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Smoke If You Got 'Em

In last weeks Episode we discussed the controversial (in our own minds) PSA starring C3PO and R2D2.

We also talked about an epic after school game show called Double Dare. 22 more words


MECHANICAL FAILURE Contest: Voiceover Mad Libs!

Hi everyone! I’m still super excited about my role as Fox McCloud, but I’m switching gears here for a minute. We have less than 45 days  525 more words

Writing: The Journey


Funchal Cafe Commercial

Chesley Sleep Center Commercial-  15s

Chesley Sleep Center Commercial- 30s

Saint Mary’s

Thank You, Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I thought that this commercial would be perfect to talk about. Nothing affects me more than realizing that I often don’t give my parents the credit they deserve, and this commercial did just that. 612 more words

New Comedy Sketches - "One Last Job" and "Voices"

Just added two new comedy bits I’ve written to the Stories tab.

Check out the intricacies of heist planning in One Last Job and a curious commercial break in Voices!

– G.M. Nair

Short Stories

The Proclamation to Imprisoned Spirits

A modern use for the term proclamation is a broadcast, manifesto or public notice.  Depending upon the messenger of a proclamation, commercials, infomercials or public service announcements may be used to get the word out to the masses.  198 more words


The Taste of a Scandalized Generation

It’s Friday. Spring is here. Let’s party with some vintage Madonna!

The year is 1989, and a titillated nation awaits the new Madonna album. Pepsi Cola, still riding high from the success of the their previous spokespeople, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson,  thoughtfully gives my homegirl $5 million to let them use the title song in a super special commercial.  244 more words

Just One Ad