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Heineken Has A Very Political New Ad And Works Way Better Than Pepsi's Did

I’m deeply cynical of commercials. First, because they are made specifically to manipulate our emotions in some way so that we buy things. And second, because most of the time, that man on the street or “we found real people to try our product” stuff is super fake. 599 more words

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Hump Daaaaaaaay, Yeah

Launched in May 2013, Geico’s Hump Day commercial is probably one of the most popular commercials of the decade.

Seriously, it’s four years later and you can almost ALWAYS count on someone referencing the ad when the words “hump day” are uttered in any context :) 68 more words

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Controversy arises from recent Pepsi commercial

by RYAN SHANKS//Staff Writer

Pepsi is getting a lot of heat for their latest television commercial.

It’s official title is “Live for Now Moments Anthem” and features reality star and alleged model Kendall Jenner. 597 more words

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At first I was like, Star Wars. But then, I was like, oh!

Polaroid, from what I’ve seen, has some very clever people working in their ad department. 30 more words


Just 1 look...

Take a gander:

While browsing through Ads of the World, I came across this short film type advertisement. I think we can all agree that it is powerful. 168 more words


Montage - Sounds of Trauma


Powerful, right? Montage is a very interesting tool that can be used in advertising. I don’t see it very often these days I think because it’s difficult to do well. 104 more words


Sylvia Browne's Fun take on Health

I was rereading my Sylvia Browne book, The Other Side and Back today, and came across her excellent view of health and how the media sells sickness: 355 more words

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