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Deer skulls and chicken stews

Yesterday I realized we are only a week and a half from our annual family chicken stew.  Until recently I thought everyone, at least everyone in the South, had chicken stews.   524 more words


Commissioned - Xmas Bump Baubles

A lovely lady saw the pink one I did earlier today and ordered that along with a yellow & gold one.

I’ve added some lovely gold glitter around the edge of the gold one to give it some extra Xmas sparkle. 6 more words

Craft Items

Commissioned - Fairy Door 

Oooooh it’s so lovely to see my products in their new homes. I love how this is sitting under that dandelion 😃

Thank you Lauren for these photos x

Craft Items

Step-up II

Two of the biggest challenges for  me during the shoot was getting the lights in right places and getting my timing right.  Lights did not take much time but timing did require some patience.   180 more words


Step Up

Here’s the first of the images I made for a campaign material for Step-up Gym.  This was one of my favourites from the day.  I hope they find the rest of them useful and meeting their needs. 94 more words


Behind the Scene for Step-Up

I have some theories in life that I strongly believe in.  One of them is valuing small gestures.  Gestures have more emotional value to me than things.  169 more words



Read Mark 16

Focus on verse 15-16

If you have ever attended a commissioning of any kind, you understand that when a person or group is commissioned, it means they are given a task or project of some kind to complete in order to complete the “mission”. 372 more words

Daily Devotional