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To Africa, with Love 

A long time ago I had a friend from Senegal who used to admonish me for telling kids at camp to finish their food because “there are starving kids in Africa”. 405 more words

Maybe we all really can get along

This Danish television program takes people who fit in different boxes ethnicity, belief and social and economic class, and shows the commonalities that exist across these divisions.   143 more words

The New Normal

Dear Country Mine

More than black

Beyond white

Rainbow blast

All colors bright

Wide human range

Of every variety

None deemed strange

Loving mixed society

Our global promise… 92 more words


Just Mercy - Book Review

Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption hammers away at its main theme from the first to the last page: courtroom justice in America, contrary to common perception, is not readily attainable if you are poor. 1,095 more words


A Love Protest: The Donald's Presidency

My doubt and questioning is not the point of this blog post. However, for sensibility’s sake, I make my disclaimer: I did not support Donald Trump to become President. 1,162 more words

Treating Yourself with Kindness: On Self-Compassion

For several decades, developing self-esteem in children and adults has been the holy grail of fostering healthy attitudes towards the self. Yet, starting in the early 1990s, criticism arose, pointing towards the absence of positive consequences of having high self-esteem, and highlighting several negative consequences, such as dismissing negative feedback or taking less responsibility for harmful actions. 606 more words

Positive Psychology Insights

Rats & Gypsies

New York is something, taken with a broken heart,
she whispers.
Falsetto whistle in her gullet.
Medals in her tobacco teeth.
Fingernails of lost boys etched on her face. 355 more words

The Human Condition