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Fellow Travelers

In the summer of 1989 – a few weeks after the Chinese government cracked down on protesters in Tiananmen Square and a few months before the East German government unexpectedly began cutting holes in the Berlin Wall – I boarded a flight for West Germany and met a man from Syria. 250 more words

Lines for the Widow

I seldom know the lines for the widow,
You see, I am a poet,
I see death every night,
I die a little, others die in conclusion, 325 more words

The Human Condition

North of Naught

And the trees and its sparrows,
And the feminists and the riots,
And the books and its fuse,
And the pope and his flask,
And the king and his daughters, 76 more words

The Human Condition

Deliver Us From Evil

There’s a question that’s been floating around my brain for quite some time, and that is, can we create “good humans” without religion’s fear of a haunting afterlife or using a penal system to punish “bad” behavior by locking people away.   1,558 more words

Common Humanity

Moving Insanity

We’re having one of those times. You know, when we look at 20+ places to find a temporary living situation, and the paperwork to Canada keeps getting lost in the mail, and our jobs are the most stressful they’ve been, well, ever, and the people that say they want our furniture continually renege, and we’re throwing away so much stuff it’s like having our life histories stripped away. 392 more words

Just Sounding Off In General

The quiet of the mountains

With all that’s going on in national politics and world news, it’s a welcome break to spend some time in the quiet of the winter mountains. 101 more words