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Going up in the world of soundproofing...

The plight of any VO using a home studio is noise. Even if you don’t live next to a dual carriageway or underneath a flight path it is incredible the amount of noise distractions you can uncover when working from a home studio. 196 more words


10 things I am fond of - clever marketing

It surprises me the things that make me smile when it comes to products.  Here are some things I just “heart” count down from 10 to #1 favorite – that I can’t completely understand why… clever marketing at it’s finest: 553 more words


I will ALWAYS comment #LikeAGirl

On Sunday, February 11, 114.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the 49th NFL Superbowl. However, for some people (like myself) the Superbowl is less about the football and more about the commericals. 934 more words


This is Going to Get Hairy

Everyone in the entire world, at any given moment, is trying to sell you something. Whether it be a new toaster, a new car, or a new lifestyle entirely, we are constantly consuming. 527 more words

Ads Are Still Racist?!

The amount of research focused on advertisement, specifically television commercials, is surprising and fairly impressive. Many articles state and reaffirm the broad assumption that contemporary advertisements are still racist in some way. 247 more words

In Previous Centuries...

Racist advertisements are not a new development in the United States. The use of race to persuade consumers is an old trick that has been studied for many decades. 246 more words

The 90’s Aren’t So Different From the Nineteenth Century

It appears as though the 1990’s had many fundamental similarities with the late nineteenth century. Coltrane and Messineo (2000) make many analytical descriptions about the way race is portrayed in television advertisements and commercials during the 1990’s. 440 more words