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Is Big Pharma Targeting You?

“The Nielsen Company determined that there are, on average, 80 drug commercials every hour of every day on television.” (http://io9.com/5853356/sick-of-pharmaceutical-ads-heres-why-they-wont-go-away)

Have you ever noticed how many prescription drug commercials there are over the span of one nightly news channel?

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Peace of Mind

It’s not often that I find commercials to be particularly memorable. Mostly, I think, that’s because I refuse to watch live television these days. In my current living situation, I’ve enjoyed the modern marvel known as the DVR. 281 more words


Bored Gamers Redux TV Spot

Last year I provided my best impression of the great Sir Patrick Stewart for the TV Show Bored Gamers. As the UK’s only weekly television programme about games Jim and Greg have achieved some wonderful things with their anarchic and subtly clued up take on the world of GTA V, Mario and ZomBN1. 52 more words


New Work Showcase May 2015

2nd part of the video we did for Asus Hong Kong to promote the Zenfone 2

Credits: Music, Sound Effects, Mixing and Mastering


Going up in the world of soundproofing...

The plight of any VO using a home studio is noise. Even if you don’t live next to a dual carriageway or underneath a flight path it is incredible the amount of noise distractions you can uncover when working from a home studio. 196 more words