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#124 The Nickelodeon Magazine Commercial Is Forever Embedded In Your Brain

They say young brains are easily molded and suck information up like a sponge, so surely seeing and hearing this ad for Nickelodeon Magazine from back in the day 1,495,038 times made it a permanent fixture in our respective noggins. 157 more words

Beanz Meanz Heinz

This weeks topic is TV advertisements from the 1970’s. After watching several compilations on YouTube of ads from the 70’s, I decided I liked this particular one the most. 91 more words


Domino’s “Ferris Bueller” Commercial

Everyone remembers  the iconic race home scene from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and now Domino’s may have outdone themselves by recreating the entire scene in their newest commercial. 16 more words


Dumbing You Down with Ridiculous Television Commercials

At the heart of the social insanity, mindless acquiescence to authority, and automatic compliance with any and every new government rule or regulation, is a deliberate effort to… 972 more words


Jane Fonda Says She Was 'Always In Love' With Robert Redford On Movie Sets: 'I Fall Into His Eyes'

Jane Fonda stars in her fifth movie with Robert Redford, and admits that after all these years, he still makes her swoon.

“The only problem with working with Bob is I kind of look into his eyes and I kind of fall into his eyes and forget my dialogue,” Fonda said of the 80-year-old actor on Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 207 more words


March 20, 2017/Love Not the World

How much attention do you pay to the ads on televison?

We were watching a game show the other night that asked the question: “What are some of the more frequent ads on television other than those for toothpaste?” (Remember, this was back in the late 70’s or so!) 238 more words


The difference between good and great is most easily revealed when the pressure is on. One’s true abilities rise to the surface when instinct and “thinking on your feet” is all that is afforded. 1,064 more words