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16.2 Consequences of the use of ICT

Many people now have access to computers, causing a variety of consequences. For example, losing social contact with physically talking to people. However, social media means people can communicate online. 161 more words


16 Factors and consequences of ICT

This section contains:

  • Factors that influence the use of ICT systems
  • Changes that the use of ICT have had on our culture
  • Economic consequences of rapidly changing ICT systems…
  • 54 more words

Ronald Pies In Psychiatryland

One of the biggest clown doctors going at the present moment has got to be Ronald Pies. It would be remiss of me to claim that in his latest post, … 732 more words

Mental Health Care

The Coming Plague

I have a friend who spends much of his time traveling in Asia. He is a psychiatric survivor, and he says he prefers Asia to the USA precisely because people are not going on and on about “mental health”, “mental health treatment”, and “mental disorders” all the time there. 474 more words

Biological Psychiatry

Television Broadcaster 'Off His Meds'?

NBC newscaster Brian Williams has been making irrational claims about Cleveland multiple kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro. Brian Williams suggested Ariel Castro had a “mental illness”. 411 more words

Mental Health Care

Even Tiffany goes interactive :)

Tiffany’s street art

My Favorite Jewelry Promotions of 2012

By Rob Bates, Senior Editor

Posted on December 20, 2012

Last week, I looked at jewelry commercials… 34 more words


Mutants are taking over? Really? You think...

Psychiatry is full of it, and some of the latest “discoveries” in the field indicate just how full of it psychiatry happens to be. Take this report, … 443 more words

Mental Health Care