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Day 4: The Future Self Now

I always find those inspirational quotes at times annoying. If you believe than you can achieve. Really? My leg is broken, now what. Ironically, I found this… 275 more words

The present self vs. the future self

In his book “Decartes Error”, Antonio Damsio offers a definition on will power: “Willpower is just another name for the idea of choosing according to long-term outcome rather than short-term ones.” 789 more words


The Divided Self

Navigating conflicting preferences, our own and those of others

We sometimes behave as if we had two selves, one who wants healthy lungs and another who enjoys smoking; one who desires to improve himself by studying hard and another would rather watch TV or socialize. 887 more words

Research Updates

My No Spending Challenge

Most commitment devices don’t really do much for me.  I think you really have to find what appeals to your inner crazy.  For me, it is competition. 190 more words


Commitment Devices

Please welcome Sylvia Liu, a 12 x 12 in 2012 participant and illustrator.  She gives us advice on how to overcome a challenge I know we all face – procrastination.   814 more words


How to beat Smoking

The majority of smokers say they want to quit! A Gallup polling showed that 74% of smokers would like to quite. The CDC reported that 70% want to quit completely. 178 more words


The Tyrant Alarm Clock: The (Almost) Perfect Commitment Device

Commitment devices are essentially a way to supplant your own faulty motivation drive with an external motivation source. Put another way, a commitment device is a way of improving your overall welfare by ex ante limiting the number of options available to you later. 837 more words

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