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About Me - Relationships (Part 2)

So it has been over eight years since I was in a relationship!

There are a few reasons for that. Maybe even more than I realize. 842 more words


Day Two!!

Here I am. Day two. I actually got back on and I’m posting again! I’ve been thinking about it all day even though I didn’t have the time to do it until now. 395 more words


A little Run Down??

I don’t know what I’m searching for signing up for WordPress – I suppose I am looking for some where to vent, share my uncommon problems or have someone tell me I’m “not” insane.. 425 more words


The biggest commitments

To those who know me it’s no secret that I’m a commitaphobe. I’m pretty sure the the ultimate commitment is having and raising children. That can’t be undone! 378 more words



I mentioned recently that I’m nowhere near the getting-married-and-having-kids stage of a relationship. Well, I’m even further back that I thought…

After 1 year of a loving, honest, genuinely fun relationship, I get freaked out again! 276 more words


The Origin of My Sandpail List

I’d call myself a commitaphobe.  Scared of phone contracts, gym memberships and consistent church attendance at the same church each week.  The funny thing is, I’ve had the same phone company and number for the last 7 years; I exercise fairly regularly and I attend church just about every week.   584 more words


I am a commitaphobe

That’s probably not a real word, but it really does exemplify who I am.  I can’t make commitments.  Everything you’ve read in this blog:  all the promises, pacts, lists, swears; all of them were never kept.  102 more words