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The title of this post could just as easily be “How We Are Lied To”.   For instance, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  However, I have no problem with people being conspiracy theorists.  744 more words

Christ versus the Common Era

This semester at uni I’m taking two Classics & Ancient History units and, a few lectures in, I noticed something odd: one of my lecturers uses the traditional ‘BC – AD’ dating system while the other uses the modern, secularized ‘BCE – CE’. 528 more words

A Favor.

Someone, please, do me a favour? If it is at all possible would you please if you could possibly when you get the chance? If the opportunity was to at some point arise when the cows come home and the sheep come in and the pigs ears are fresh, when the charger becomes obsolete eventually after the common era, shortly before oil runs out and our gas reserves are empty in a near future in some close knit world. 306 more words




The sunflower is a plant native to the New World and common throughout the US. Its stem can grow up to 10 ft (3 m) tall, and its flower head, commonly having yellow rays, can reach 1 ft (30 cm) in diameter. 55 more words

Health And Environment

boundless - the whole world redeeming: they bind my poor soul

On 31 July 1838 on the Island of Jamaica, a man named William Knibbs, gathered 10,000 slaves for a great praise gathering. They were celebrating the New…

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Adorn Yourself

Posts are long overdue so I shall have a slew of new ones coming up starting now. For a return to fashion, this post will feature a jewelry spotlight. 232 more words


I forgot!

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Well, I almost forgot to write my weekly post. My excuse is that Monday is a public holiday and this upset my schedule. 1,161 more words