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New RCMP Motto: Preservons La Fantasie?

G’day all!! I should explain, before getting into this piece, that I spend those mornings when I am not on the road or with a patient, at a local coffee shop down on the beach overlooking a mostly choppy Straight of Georgia; usually whipped by some chilly winds out of the North West. 794 more words


On International Terrorism

I know what it is to live with international terrorism. As Secretary General of the Next Century Foundation I work in conflict resolution and travel war zones. 77 more words


On Community Cohesion. Is multiculturalism wrong?

What is Community Cohesion when it’s at home? Well it really means the way in which we relate to one another. Are we an inclusive society or do we live in an us and them sort of world? 41 more words


Everpower 'claims' they will not build in Logan County if no tax abatement given

Really? Let’s call their bluff. The peoples’ response to this BigWind bully is below. It is written by a FORMER GREEN LOBBYIST. You may find the response enlightening…. 2,980 more words

Talking about Morality

There are a whole range of integrity issues in regard to the post of Police and Crime Commissioner. There is a difference between honesty and integrity. 196 more words


Still more on Cycling

Members of the Cycling UK have been stepping up the pressure on PCC candidates. Here is their latest letter, sent multiple times from their various members under the heading “Why will you not support roads policing and safer roads?”. 488 more words


Background on the Badger Cull

Tried to get to this badger event on Tuesday evening in South Devon. I can’t make it because of the campaign but I have promised Ama who sent me this that if elected we will have an early policy meeting about how to deal with the badger cull issue. 71 more words