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Lack Of Sleep Can Make You Sick, UCSF Study Finds

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – With cold season around the corner, a new study led by a University of California San Francisco sleep researcher says getting a good night sleep, preferably seven hours or more, is crucial to avoid getting sick. 164 more words


Recipe for Autumn Balance

Below is a recipe to bring your body to balance in autumn. These foods will strengthen your immune system as your body becomes more susceptible to illness with the changing weather. 134 more words

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Lack of Sleep Dramatically Raises Your Risk For Getting Sick

If you want to stay healthy, skip sleep at your own risk. According to the new results of a new study, people who slept six hours a night or less were four times as likely to get sick after being exposed to the cold virus compared with those who got more sleep. 377 more words

Transitioning to Autumn

With autumn and the beginning of the yin cycle approaching, the energy of plants is moving down into their roots, helping the body become aware of the energy of the season. 311 more words


Germ Warfare

You never have to wonder when the cold and flu season is around the corner. The pharmaceutical industry will be sure that you are reminded of its arrival. 316 more words


Damn Cold! Kindness and patience are not virtues of a sick man.

Why am I Sad? Why am I Mad? Why do I want to ……….. WELL,

i’ve had this Cold for 3 damn days!

with a nose so Red I could lead Santa’s Sleigh! 92 more words