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How to Commission Art

I am one of those rare people privileged to have been raised with the belief that I can do anything. And not because I come from money (I don’t) or because my parents have always encouraged in me the idea that I’m a special, special snowflake. 670 more words

Worked on my commissioned website

I’m sorry for so long I haven’t been blogging.
Currently, I am working part-time and hoping to find a full-time job.
Thus, I improve my… 33 more words



This piece was made for the joyous birth of a new child in the Forrester family, and to symbolize the clarity that a new life brings.



This stunning piece is beautifully featured in the home of the Danielson’s, who wanted a bold statement which encompasses their philosophy of life.


Logo Animation Digital Creative

I’ve animated the logo for Digital Creative. The design was made by Ronald Hagenstein.

To keep the handwritten feeling of the logo  I chose to animate it frame by frame. 14 more words


Travis, Tom & Mark (Blink-182)

Commissioned custom Funko Pop figures of Blink-182 band members: Travis BarkerTom Delonge & Mark Hoppus. 47 more words


[NSFW] [#92] Colossal Boob M@ster: Cinderella Stage - Commissioned

Colossal Boob M@ster: Cinderella Stage

Commission #23
Tags: Non-H, big breasts
Status: Released
Commissioned by: Chacha-Ninja
Download Link: MEGA Download