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Which Fictional Bear May Actually Kill You

Ever wonder what fictional Bear from your childhood would actually kill you should you ever meet? Well you should wonder! Cause if shit goes down I want to know how to take Smokey out! 48 more words


Hey! I'm on the radio: 70s Mr. Microphone Commercial

“Hey good looking, we’ll be back to pick you up later”

Yes, that is a line (delivered by some kind of date rapist no doubt) in this amazingly 70s commercial for Mr. 140 more words


Wayne Gretzky for Pro Stars Cereal

Well yesterday was international cereal day (apparently that’s a thing now) so I figured why not take a look back on a commercial for the greatest cereal ever made: … 125 more words


Heinz Weenie Dog Commercial is Weird

Heinz ran a commercial during the Super Bowl featuring dachshunds, aka weenie dogs, running towards humans wearing giant mustard and ketchup costumes. While the dogs are hilarious and graceful wearing their dog and bun costumes, the biggest takeaway is that ketchup has no business being on a hot dog. 30 more words