worst Commercial Season

(This may be apart of a class project, and it would be way cool if you would vote for me. Follow the link here to vote.) 1,030 more words


Aaron Rodgers Doppelgänger Gets State Farm Commercial

Tom Wrigglesworth, a British comedian who bears an uncanny resemblance to Aaron Rodgers, has capitalized on the similarity by associating himself with the insurance brand that has co-opted the Packers quarterback’s touchdown celebration. 57 more words


Merry Christmas from ATARI

What’s amazing about the first commercial is that ATARI tries to be politically correct and wish everyone a “Happy Holiday” and then proceed to show Inuits (or Eskimos as they were called back then) in an igloo playing ATARI. 33 more words