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Snickers Ad Campaign

Snickers New Ad Campaign

The other day I was browsing twitter and found this article on the new Snickers wrapper. Mars Inc. has changed the classic “Snickers” name to all the things you are when you’re hungry or “hunger symptoms”; following their television commercials. 176 more words

Ad Campaigns

Thesis Process

Thesis Process Video from Paul on Vimeo.


Thesis Process



McDonough, Georgia

This is a behind the scenes look at my process for my Thesis at Full Sail University. 73 more words

Behind The Scene

The Pitch-Mire

Pitch-mire, noun: The seemingly interminable span of time between the beginning of the forced ad the millisecond when you can, and do, skip the ad. 169 more words


Furniture, filming, and family: Tim and Walter E. Smithe, Jr. discuss their business

Tim and Walter E. Smithe, Jr., part of an extended family of furniture makers, discuss the business, the creative commercials and what it’s like to work with parents, siblings and children for 70 years. 10 more words

Bob Sirott And Marianne Murciano

Is Big Pharma Targeting You?

“The Nielsen Company determined that there are, on average, 80 drug commercials every hour of every day on television.” (http://io9.com/5853356/sick-of-pharmaceutical-ads-heres-why-they-wont-go-away)

Have you ever noticed how many prescription drug commercials there are over the span of one nightly news channel?

306 more words

Peace of Mind

It’s not often that I find commercials to be particularly memorable. Mostly, I think, that’s because I refuse to watch live television these days. In my current living situation, I’ve enjoyed the modern marvel known as the DVR. 281 more words