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Real Abstraction: Architecture as Capital

*Published in Think Space MONEY. Zagreb: DAZ, Think Space Programme, 2014.

By Patricio De Stefani                                                                                          DOWNLOAD PDF


Does money really ‘rule’ the world? If money is just the form of appearance of exchange-value, does not a more substantial reality lie behind it? 3,497 more words


The Fetish of 'Iron Laws'

There may well be a term in rhetoric or in art criticism for what is going on in this cartoon, though I don’t know what it is: What is remarkable about is that the actual meaning of the cartoon (image+text) is the exact opposite of what is clearly its intended meaning. 620 more words


“My Movement told me be a consumer and I consumer it!”

‘Wings’ by Macklemore narrates growing up in a society surrounded by consumerism. The rapper uses such thought provoking lyrics to express how as a culture, we spend unnecessary amounts of money buying expensive things that we think define our individuality, “Look at me, I’m a cool kid, I’m an individual”. 778 more words

The Merry Dreams of Leisure

The Merry Dreams of Leisure

Leisure, that merry old reminder
of who we used to be.
A reminder lost, or often found
gallivanting with the time we never have; 142 more words


Fetishism and Commodity Fetishism

Fetishism is the displacement of desire and fantasy onto alternative objects or body parts (e.g., a foot fetish or a shoe fetish), in order to obviate a subject’s confrontation with the castration complex. 1,276 more words

Literary Theory

Consumer culture and Commodity fetishism: theory of value and identity

26/ 04/2017

Commodity fetishism is the process by which mass produced goods are emptied of the meaning of their production and then filled with new meanings in ways that both mystify the product and turn it into a fetish object. 2,604 more words


Bitcoin as Commodity Fetishism

Omar Eliud Villarreal Robledo’s 2016 thesis The Ontological Sociology of Cryptocurrency: A Theoretical Exploration of Bitcoin has yielded some interesting insights, applying a sociological lens upon the 21st century pecuniary techno-phenomenon of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin being the object of analysis – and its ontological characteristics. 436 more words