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What’s That: Branding

What is definition of brand? What is the scope of brand? Why brand? What are the changes which have evolved composition of brand? Why has concept of branding became crucial point for marketing staff? 165 more words

Marketing Strategy

Pepsi Fetishism (415)

“Once upon a time in Russia, there really was a carefree, youthful generation that smiled in joy at the summer, the sea, and the sun, and chose Pepsi.” 47 more words


My Lovin (415)

Listen to this track not as an ex-lover’s prideful rejection but as a song about commodity desire.

Contemporary Culture

IoT Nedir?

Internet of Things, Türkçe’ de yaygın kullanımı ise “nesnelerin interneti”. İçinde bulunduğumuz iletişim çağında, artık sadece öznelerin arasında mesafeleri yok eden bir iletişim ağı yok. 408 more words

Digital Marketing

other, another.....symbolically real or really symbolic: A Wounded Dialogue

This is an experimental post with a dialogue with the other and the other is simply nowhere or now-here, or whatever form it takes. A response to what is to be imagined, a collation of comments in argumentativeness with a piece that gets created with the answers coming prior to the questions. 706 more words


Daoist Anti-capitalism

Two very important ideas that Taoists think about the universe: 1) Everything is always and already changing into everything else, and 2) Ideas, thoughts and words do not actually exist. 367 more words

My take on Commodity Fetishism

Marx’s concept of Commodity Fetishism has to be one of the most spectacular mindfucks I’ve ever experienced in my life, simply because of how basic and  everyday commodities (or in basic terms,  865 more words