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Thick Fog, Keep Walking

Being a child of God is not easy.  There are days when you have absolutely no clue what is going on and the only thing you have to go on is faith in Him.   453 more words


A Good Start

So, today was day one after letting it all hang out there in the wind yesterday.  Again, no date yet but we need to see what this old girl can put up and what my endurance and tolerance levels are in order to truly decide if the lofty goal I just set is actually doable.  509 more words


It Isn't Just Graduation Anymore.

I fondly remember graduating high school. It was a big deal – I was done with the kid stuff and was moving on to college. Our school had a grad party put on by parents and the family all gathered for the event. 136 more words


Working out my way to nowhere...

Working out is the newest thing I have taken up and about to ruin for myself. Like all the other “seasonal” obsessions I have. Painting, writing, vlogging (and of course blogging)- you name it. 422 more words

Why I’m Vegan: Doing Something Small and Sustained

Being vegan, for me, is about imperfectly striving for justice.

Rather than all-or-nothing thinking, it’s small-but-sustained action.

It’s not a finished state, but about always being in the middle (and… 498 more words


Exploring Exhaustion and Energy Loss

I’ve been particularly exhausted, as is so often the case at the end of each school year. I often feel that the further I get into spring semester, the more I become tired, grumpy, and on edge. 1,174 more words


Let's Not Have Any Commitments

This is about romantic relationships.

What’s the point of having commitment when it’ll hurt one or both sides ?

I want to have a man whom I love and love me back, our love should be equals. 124 more words

My Concern