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Pushing Back Against The Left's Attack on Religious Freedom

For the left, (and I include most of the MSM, here) Gay Marriage has overtaken Abortion as their holiest sacrament.

That is why we are witnessing this fierce and unhinged push-back against the Indiana law which was designed to protect religious liberties. 3,598 more words


Obranářský ministr v HP na ČT24

Martin Stropnický (58), MO v barvách ANO-drejovců

Českem koncem týdne projede konvoj amerických vojáků. Proti tomu se chystají protestovat komunisté a některé iniciativy.
Proč budí přesun amerických vojáků přes naše území tolik emocí? 116 more words


Bill O'Reilly: Who Is Asking Jen Psaki To Stonewall? (Video)

The question of whether or not Hillary Clinton signed an exit statement saying she turned over all of her public information to the State Department when she departed, is now dogging Hillary Clinton when ventures out in public. 222 more words


Obama "Embarrassed" For Republicans Because They Wrote to Ayatollah (His Secret Pen Pal)

I guess we’re supposed to all be too stupid to notice the hypocrisy here.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” said the president in an interview with… 663 more words


Obama Admin May Bypass Congress and Take Iran Deal To United Nations (Video)

Republicans are reacting with alarm to reports that the Obama Regime is contemplating bypassing congress on the Iranian Nuke deal, instead taking it to the U.N. 359 more words


Paging Obama, Holder, Sharpton: Two Cops Shot in Ferguson #CopsLivesMatter

Two cops were shot in an assassination like attack in Ferguson, Missouri, last night.

Do you think it ever crosses Al Sharpton’s, Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s minds than when they demagogue racial issues, that their rhetoric might inspire violence? 449 more words


Democrats Calling 47 GOP Senators Traitors is the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Democrats are in high dudgeon over an open letter 47 United States Senators sent to the Iranian regime on Monday which warned that any deal brokered by the president could be revoked by Congress. 2,088 more words