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Physical Commodities and Derivatives- The History of a Pricing Pyramid

April 26, 2015

There are many derivative products these days in the world of commodities. In my latest piece for About.com I take a look at the various commodity derivative vehicles that all seek to reflect action in the prices of physical commodities. 34 more words


Where America's Old Cars Go to Die

Last week I shared a controversial but very popular piece from ZeroHedge about where the world’s unsold cars go to die. Today I wondered what happens to the millions of old cars that are laid to rest each year in America. 1,263 more words


Global Economic Dilemma: Too Much of Almost Everything

Glut of Capital and Labor Challenge Policy Makers.
Global oversupply extends beyond commodities, elevating deflation risk.

The global economy is awash as never before in commodities like oil, cotton and iron ore, but also with capital and labor—a glut that presents several challenges as policy makers struggle to stoke demand. 121 more words


A Case For Attractive Stock Valuations

This article is not a bullish case for buying stocks today. In fact, I have deep and genuine concerns about the outlook for U.S. stocks and capital markets over the coming years. 196 more words

Market Outlook

U.S. Stocks: Timber!

The stock market has seen yet another asset class partner fall by the wayside. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in the summer of 2007 and also in the years since the market bottom in early 2009, stocks and lumber have moved in complete tandem with one another. 52 more words

Market Outlook