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#starthappy for Alpro & sisterMAG

Goedke | Cosson | Alpro | sisterMAG

Goedke | Cosson | Alpro | sisterMAG

Goedke | Cosson | Alpro | sisterMAG

Goedke | Cosson | Alpro | sisterMAG… 81 more words


Harraz Zydan Aqiqah

Back in September 2016 I guess, I photograph perhaps my most awesome intimate aqiqah of the year, The entire day was filled with fun, special moments and everything you could dream of as a photographer. 43 more words


Birthday Party Umar

Hello fellas. At the moment I really enjoyed not to stick with wedding only as I feel there’s a lot of random occasion out there that need a freelance photographer. 48 more words


Pollachi Poo Market

The following is my write up on the flower market which was published in The Pollachi Papyrus Magazine under the series ‘Places of Attraction’ in the January 2017 edition. 289 more words


Pretty in pink

Apart from an ill advised adventure with a faux fur-lined knitted trapper hat (which will get blogged once I’ve made it work and finished hoovering up all the loose fur) I’ve been working on this sweet pram blanket for the past week or so. 287 more words

Finished Work

Interview with Author Raven H. Price

This is the second interview I have with the gorgeous author Raven H. Price -a Christfic Fantasy/Romance writer who inspires without preaching. I still remember my first one, a year ago. 402 more words


Commissioned "Love Isn't Love"

In November of 2016, a few of the members of the legendary group Commissioned re-recorded some classics. Check out this fan favorite “Love Isn’t Love”, one of five songs set for video release.