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Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

The Super Bowl was 6 days ago. I am posting this list on a Saturday. The biggest trends this year were cinematic montages and Paul Rudd. 40 more words


Donations Sought to Digitize Cache of Newly-Discovered 1960s GI Joe Commercials

The Joe Report has a story about the discovery of a bunch of old GI Joe commercials from the 1960s. “What’s there? Along with photos and clippings about Dietz’s work, the core of the archive is twenty-six 16mm film positives of commercials from 1964 through 67, the heyday of the military era. 114 more words

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Was there anything good from the Big Game commercials?

So, we were at a party for the recent sports bowl, but it was multigenerational and they decided that some commercials might be inappropriate for the young ones… so they skipped the commercials and just watched the game. 336 more words


Driving As a Rite of Passage

“Driver’s Licenses Lose Allure for Young,” by Christina Rogers and Gautham Nagesh. The Wall Street Journal, 1/21/2016.

In our day, everyone wanted to get their driver’s license as soon after their 16th birthday as possible. 395 more words

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Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is one of the largest and most-watched sporting events in the United States.

According to ESPN.com, the 2014 Super Bowl brought in approximately 111.5 million viewers. 447 more words

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What's My Favorite Voice Work?

Possibly the hardest question that I get asked from people when I talk about voice acting is “What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever done?” Everyone has projects they love, and everyone has projects that they don’t love as much. 596 more words

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Snoop Dogg Wants To Sell You Burger King's Hot Dogs

Burger King is adding grilled hot doggs to their menu and they’ve got the perfect spokesman for the job—Snoop Dogg, a.k.a. the DoggFather. In an advertisement masquerading as a leaked corporate training video—the spot is even marked for “internal use only”—Snoop plays a Grilled Dogs Training Ambassador ready to teach BK employees how to serve them up hot, “live and direct from the BK.” Turns out the leader of the DoggPound likes some strange toppings on his hot dogs. 92 more words