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Papa John's Benches Peyton Manning For J.J. Watts

(The Barbed Wire) – Due to mistakes in the restaurant lately, Papa John’s owner John Schnatter has decided to bench its starting NFL spokesman, Peyton Manning, for Houston Texans superstar, J.J. 341 more words


Nintendo's North American Holiday 2015 Amiibo Commercial

Nintendo has released a new commercial featuring everyone’s favorite NFC collectible, amiibo (via Nintendo Everything)! This commercial is for the 2015 holiday season and features the usual suspects like Mario, Luigi, Peach, & Bowser, plus newer characters like Tom Nook, Isabelle, & the Splatoon Inkling Boy & Girl. 23 more words


Squanto and the White People

I don’t really like football, but I’m on my third game of the day.

I don’t really watch TV, but these commercials are something else. I pointed out to Johnny how the husband on the Zales commercial decorated the tree house in heart shaped Christmas lights before he gave his wife a diamond just because he loved her and he wanted her to know. 118 more words

Pond Wanderings

The NFL-shaming 'Concussion' aired a commercial during Thanksgiving game

Will Smith’s upcoming Concussion, a movie that supposedly will be a shock to NFL fans and expose the seedy underbelly of years of neglect from the league to head injuries, aired its first commercial during an NFL game on Thanksgiving, contests which are often the highest-rated of the year. 342 more words


Proof that God has a great sense of humor (the commercial that made me question the sanity of people in general)

Well, a lot of commercials do that, but one in particular has recently made me pray, “Even so, come.”

It was a normal evening, the first time I saw it. 198 more words


One month 'til Christmas

Bauli wins hands down for this year’s xmas bread commercial and I have no doubt that there are plenty others who feel the same as I do. 45 more words