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The Common Core and How to Teach

From the Illinois Board of Education websiteThe Common Core determines what educators should teach, not how they should teach. Teachers will continue to have the freedom to tailor lesson plans to the individual needs of their students. 422 more words


Trump distracts to make Jeb's horrific record on education, etc. appear "normal"

Donald Trump serves a vital role for the corporate attacks against public services, especially public education, elderly and disabled people, children with special needs, earned and paid-for pensions, and other sane purposes served by a civilized society. 580 more words


A Challenge for Campbell Brown's 74: Investigate This Fresh, NOLA Charter School Fraud

Privileged Louisiana native and notably-telegenic former CNN anchor Campbell Brown has started a new venture, which she calls The Seventy Four (for the 74 million children in the US under 18 years old). 1,748 more words


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74 Shades of Grey: Brown, Rhee and Johnson.

A Great American Speech-Lou Gehrig's Farewell: July 4, 1939

Baseball is America’s sport, but I do not have a baseball “favorite team”.
My favorite team is whoever is playing the New York Yankees.
I hope that team wins…and wins big. 746 more words


Teachers: Who's on your side? Where can you go for people dedicated to truth-telling for democracy?

There are times when a teacher needs to have the facts, simple or complex. For complex information, very often there are multiple facets that need to be examined from different points of view. 667 more words



Refuse to be a willing victim.

There is a point where teachers themselves must stop arguing about some finely worded minutia in their evaluations. The argument had been framed beforehand by people who want career educators fired in order to hire cheaper labor. 461 more words


Bad tests by any other name are bad tests. Enough is enough.

Several governors now find it to their political advantage to oppose Common Core State Standards, but they want to continue awarding the contracts for hundreds of millions of education tax dollars to their campaign donors who can manufacture… 182 more words