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Amazing Discovery

I have to start off by saying, I have had a cold for about a week now. I have had trouble breathing or getting deep breaths, pain when coughing, sneezing and laughing, sore throat, and irritation. 682 more words

Black Seaweed

After coming home from a weekend camping trip, I was surprised to find that dirt had discoloured the insides of my nostrils. The contents looked something like black seaweed. 678 more words

Flash Fiction

How I Battled My Summertime Head Cold - and Won!

It came as quite a surprise, but I recently caught a nasty head cold. The common cold is something nearly everyone gets from time to time. 1,080 more words

Health Coach

Young Woman Senses Lack Of 'Support' On Shopping Trip

During a reluctant, cold-craving-induced, trip to a local corner shop during the course of the afternoon, a strange feeling is said to have grabbed hold of a certain young woman. 98 more words

Daily News

The nuisance also known as the common cold, and how to avoid it

Let’s face it, the common cold ranks pretty high in the pantheon of annoying illnesses. It is nowhere near as aggressive or life threatening as pancreatic cancer for instance, but it creates just enough discomfort to significantly hinder your productivity and quality of life in the short term. 2,637 more words

Science In Plain English

Cold Comfort

For the second week running, I found myself unable to go sailing last night. This time, however, it wasn’t the weather that kept me ashore but the fairly heavy cold I’m currently nursing. 501 more words


Common cold and influenza symptoms relieved by Acupuncture

Common cold and influenza are infections of upper respiratory tract. In some cases the infection is viral, and antibiotics can not be used as a form of treatment. 30 more words

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