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Tahun Mafhum

Menarik bahwa kini penggunaan CE dan BCE untuk menggantikaan AD dan BC kian ramai. CE yang merupakan singkatan Common Era, atau Tahun Umum, digunakan untuk menggantikan Anno Domini, istilah Medieval Latin yang bahasa Inggrisnya adalah “In the year of the/our Lord” atau “Pada masa Tu(h)an kami.” 367 more words

Scientists recreate the past to predict rising sea level

By Hannah Lazo 

WASHINGTON, D.C.–What can we learn from an ancient organism preserved in the coastal salt marshes of North Carolina? Plenty, according to Benjamin Horton, a researcher at Rutgers University who’s looking at the distant past to make sense of the current increases in global sea levels. 559 more words

AAAS Conference


The title of this post could just as easily be “How We Are Lied To”.   For instance, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  However, I have no problem with people being conspiracy theorists.  744 more words

Christ versus the Common Era

This semester at uni I’m taking two Classics & Ancient History units and, a few lectures in, I noticed something odd: one of my lecturers uses the traditional ‘BC – AD’ dating system while the other uses the modern, secularized ‘BCE – CE’. 528 more words