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Even In The Small Things..

I love the peacefulness that the stillness of the night has to offer.  My creativity tends to flow better and I also love time with God then too.  739 more words


Countering the Lie of “I’m Not Enough”

I like following the blog Raising Race Conscious Children because it helps me relate with the young people in my life, including my own inner child (my younger self). 1,073 more words


Not Those Crazy Wrap Up Things Again! (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: K’Dia Parker

Founder & Owner of: It Works!

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Beauty and Health & Fitness Writer

So like most people you’ve heard of those crazy wrap things, right? 337 more words


“It Fell Through the Cracks” – and Other Lame Excuses - 5 Ways to Close Those Cracks

“I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your request. It seems to have fallen through the cracks”.

How many times have you heard, or uttered or written those oft-abused famous words? 1,322 more words



Can’t take for granted the pressure that comes with being integrated into your spouse’s life. Trying to figure out what position you hold in the pack can be quite intriguing. 384 more words

My 2 Cents

Why It's Okay To Cheat

Now, I am not talking about the relationship type of cheat. I am talking about the


type of cheat.

We’ve all been there, sworn up and down we were going to stick to a certain food plan only to find ourselves consumed with thoughts about a certain food (most likely one we do not normally eat and probably have not eaten in years but one we are not allowed to eat right now) three days in that we CAN NOT EAT IT and have no way to satisfy that craving. 864 more words


How To Build and Keep Personal Relationships That Last

Building healthy relationships with others is one of the most important things that everyone should focus on. Sometimes it is hard because people go about it the wrong way and wind up breaking relationships instead of building them. 705 more words