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Got Dry Eyes?

Our team of commercial creatives is currently working on a promotional video that features a new medical device to help those who suffer from chronic dry eye. 59 more words

The Nintendo 64 Kids Are Now Going Crazy For Taco Bell

On Dec. 25, 1998, all of us shared the same expression.

(All of us who celebrate Christmas, that is.)

Brandon and Rachel Kuzma were filmed going ape-sh*t for a NINTENDO 64, ensuring them a spot on the Meme Cruise, whenever that inevitably happens. 70 more words


Apple Launched Commercial Ads To Make You Know About The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is available on Friday. But just to cover its bases, the company has launched new ads that showcase different aspects of the watch. 69 more words

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Who Comes Up With These Clever Little Things?????

Do you ever sit and think as you are watching commercials, “where on earth do these ideas come from???” because I know I do! Especially when a really clever one comes on. 96 more words


Tv commercial: Instant Scratch-Its for Mother's Day

I’m in this ad which is running nationally for Mother’s Day in Australia.

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Got That Sinking Feeling

April 26, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

This is one of my finished cartoons.  It was number 14 of 31.  The original idea came to me in the fall of 1979.  37 more words