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Definition: commodity fetishism

Commodity fetishism is when we focus on the finished product without thinking about the process it goes through.
- lecture given by professor Cameron at Dalhousie University, Halifax

Fuck you Starbucks, I'll See You Tomorrow

So I don’t mind admitting when I’ve been even somewhat duped. Lucky for all of you: today is one of those days. Starbucks, you got me (and I’m not surprised in the least). 259 more words

Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 5

Notes from chapters 1-3 can be found here.

Notes from chapter 4 can be found here.

Chapter 5- Time and History

#125 Man is identical to time. 2,719 more words


If it Makes You Happy, Why the Hell Are You so Sad?

Digressing from the realms of confessional art, my focus has landed on the causes our global epidemic, the symptomatic human condition. Where previously I laid blame on the design flaws of the human psyche, I have recently admitted that there may be other forces at work. 283 more words


The theory of "reification"

A response to Georg Lukács

Originally published in Platypus Review 73

Izrail’ Vainshtein
Under the Banner of
10-11 (1924)

The philosophical explanations present among people claiming to be Marxists manifest a haphazardness of speculative philosophizing that must meet their nemesis in the philosophy of dialectical materialism. 5,680 more words


Demystifying the iPhone 6's desirability

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus slowly and majestically rise onto the screen highlighted by a flawless white backdrop. The unmistakable voices of Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade, both of… 1,302 more words


Ideology 2.0: Historical materialism and the truth about new media and participatory culture

Written by: Be Lee

According to Marxist historical materialism, the exploitation of human labour is embedded into the ideals of capitalist society. In fact, Marx’s understanding of the pervasive nature of capitalism was so profound that it even sheds light on modern forms of media in the digital era. 1,986 more words

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