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Who's Minding the Shop?

Guest blog written by John Mede

In light of recent events at Town Hall, the question begs “who’s minding the shop”? It appears given the sentiments of most of the Commission, change is in order and yet all that remains are the details. 985 more words

Lake Park


Residents have had quite a week coming to grips with the revelations that came out at last week’s commission meeting. As we all process what has been made public and take into consideration the implications of the information presented, connections will be made, eyes will open, questions will arise and interesting facts will finally begin to show on the canvas of our town where those who bother to look can see them. 823 more words

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Other Notes...

I discovered last evening that Commissioner Rumsey, after consideration of the information brought before the commission on Wednesday night, either plans to or has requested Maria Davis’ resignation. 1,691 more words

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Not Enough Time in the Day

If you missed last night’s commission meeting, I suggest you watch the rerun on channel 18. (You’ll have to check the schedule for the timing of that.) Unfortunately I don’t have time to entirely recap what happened; there is not enough time in my day. 2,386 more words

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You are getting sleepy...very, very sleepy...

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Oh, the hypnotic effects of bureaucracy…

Three hour town meetings are notorious for turning engaged residents into sleepwalkers. 1,039 more words

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