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Has The Spark From The Middle East Ignited Gold, Silver and Oil on Fire?

Middle East: 2012′s Black Swan

For many centuries, the Middle East has been a simmering cauldron that now may be coming to a boil.  Across the centuries we have witnessed world events being influenced by what occurs in this geopolitical arena. 187 more words

Market Analysis

Friday massive, back up the truck

Interesting day and week really in the markets, bear rally continues in main indices. I am reviewing short opps in internet stock Amazon and long commodities – the softs. 474 more words

Short Sale Watch

Inflation fighting with pillows

Fed funds rate futures price in 75bp increase by year end – if none then latest pullback in commodities will be reversed, and then some.

Commodities Bull Market

Chump change

Well, this is the first weekly update starting this week and will have a few nice sections to help me keep track of market activity without getting too close to the market action. 582 more words

Short Sale Watch

Black Coffee...

Last week, on the breakout we had what I understand to be record volume when price exceeded the low 140s – a record for the volume of coffee contracts traded in one day! 359 more words


An FIR You Can Count On

What’s the secret to Warren Buffett’s investment success? The secret, according to The Sage of Omaha, is that there is no secret. “All there is to investing,” he says, “is picking good stocks at good times and staying with them as long as they remain good companies.” He also reminds investors: your buying a business, not a stock! 168 more words