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Cold in April

No, I’m not talking about the weather, which is another story in itself.

Earlier this week my wife became ill with a cold and has been pretty much miserable. 166 more words

Spicy Food- It's Benefits.

We all ate spicy food all over the world. Not a single day without a spicy food.  Spicy food doesn’t just improve the flavor it might also have health benefits. 555 more words

Health & Medicine

My Spring Break

I have made no progress in this venture. I think the problem is that I don’t seem to care anymore. And I don’t care about not caring either. 284 more words


Ill For The 2nd Time This Year

I have spent the last couple of months learning to be a school bus driver. That’s why it has been a month since my last post. 197 more words


Common Cold: How to Sleep Better While Having A Cold

The thing about common colds is that even though you are indeed sick, you can’t just ask for a day off because of it… 160 more words


Two viruses for the price of one: You can catch two colds at once — but you probably won't feel any worse

Q: Can I get two colds at once?

A: Yes, you can. The phenomenon is known medically as coinfection and occurs when two germs, in this case viruses, cause infections at the same time. 389 more words


Cold remedies! A plague of sniffles.

To step off topic for a moment. I have become the victim of the common cold. I really need to get better as this weekend there is Comic Con in my country… 347 more words

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