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On Truth and Ideology

Every theory of ideology has somehow faced the problem of distinguishing some notion of truth as opposed to a false or mystified ideology, without falling back on a representationalist conception of reality. 3,405 more words


Mama Bear: Minimalism 

About the decluttering movement in which you purge yourself of objects that are not beautiful and useful, I’m glad about these kind of critiques. Yes, Marie Kondo’s right that it’s nice to not have clutter but why the rigidity? 272 more words


The shoes that dreams are made of

Love my new mom shoes so much. And I think they’re somehow the shoe version of me (which is exactly what advertising has duped me into thinking is possible when it’s not but I proved them wrong and actually found the shoe of my dreams.) … 21 more words


Capitalist Dystopia Part 2——-A Voyage to the Dark Heart of Capitalism or what can Joseph Conrad tell us about commodity fetishism?

If you scoured the globe looking for a location to film a post-apocalyptic dystopia, you might on visual grounds alone choose Agbogbloshie, the toxic scrapyard in Ghana… 2,960 more words


The Revolution of Everyday Life

I watch you struggle to survive
Soaked in this pathetic sea of shames;
Work, work, work, Relax.
An asinine arsenal of anticipations
Thick sweat melted to the skin, 17 more words

Media is the opiate of the masses: Just another bitter Left-winger's critique of the 2015 General Election

Glotzkiste (German colloquial noun)- Television.
Derived from the verb glotzen- to stare or gawp, and the noun Kiste- box. Gawp-box. Goggle-box.

I discovered this wonderful word a few days ago in a discussion about colloquial language usage in the… 1,206 more words

Critical Theory

Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 6

Notes from chapters 1-3 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 4 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 5 can be found… 2,185 more words