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X-Wing Commission episode 3

So another markings swap for an E-Wing.

A customer X-Wing, calling it Sun and Moon Squadron Copper V.

And a repaint of a YT-1300.


X-Wing Commission 2

The search for more money. Wait I think that might be the wrong franchise. Added the red striping and the struts on the FO were changed to grey.


X-Wing Commission

So I got a commission to paint different squadron markings for a few ships and to repaint the Moldy Crow. So here they are all finished:


Khador or...

My first axe to mouth faction. I am going to paint up the Butcher and you get to read about it, sorry you found your way here. 539 more words


Checking your paints

So every now and then you come across a tip or paint job that just changes you reality… this is not that experience. When I paint infantry like most people I paint up a test model to see if I like the scheme. 102 more words


Commission Painting

I am looking to expand what I get to paint, since money is limited I thought I would offer my services to the random strangers online. 268 more words


Darnath Lysander

Lysander is coming back on battlefield!

I had this mini for almost 4 years now and it was unpainted since yesterday. Yes, shame on me. I usually field him with my unit of  55 more words