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"If I were King in America" attends a private/public NH Education Summit that refuses attendance to a pre-approved teacher

John Kasich, the “moderate” candidate for president, hates teachers so much that he attended an Education Summit in New Hampshire that refused attendance to a pre-approved teacher who had a valid ticket. 252 more words


Save Schools: Fire the savage editor who stooges for corporate education reform.

The days of the Tribune as an actual daily newspaper are over. The Trib is a mega-corporate propaganda machine that kills trees to print hatred, and it imitates an actual American newspaper as defined by respected schools of journalism. 604 more words


from a loyal teachers union member - Dear NEA Retired: HOW DARE YOU!

Today, August 17, I received the new Summer 2015 issue of neaTODAY: for NEA-Retired Members with the following cover article:

NO PLANS TO RETIRE! ~ 87-year-old school counselor’s high-touch, personal approach boosts student success.

556 more words

Back-to-School Reading for Parents: How and why to legally/illegally refuse/opt-out from mandated high stakes tests

A deflated football, Megyn Kelly’s period, Benghazi, and that thing on the top of Donald Trump’s head – distractors all.

As our children continue to be tormented by meaningless, mandated high stakes tests that subvert education tax funds to private corporations as profits, we are being distracted. 149 more words


The Hunger Games, Race to the Top, ECAA Bells & Whistles

Peggy Robertson and the leaders of United Opt Out National realize the political gambit, a minor exchange of a small compensation to gain full advantage, intended to make compromise appear reasonable while pushing forward the ultimate goal of dismantling public education for all. 245 more words


Who supports public schools for all? Who opposes high stakes testing and corporate education reform?

Which candidate and party to vote for? Who supports public schools for all? Who opposes high stakes testing and corporate education reform? Who supports raising the minimum wage? 678 more words


Christie with the teacher and the baseball player: Two Photos

Chris Christie for President?

How does he behave with a teacher?

How does he behave with a baseball player?

A picture is worth a thousand words. 257 more words