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The World Bank (WB) is currently debating if they accept a proposal made by the
African Union which would cost the WB a total of 10 million dollars. 53 more words


After the storm

Just hours after the horrible tsunami „Gregor“ many member states of the European Union send their foreign ministers to the Council oft he European Union. Several ministers expressed their sympathy to the affected countries. 129 more words



Amnesty would like to draw attention to the situation of refugees and stateless persons in some countries.

Some countries in the Human Rights Council (HRC) defend human rights but in fact, they do not respect those rights in their own country. 232 more words


+++Refuge Situation in Morocco getting worse+++

Due to the recent attack the US performed on Morocco, the people are more scared and terrified than ever. The situation in Morocco is getting more and more unstable and the people are desperately trying to escape. 91 more words


+++ Press release of Hungary +++

The Republic of Hungary celebrates developing closer relations with Ukraine. Hungary, often ridiculed by many EU members for its realistic policies on national security and immigration, had invited Ukraine to speak about its pledge to help EU members whom suffered from the recent natural catastrophes that hit many parts of Europe. 72 more words


+++Press Release: Security Council+++

People of the world,
The United Nations Security Council (SC) hereby addresses the recent attack by
elements of the Armed Forces of the United States of America (US) on the Kingdom of… 89 more words


USA attacks Moroccan refugee camp, blames Russia

American air strikes hit refugee camp and military base in Morocco, 50 dead.

After releasing a very vague statement blaming Russia for interfering with American pilots, the USA remains secretive in regards to the allegations of an unprecedented attack on Morocco. 181 more words