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Solitary Confinement. Don't Change It..Change Who Goes To It.

“From Jesse James to Charles Manson, the media, since their inception, have turned criminals into folk heroes.” – Quote by Marilyn Manson

I’m no expert on prison life, or on being a criminal, and I’ve never been to prison. 665 more words

On the hunt

When you look around, there’s the kind of people who seem to go for¬†committed relationships, and the kind that cares less about the person and more so about their genitals. 837 more words


From Midnight Booty Calls to Afternoon Dinner Dates

I recently had a conversation with my good friend and brother. He was having a tough time with this lovely woman that he be friended and he wanted an unobjective ear to hear him out.  1,150 more words

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments

To be completely honest I have huge commitment issues. I don’t like to be bound to too many things. I like to have my options open. 160 more words


Turn Around

The word conversion comes from the Latin and calls us to turn in another direction. This morning’s gospel verse (EZ 18:31) urges us to “turn away from all the crimes you have committed and… 318 more words

High Life

Rumor has it
Helping others succeed
Is the fastest way to succeed
Just moving with the Truth
Light to bright to dim
Love Love Love Love… 125 more words