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Now that I’ve given Lindsay her present, I can tell you what it is. I sent my mom some earrings that are flowers pressed in acrylic in a teardrop shape for either her last birthday or Mother’s Day (my memory is failing), so I reordered them for her and told her it was the last present I ever sent Mom. 883 more words

Spicy Food- It's Benefits.

We all ate spicy food all over the world. Not a single day without a spicy food.  Spicy food doesn’t just improve the flavor it might also have health benefits. 555 more words

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Natural Home Remedy For Dry Mouth That Give Remarkable Results

Irregularity is a uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling especially for children. Absence of proper nutrition in a kid’s diet plan is among the significant aspects leading to constipation. 399 more words

Cure for common cold? 'Radical' treatment targets humans, not virus. And it works (so far)

A new cold treatment could thwart the virus by leaving it alone and targeting humans instead. The treatment, detailed Monday in Nature Chemistry, blocks a key protein in people that all cold strains need to replicate, upending the infection that’s long vexed humanity. 261 more words


Drug target for curing the common cold

UK scientists believe they may have found a way to combat the common cold.

Rather than attacking the virus itself, which comes in hundreds of versions, the treatment targets the human host. 462 more words

Dirty Little Secrets of the Common Cold

The end of the school year is nearly upon us. The teachers and students are counting the days and hours remaining, looking forward to the final bell. 886 more words


Researchers Say We Could Be One Step Closer To Cure For The Common Cold

BOSTON (CBS) – Could we be one step closer to a cure for the common cold? Scientists think so.

We often talk about the common cold like it’s one illness caused by one germ, but in reality, a cold can be triggered by almost 200 different viruses. 61 more words