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*Bizarre magnet will be a home to some random facts about me and thoughts in my weird little head. I’ll be talking about weird things I like or I’m attracted to, hence the words “bizarre” meaning strange and “magnet”, meaning a person or thing with a powerful attraction. 398 more words


Rīgas Motormuzejs (video reklāma 0:45)

Camera, directing: Jurijs Skorobogatovs,

Producer, editing: Antra Cilinska

Jura Podnieka Studija


'The Unlikely Hero' directed by Guilherme Marcondes

What happens when a big corporation realizes the environmental effects of its own practices?

Lobo produced this short film with a bold premise: Let’s be honest about who our client was to highlight the power of the change for a good cause. 54 more words


10 Insanely Creepy Commercials That'll Make You Turn Off Your TV Forever

There are tons of aspects advertisers consider in airing commercials. They look at their target audience, the airing time, and the product itself. However, the true struggle of an advertising company is the ad’s run time — which is normally 30 seconds on an average TV primetime slot. 928 more words

Pepsi Mood Vending Machine - A good exam ends with #PepsiMoji

During exams, there’s only one mood on the campus – Exam Fear Mood. Pepsi shook things up with a unique mood vending machine with six different moods. 81 more words


Pop, Pop, Pop!

The three “Pop”s in the title above refer to that magical instance when: Pop (1) meets Pop (2) and it results in a Pop (3), a piece of pure perfection. 838 more words