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Genius! The most astonishing inventions of all time - Deborah Kespert

Genius! tells the stories behind the amazing inventions that helped shape our modern world. Readers are introduced to the technologies developed by thinkers and inventors such as Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, Gutenberg, James Watt, the Wright brothers, and Tim Berners-Lee, and the creativity and determination behind their discoveries. 107 more words

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Idealistic Beauty - Mike Plugh Assignment #1

Identity Deception: idealistic beauty.

Over the years the internet has served as a tool that allows us to practice our freedom of speech and democracy. It is a place where we can customize what it is that we want to be exposed to, allowing us to take control of our reality and perceptions. 1,164 more words


Working on the Rocket Principle

Sometimes all of us work on the Rocket Principle, which is ‘unless there is fire up our @r$e we don’t move. So I have been working with this client, actually a good friend, for nearly 9 months, on his marketing strategy, website and social media, and the work-baby is finally delivered. 76 more words

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Who cares what you had for breakfast?

I’m 61 years old. So how come a 20 something daughter of mine thinks it’s lame that I have both a Facebook and a Twitter account? 446 more words