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The Power of Advertising: Positives and Negatives

If you are wanting to have positivity connected to your brand and exposure, then you would probably aim for highly broadcasted events. Adding positive relation to the product in the advertisement could in fact make it more appealing. 205 more words

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"Pardon me, but..."

Does anyone remember that old Grey Poupon commercial where the two limos pull up to each other? The guy in one asks the guy in the other “pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?” The second guy says “but of course,” and passes a jar of super fancy rich guy mustard to the first guy. 137 more words


A parody on Canadian television highlights the divisiveness of religion

Diana MacPherson sent these two videos, one of which is a real commercial and the other a parody. As she says:

 I hope you can view these.

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Social Media Wasn't Ready For Chanel

Within the years and of coming years, many different brands have been using social media to advance their productivity. Social media is a great way to reach your general audience and reaching an audience that a brand didn’t even have, it also reaches a variety of people around the world. 408 more words


Chicago Classic Commercials Hall of Fame: 'Linn Burton For Certain’, 'That Old Car Might Be Worth Money’, ‘Hudson 3-2700’, ‘Where You Always Save More Money’

Dave, listeners, and the late night crew talk about the classic spots that could be showcased in a ‘Local Chicago TV Commercials Hall of Fame’ from the 60’s through today, including ‘Linn Burton for Certain’, Harry Schmerler ‘ Your Singing Ford Dealer,’ Boushelle, The Empire Carpet Man, long gone retailers Zayre, Wiebolt’s, Venture and the only commercial still playing today, Victory Auto Wreckers.  28 more words


Fallacy, fallacy, fallacies!

In the “quit smoking” commercial, we are introduced to a few fallacies. The first fallacy found was “false cause”. In the commercial you can hear the narrator saying towards the end of the video, “If this is how your child feels after having lost you for a minute, imagine if they lost you for life”. 475 more words