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Embrace the misery

BEEN A LOUSY week because I’ve had a cold. I loathe colds. When my child bride gets one, which she rarely does, she pretends it’s not there, ignoring it. 138 more words


Darkest before the light

Down, well I’ve got my second summer cold in the same month, saturday and sunday was the worst of it, but the remnants are still slowing me down, i don’t have the energy for a run. 102 more words

Current Health Status

I’m in good (overall) health, but getting over a second round of the common cold. I prefer to let my food be my medicine.


Echinacea: No better than blessings

Back in the sixth century AD, most of Europe was succumbing to the bubonic plague.  One of the first signs of the plague was sneezing, and so as legend has it, Pope Gregory the Great was the first to say “God bless you” when anyone sneezed, presumably as a pre-emptive death rite. 870 more words


Recovery from the common cold

Hey guys!

Last week I had a nasty cold that left me unable to function, this week I’m up and running again!

I thought it would be very useful to give you guys some tips on how to over come the common cold😷 410 more words

College Student

Yep. It's a post about a sandwich.

When you’re ill, the only thing you want is your mum.

Or a care package of tissues, Lemsip and ice-cream… (I’m not sure how useful the ice-cream is, but it helps on some level!) 293 more words


Di kalangan masyarakat awam terapi uap atau di-“nebu” seringkali ditawarkan oleh tenaga kesehatan menjadi solusi untuk anak (khususnya bayi) yang menderita batuk pilek (flu/selesma/common cold… 744 more words

Kesehatan Anak