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I remember her name. I remember she was kind and that I loved her. I remember where she lived.

I do not remember what she looked like, or that she had a son. 1,053 more words

Guerilla Compassion

This morning I was reading comments on articles and my heart sank. I know the internet and social media have allowed for hateful and hurtful voices to speak out. 636 more words

The Drum Major

Tomorrow we will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Many of us will make time to participate in A Day of Service to honor the man, his life and his death. 852 more words


In her beautiful article for the magazine LIFE AS A HUMAN, Lakota writer Mary Black Bonnet explains,

“For Lakotas one of our common mantras is “Mitakuye Oyasin” — we are all related. 801 more words

Last I heard, he had found Jesus

Hank went to see our heavenly father
the day I lost my power to sleep thru the night,
To suffer long as a lad who wet the bed nightly, 923 more words

The Human Condition

His Highness the Aga Khan's 2015 Speeches in the UK and USA Tell Marvellous Stories About the Al-Azhar Park and Convey a Profound Message of Our Common Humanity

Prepared and compiled by Abdulmalik Merchant
(Publisher-Editor, http://www.simergphotos.com and http://www.simerg.com)

Please click on the following NASA earth night time image for enlargement

On either side of His Highness the Aga Khan’s thumbnail images, NASA night time photos of the earth. 1,919 more words

His Highness The Aga Khan