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Future of NG?

Approaching towards Nov 2016 bottom / Fibo 38,2.

  1. Increasing trendline broken
  2. SMA 200 broken
  3. Fibo 61,8 broken

Awash In Oil

Given the record level of oil inventories, it is amazing to me that the crude price is being sustained in the low $50s. This price is encouraging the shale producers to keep pumping, having sold forward their product into the futures market. 103 more words


Commodities you can export without license on a small scale as a young agropreneur

Several times, buyers demand some commodities in a small quantity either for consumption, small scale production line basic raw material or some addictive in large production line like paint industry. 296 more words


Gottfried Haberler's contribution to trade theory

Gottfried Haberler was a member of what is loosely termed the ‘Austrian’ school of economics, to denote the group of theorists who opposed centralised – government – intervention in money creation, which they argued artificially distorted capital flows and created structural inefficiencies. 1,594 more words

Financial Services

Gold Dips in Asia, but Copper Increases on Mine Labor Issues

On Friday, copper gained on labor matters at two major mines and gold fell in Asia on a rising expectation that the Fed will hike rates the approaching month. 449 more words

Exo Capital

Govt mulls setting up scrap-based steel plants

17/02/2017 15:23

The government today said it is planning to set up scrap-based steel plants in north and west parts of India to augment the country’s production capacity. 349 more words


Infographic: How Coffee Affects the Global Economy

This popular pick-me-up fuels not only our daily energy levels, but the global economy as well (in fact, it’s the second-most traded commodity in the world, after oil). 28 more words

Consumption Trends