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Being Mindful Expanded My Christmas

I have always been a perfectionist. This has been something that I thought was part of my identity and believed would be with me forever. Until one day that I decided to let that go. 449 more words


2016:September, October & November Goals Update

I am back!

I know I am late but at least I have returned. And I am sorry for not keeping up with my targets. I have reasons for that (And excuses and laziness also). 490 more words


Is marriage in alignment? 

Now marriage is a controversial topic not just in a new age community but in the world at large. Some people see it as a beautiful expression of love and some see it as an archaic restriction. 2,707 more words


You Can Say No

I work in a gymnastics studio. This means I overhear many parents talking about how impossibly busy their lives are with running all their children to every extracurricular activity you can imagine every day. 186 more words


That Book, It's Not Written!

I opened my computer this morning and was hit with a message from a friend and that took me on a whirlwind of thoughts.

I have recently taken on two big projects from two very… 491 more words


30 days of undone things

In December 2011, Amy wrote a blog post about making a 2011 mix tape of what she was listening to (right here). She said: 625 more words


Life of Pets

Ah, the quiet serenity of an over-one-thousand-square-foot home to yourself. Not a baby, not a teenaged man-child in sight. Just me, myself, and four dogs. 1,009 more words