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Let us talk about your itchy scalp. Or how about I help you recover from the tan you got from the Bahamas? Let’s not forget to get your teeth one shade whiter for your date this Saturday. 597 more words


Perfume Commercials

Nothing frustrates or confuses me more than fragrance advertising.


Now I think I have a renewed distaste for the holiday season.  I am so damn tired of seeing these sexualized, vague, and celebrity-riddled perfume commercials.   327 more words

Opinions & Rants

Christmas Commercials: The Ones that Get It Right

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because no one has yet to affix a gift giving component to it, other than the gift of family, friends, and food. 749 more words


Bud Light Guy, The

Johnny, “The Bud Light Guy” (Rob Roy Fitzgerald) was a stubbly-faced moocher who snagged Bud Light beers from his family, girlfriend and ever a beer deliveryman with the now classic phrase “I love you, Ma-a-a-n!” on a series of commercial spots that debuted in the spring of 1995. 189 more words


Bonny Maid, The

Eighteen year old actress Anne Francis appeared as The Bonny Maid, a commercial spokesperson (1949-50) for Bonny Maid vinyl floor tile products (made by Bonefide Mills Inc.) on the variety program VERSATILE VARIETIES/NBC/CBS/ABC/1949-51. 80 more words


Volvo FMX vs. Sohpie

The newest episode of the Volvo Truck Live Test series of commercials aired on December 3, 2015 and it maybe the best yet. They gave a 4 year old girl control of a big truck, why? 194 more words

30 seconds or less

Companies are continuously trying to come up with better and more interesting ways to get peoples’ attention and hold it to get the message across. This can be hard as if the ad is a commercial the company only has 30 seconds to get the viewers’ attention, keep it and advertise their product. 185 more words