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Putting the Real Story of Energy and the Economy Together

What is the real story of energy and the economy? We hear two predominant energy stories. One is the story economists tell: The economy can grow forever; energy shortages will have no impact on the economy. 1,371 more words

Financial Implications

EURAUD: Inside day in an upward trajectory

In the Eurozone, the Greek issues still weigh as the country is said to run out of cash this week on the 9th of April, when it will also have to face a payment of 450M euros to the IMF. 177 more words


Commodities Are Toast


Mark Twain said, “The past doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme”.  The 1970s and the 2000s had many of the same elements: war in the middle east, commodities boom and market crashes. 356 more words


Mining Contracts: Mozambican Government Should Introduce 'Indexation Clause', says USAID / CTA report

(2015-03-11) The Confederation of Business Associations (CTA) and the US Agency for Development (USAID) have said that mining companies and the Mozambican government should establish “contracts that explicitly depend on future market conditions”, in order to share the risk of volatile commodity prices. 494 more words


“I’m reluctant to criticize the excellent RBA, but they do need to ease policy a bit.”

That´s one line towards the end of this Scott Sumner post. It reminded me that some months ago I had entertained the idea that the RBA was “ 636 more words

Baltic Dry Index and Ship Building Indicate Hard Times Will Last

KEY: Shipping operates with an extra lag since shipowners respond to higher commodity demand. New ship orders more than trebled between 2012 and 2013. But it may not be just supply that is to blame; the WTO has been… 667 more words