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Commie Porn

Long out of print, but the video adverts are still fun. Take a peek.

Terri Lloyd Artist

On this day in 1957: Russians fire Laika into space, burn Pupper to death to spite America

By John Miller

Friday the 3rd of November, 2017

As the Antifa kids prepare for another weekend of senseless Bolshevik revolution paid for by Putin, they would do well to think about how the Commies have always used the helpless and the ignorant, just to spite America. 216 more words

Just a Prank, Bro.

I’m on record as complaining that this moment is “Faker than a stripper’s new titties” but after a few days of thinking about it I have to stop and admire the craftmenship. 106 more words

A Proven Solution

A proven solution to a sadly reoccurring problem.

This is a bit of throwaway chapter that will probably be part of a larger work. Still I think it’s a good enough laugh on its own. 960 more words

Science Fiction

Назинские ссылки

Назинские ссылки (иногда еще встречается вариант «Назинская трагедия»)

В 1932-33 годах в связи с введением в СССР паспортной системы из крупных городов принудительно выселялись горожане, признанные «деклассированным элементом». 14 more words