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Can't Seem To Wake Up

This seems to be a day I can’t wake up.  Every time I sit for a few minutes, it suddenly is two hours later when I look at my watch again, and the TV show I’m watching is something long gone.   742 more words

De Lijn - 'Crabs' Ad

A humorous advertisement for De Lijn, a public transportation service in Belgium.


Of course you did: Jean-Claude Van Damme Bloodsport Chase Scene Re-Cut As Mentos Commercial

This is the greatest thing to happen to Mentos since someone through a few of them in a Coke bottle and flew to the moon…or something like that. 46 more words


New Face Friday...

Introducing junior model and actor Valerian.

At only 12 years of age and with a fantastic editorial look, we predict big things for Valerian. 46 more words


You think your marketing budget is huge? check out these 7 companies!

While my blog has purely been about marketing in small companies, it is always nice to see the big picture of the marketing world. Small companies have marketing budgets in the thousands, but for larger companies, however, this number is drastically larger. 121 more words

Matthew Weiner Discusses Mad Men Ending

Major spoilers for Mad Men are involved in this post.

Matthew Weiner Discusses Mad Men Ending

Mattew Weiner has done a discussion about the last season of… 737 more words