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5 Misconceptions of Marriage

1. You Can’t Follow Your Dreams: For some weird reason, people think that being married means you can no longer accomplish the goals you always wanted to accomplish. 451 more words


Why I am single

I’d like to think that there’s a guy out there that will catch my attention and make me fall in love. Truth is this guy could be right in front of me and I don’t even see him because I am searching- searching for adventure , searching for experiences , searching for a excitement.. 285 more words

We are friends.

We are perfect
Because I am the moon
and you, you are the sun.
There are more of each of them.
But my fingers weave pull strings… 39 more words


Purity equals Freedom!?

Well, I did get sidetracked and posted between our ‘Be’ pure preview and this, the actual post; however, I pray it was a good segway and that God spoke to you through that post in some way. 916 more words


On the hunt

When you look around, there’s the kind of people who seem to go for committed relationships, and the kind that cares less about the person and more so about their genitals. 837 more words


From Midnight Booty Calls to Afternoon Dinner Dates

I recently had a conversation with my good friend and brother. He was having a tough time with this lovely woman that he be friended and he wanted an unobjective ear to hear him out.  1,150 more words

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments

To be completely honest I have huge commitment issues. I don’t like to be bound to too many things. I like to have my options open. 160 more words