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August Poem 25

Are you live and in most areas?

Autohop through commercials that

Feature the first puppy of your our showroom.


Viewers Were Livid When A British Network Aired A 'Fear The Walking Dead' Ad During 'Rango'

The midseason premiere of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead didn’t disappoint, as Nick’s “Bear Grylls moment” left many in the audience asking themselves, “Why?” Turns out British parents were asking this very same question back in April, when Channel 4 aired an advertisement for the show during… 234 more words


Coca-Cola Tears

I had been sitting on the couch, watching T.V., and minding my own business when it happened… All of a sudden a Coca-Cola commercial came on and I found myself fighting back the tears. 416 more words

Ad Council - Finish Your Diploma

You can hear me at the end of these PSAs for the Ad Council (1:25). It’s nice to be a part of a campaign that serves the greater good.


1982 US He-Man Commercials

For kids who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, toy commercials were a reason to stay glued to the old Curtis-Mathes.

The first four years of Masters of the Universe commercials were thematically unified by the underlying cave man chant in the background of almost all of them – “He-Man, He-Man!” 418 more words


The Baci Production Services

Ever since the beginning of time, we have been recording our way of life by drawing on the walls of caves. As technology progressed, our way of documenting our daily lives had also improved. 476 more words

The Baci Productions