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Industrial Commodity Prices to Rise in 2017: World Bank

Press release: Oil prices to average $55 per barrel in 2017, rise next year

WASHINGTON, April 26, 2017— The World Bank is forecasting higher prices for industrial commodities, principally energy and metals, in 2017 and next year. 403 more words

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Alberta Court of Appeal upholds Redwater Energy decision

A court decision that gave secured creditors priority over environmental cleanup in the case of bankrupt Redwater Energy Corp. has been upheld by the Alberta Court of Appeal. 438 more words


7 Apr 2017 (TheAge) - 'Stronger for longer' resource prices to buoy government coffers, boost exports

(7 April 2017, The Age, BusinessDay, p18, Brian Robins)

‘Federal and state government coffers will benefit from the “stronger for longer” spike in commodity prices such as coal and iron ore, with exports expected to add as much as $12 billion to the economy than earlier expected this financial year. 61 more words

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21 Mar 2017 (AFR) - Mining recovery reaches the coalface

(21 March 2017, AFR, p27, by Jens Meyer)

‘The mini-boom in commodity prices that has sparked a rally in mining shares is finally starting to show up in more than top-level data, NAB says. 47 more words

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13 Mar 2017 (AFR) - Commodity price revival lifts mining IPO prospects

(13 March 2017, AFR, p15, by Tess Ingram)

‘More mining and exploration companies could list on the ASX in the first quarter of 2017 than in the whole of 2016 as commodity price stability encourages investors to revisit more speculative stocks. 49 more words

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How To Predict Forex?

The major concept in the capitalism world is how to predict the future of world money! Forex is the world money market that always moves. Presently, the foreign exchange market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world. 426 more words

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Benefits of Commodity Markets

The primary objectives of any futures exchange are authentic price discovery and an efficient price risk management. The beneficiaries include those who trade in the commodities being offered in the exchange as well as those who have nothing to do with futures trading. 705 more words