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Daily check-in #3

The weekend arrived and I hope you don’t waste your time playing Video Games when you can soicialize.

Daily Tip: Install Audible, get a free Audiobook and listen to it. 12 more words


Daily check-in #2

Greetings guys,

I’m still studying for my exam and can’t wait to fully kickstart this little project of mine.

Even tho I’m sleep deprived.

Even tho I’m tired. 23 more words


Nicolas Cage

I just finished watching Vampire’s Kiss. I’ll admit, I have a crazy obsession with Nicolas Cage movies. He always gives 100%, and no matter the terrible plot, you are never bored as an audience.

Keep it 100, Nic.        

Book review | Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Гэрлэлт. Ойрын өдрүүдэд өмнө нь нухацтай бодож байгаагүй энэ сэдвийн талаар уншиж, улам сайн тогтсон ойлголт, үзэл бодолтой болмоор санагдаад гэрлэлтийн тухай ном хайж байгаад хоёр номоор нь аль хэдийн мэддэг болсон (Ид Залбир Хайрла болон Агуу Ид Шид) Элизабет Гилбертийн Амлалт номыг авч уншлаа.

Loyal Is A Dog


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Definition of LOYAL
1: unswerving in allegiance: such as
a : faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government… 430 more words


The Unknown Church - Part 1


Sunday July 9, 2017 By Bob Cote

The Unknown Church Part 1 “The early church continued steadfastly in the apostles teaching and fellowship” Acts 2:42. 25 more words