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Basil the bully

Basil Boom Boom Morrison doesn’t seem to like the idea of democracy. At the Local Government Commission hearings, he has regularly commented about the problem of Councils needing to answer to the electorate and regular elections. 247 more words


Why are you fee-only and what does that mean?

Why are you fee-only and what does that mean?

We are often asked about our decision to be a fee-only financial planning firm. The term ‘fee’ occasionally throws people off, and we thought we should share about our decision and how it benefits our clients. 242 more words


Jace the mind sculptor

This little commission I finished a while ago.

Next one is going to be Tezzeret.

Dewil Altered Mtg

Green Lantern Commission!

My buddy Richard Meyer hired me recently to color this drawing he did of Green Lantern for a commission.  It was a different process to than I’m used to but I think it turned out pretty good.


The Night Lords are coming.

Yan’s been working on the Night Lords and sent me a photo/story update today. Have a look!

Kurnrad ‘Kraven’ Lamontier was sitting in one of the old meditation chambers of the… 209 more words

Auckland Port super stoush

The battle over extending Auckland Port shows that nothing gets better just because you’re a supercity.

The Local Government Commission says a supercity for Wellington will make it easier to develop the region by overruling regional differences. 137 more words


greetings from ...

I am hoping that a certain someone doesn’t frequent my blog. They aren’t signed up for auto-notification, and they have a LOT going on, so I am going to cross my fingers and pray. 113 more words