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Support Your Pet’s Immune System

It’s cold, wet and dreary outside as you thaw in the heat of a crackling fire warming your home. At your feet, your pets are curled up tightly, sleeping and content. 416 more words


I'm Such A Snotty Princess

Hubby brought home a cold last week. As I mentioned several years ago, we generally don’t share viruses because I’m probably a Neanderthal, but this one seems to have targeted the weaker… 575 more words

Diane Henders

How We Learned Chlorine Gas Is Not An Effective Cold Remedy

Depends on how you define “effective” ;)

We know that chlorine is incredibly dangerous if inhaled. It destroys lung tissue, causing people to asphyxiate on their own pulped lungs.

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Which is worse?

I don’t often complain about my health and considering my age I think I am pretty fit so there’s not much to complain about, which is a good thing. 626 more words


A brief conversation about a cold

So I caught a cold. I do find myself thinking – we can send people into outer space, but we can’t cure the common cold. 248 more words


Man Flu and Female Hormones

Man Flu exists.  Man flu isn’t a myth.  I know because I am suffering from it right now.  Ask any mature woman and she will be able to reel off the symptoms of man flu in a trice, including the grumpy misery.  301 more words


Sunday Soup: A Recipe to Recover From the Common Cold

I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat and although I slept my 8 hours, I felt exhausted as if I had partied all night and gotten home at day break.  577 more words

Chicken Soup