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Trump: "Worker's Spatula Still Has My Back"

NEW YORK – Responding to repeated queries as to the significance of the loss of Putin’s support, “Republican candidate for president” Donald Trump said: “Nothing, nothing. 111 more words


Cheesy '80s Action: Bulletproof (1988)

Released in 1988,¬†Bulletproof¬†is a glorious display of 1980’s action movie cheese. ¬†Starring the great Gary Busey as McBain (no, not the Simpsons version), this movie has all the hallmarks of an awesomely bad action movie: a quip-filled hero, Arab and Latino Commies, and a few babes for good measure. 415 more words

1980s Action

That Unsettling End of the Weimar Republic Feeling

For some time now we’ve been fretting that there’s a certain unsettling end-of-the-Weimar-Republic feel to America’s politics, and watching the gruesome video accounts of a recent bloody brawl… 386 more words


The New Wedge Issue for 2016: LGBT Rights

The following is a heads up about what is about to be unleashed on U.S. Military bases, from my pal Reeko in DC:

Some of the most spectacular failures in the Leftist-Progressive playbook of dirty tricks of how to win sympathetic media support – and ultimately elections, are now being exposed as nothing more than exaggerated lies. 1,158 more words


Reeko's Picks and Prognostications

Once again, my friend in DC weighs in on the state of the 2016 presidential horse race:

As most polls predicted, and I agreed, that Trump would get the GOP nomination, my further prediction was that he will pick either Cruz or Perry as VP, but that would eventually come around only after a brief pause to lick one’s wounds.

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Obama's Immoral Welfare Regime as Explained By a Radio Talk Show Caller

Joe, a self-employed construction worker from Caret Virginia, called into the Mark Levin Show Wednesday to “bust the myth” about the minimum wage.

Joe was bitter because he has always worked hard and played by the rules, while illegal immigrants and welfare cheats make their living off of the American taxpayer. 658 more words