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"I Think I'm Getting The Start Of A Cold" Recognised As Separate Virus

The germ responsible for the condition known as “I think I’m getting the start of a cold” has been isolated in the laboratory, researchers in Switzerland announced today. 302 more words

Sometimes Antibiotics are CORRECTLY used to Treat Patients Presenting with Common Cold Symptoms

Some may think that the idea of treating the common cold or other viruses with antibiotics, for their affect on controlling bacteria populations, makes no sense but the human immune system and homeostatic domain rarely present one illness at a time and many illnesses are linked to the increase in load that the immune system can currently cope with. 160 more words



Last Wednesday my throat started hurting. It wasn’t terribly surprising; with all the fires in the region and lack of rain, our air quality is horrid and my allergies are in full swing anyway – I chalked the soreness up to plain ol’ environmental irritation. 144 more words

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Health Check: I feel a bit sick, should I stay home or go to work?

The following general article was published in The Conversation.

Health Check: I feel a bit sick, should I stay home or go to work? 729 more words

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Being depressed is like having a cold

For the past three days, I’ve been fighting a terrible cold.  I also had dinner with a friend (hopefully he doesn’t catch my cold… sorry!) and we talked about a mutual friend who is going through depression.   504 more words

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Cold and Cough – Part 2

My son has had cold for the last one day. He is most uncomfortable when he his lying down to sleep. This is the time our collective emotional energy is spent most. 296 more words

Cold And Cough