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Teachers: Who's on your side? Where can you go for people dedicated to truth-telling for democracy?

There are times when a teacher needs to have the facts, simple or complex. For complex information, very often there are multiple facets that need to be examined from different points of view. 667 more words



Refuse to be a willing victim.

There is a point where teachers themselves must stop arguing about some finely worded minutia in their evaluations. The argument had been framed beforehand by people who want career educators fired in order to hire cheaper labor. 461 more words


Bad tests by any other name are bad tests. Enough is enough.

Several governors now find it to their political advantage to oppose Common Core State Standards, but they want to continue awarding the contracts for hundreds of millions of education tax dollars to their campaign donors who can manufacture… 182 more words


A billionaire walks into a bar...

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia publicly announced that NEA would not take money from Billionaire Bill Gates and his foundation. Then the NEA, with her consent, took money from Gates. 448 more words


Memorial Day: public schools, standardized tests, corporate profits and American values

On Memorial Day those who sacrificed their lives for our country are honored for their sacrifices and their shared belief in American values.


We did not sacrifice our lives for corporate profiteers and politicians who declare non-college ready children as failures. 293 more words


Opt-Out Movement and Teachers: Opportunity Lost?

When Lily Eskelsen Garcia (NEA) and Randi Weingarten (AFT) both turn their backs on parents who oppose the corporate education scam of mandated high stakes testing, it is time to question why they are doing this. 630 more words


NPE Lessons LIVE and the Raw Truth: What do we need to do?

Viewing the LIVE coverage of the Network for Public Education Conference is an enlightening experience to say the least. The vast differences of experiences from teacher to teacher, age category to age category and location to location exposes an overview of the corporate education reform plan to treat teachers and teaching as mechanisms to be cheaply reproduced. 235 more words