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Self-Reliance:: Finance Edition

I want to say it’s not fair that no one ever told me self-reliance was hard. Always that it was important:: important to take care of yourself; important to know your finances; important to not be entitled; important to learn how to do your own laundry, for goodness sake!! 1,713 more words

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How My Opinion Of Birds Changed (A Little)

If you have read my previous blogs by now you are probably thinking ‘this woman has made two posts about the beginnings of getting a parrot but in both posts she has made it clear that she doesn’t like birds, she’s a cat person, what happened to change her mind?’ Carry on reading, but be warned below is practically half a novel. 3,019 more words

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It Started With An Idea

When I look back and think about how it all started it amuses me. I came home from work and I could hear my partner having a conversation with my mum in the kitchen. 2,358 more words

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Deciding to Leave Higher Ed: Strategies for Career Discernment

Today the next installment in “Outside Higher Ed” appears in Inside Higher Ed: 

As the title promises, this piece shares seven steps for career discernment. 231 more words


let's talk about self-love

dear readers,

As RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anybody else?” So let’s talk about that. My journey with self-love has been incredibly long and it continues every day. 899 more words

After The Comeback


Yeh mami.

You should be in advertising.

No be joke o’.

He believes I can, every time. That I am able, and it encourages me to try to fly even higher, push even more. 183 more words


Oh, how quickly summer passes

In between my work commitments, I managed to squeeze in life. Creative people often have to “work” harder to squeeze in that time to reflect, experience, explore, love, and grow in ways that don’t happen without some intentional nurturing. 455 more words