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Why Are The Walking Dead Ratings Slipping?

I hope you have caught up or are up to date with everything cause this is about to be a big rant!

Here we go! 350 more words


Random thoughts, December 2016 (a poem)

Perhaps not literary excellence, but this is what I came up with today… 175 more words


Deplorable commercials and social media

I organize my life to avoid commercial advertising to the extent possible. Yeah, I know this sounds stupid for someone who does marketing for a living. 276 more words

Commercial of the Week... and Quite Possibly the Year

Bravo to the agency who came up with this Amazon ad.  With all the hatred going on in the world today, this was beautifully done.


Polish Christmas Ad Going Viral

It seems like there may be a trend for creative holiday ads going viral lately.  First there was Wes Anderson’s H&M Christmas ad that was all over the internet.   35 more words


This Tear-Jerking Holiday Commercial Will Make Your Heart Grow 3 Sizes

If you aren’t yet feeling the holiday cheer this year, this Christmas commercial from Polish company Allegro is sure to raise your spirits. Titled “English for Beginners,” the three-minute-long spot shows a mature Polish man attempting to learn English using a beginning language book and audio set. 57 more words

Random Musings on Ads and PR

So, there’s some television commercial for something – I can’t even tell you what it’s for – where a woman is sitting in a chair on a beach looking at a tablet while some guy – I suppose it’s her husband – is vacuuming the sand beach.    775 more words