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The Common Cold

According to the Director of Health and Wellness Center, Terry Dadez, R.N., the common cold is an illness caused by a virus.

The common cold begins when a virus attaches to the lining of a person’s nose or throat. 665 more words

National News

The Two Ways Cold Weather Makes People Sick

“Colds” are actually viruses that get their name from the seasonal conditions they accompany. As children, we were all told by our parents to bundle up in the winter to avoid catching a cold. 518 more words



I’m sat down the yard, waiting for 3pm to come and I’m pondering why, I’ve got worsening cold, and in previous situations I’d contemplate taking time off sick, my consideration still being… 57 more words


Why Is It Called A Cold?

A few days ago, I’m getting my son into bed. “Hang on,” I say, “you need to put these Lego blocks away.”

“Can’t we play?” he asks, hoping I won’t put him to bed just yet. 830 more words

Getting Sick

De common code

I GODDA CODE. Yes, a cold. Started last Friday night, and it’s marching on, day by day, not improving, not worsening.

I loathe colds with a passion. 375 more words


What can you learn from the common cold?

I’ve been sick this past week.

Sickness is always challenging, spiritually as well as physically, because the central theme of our pride and sense of self is to seek pleasure and happiness while avoiding suffering and pain. 935 more words



Forgive the brevity (cough, wheeeeze, blow nose repeatedly) of this post. And the typos (sneeze, sneeze, cough, blow nose).  And the total lack of any literary merit (cough again, search for new box of tissues, blow nose, blow nose, blow nose). 223 more words