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How to Prevent the Common Cold

It’s that time of year again….Cold and flu season.

With flu season going strong, your immune system is putting up a fight every day. So why not lend your body a helping hand by giving your immune system a little boost? 983 more words



I have had this one recurring dream since I could remember: I’m running for my life — trying to escape my husband with just the clothes on my back and my young son in tow. 920 more words

Carded for Cold Medicine

By Karen S. Pater and Colleen M. Culley

Each year in the United States, there are over a billion cases of the common cold, affecting all members in the household, including adults and children, leading to missed work and school. 540 more words

Current Perspectives

No Antibiotics? But...

When I was a kid, I had the worst time with colds. I got sick as much as any other kid- which was a lot- and either me or my brother would get it first, then give it to the other. 945 more words

Holy Heck Batman

(Not) Smelling the Roses--In Which I'm Better for Being Sick

Dear Lily June,

If we were wise, when we were healthy, we would visit the shrine of the Common Cold, laying bowls of chicken soup and glasses of orange juice and vials of Vaporub at the feet of its altar, begging it to pass us over. 1,498 more words

Health & Body


Imagine you are lying in a comfortable position. There is a warm blanket wrapped around you, and a warm drink easily reachable at your side. You are being waited on hand and foot, only expected to lie there and be comfortable, and you spend days at a time like this. 659 more words


Life lessons from a cold


That’s how many times, give or take a few, that I blew my nose in a 24-hour period from Monday to Tuesday. 609 more words

Common Cold