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A Small Time Mariner's Voyage, Days 2 & 3, Part Two: The Sanctuary Called Iolani

October 12-13, 2014, Honolulu- There is, in the story of any people, an account of their casting the net of interaction with both neighbouring peoples and those in far-off lands. 855 more words


Paul Revere's Ride

Every once in a while, something truly miraculous occurs that is recorded in the annals of history. Underdogs in a particular conflict manage to gain the upper hand and smite the condescending powers that be right in the face. 2,124 more words

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The Bucks County Safety Committee Part II: Policing of the People

One of the Safety Committee’s responsibilities was to ensure that the county was protecting the cause of the Revolution by observing “the conduct of all persons”.  841 more words

Revolutionary War

Bullets stored on shore by men of the USS Boston during the overthrow?

Bullets Dug Up Hidden in Dirt.

After being hidden in dirt for many years, many bullets were uncovered: twenty, six, and three inches in length, behind 1319 Queen Emma Street. 305 more words


Safety Committees and their Role in the Revolution: Part I

During my research of Bucks County, Pennsylvania during the Revolution, I found the Minutes of the Committee of Safety 1774-1776 in the Pennsylvania Archives on Footnote/Fold 3.  816 more words

Revolutionary War

Day 57: The Territory that Became the Target

LOCATION: Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA DATE: Tuesday, April 5, 2011
TEMP (Hi/Lo): 81°F/70°F (27°C/21°C) WEATHER: Mostly Cloudy…
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"Else you will be dealt with according to Mob law."

One of the canon beliefs of the modern Southron Heritage™ movement is that blame for all the violence and bloodshed that followed the Southern states’ secession lies, solely and completely, at the feet of Abraham Lincoln and his administration. 442 more words