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Healing The World

I am always mindful of snippets of thoughts and words, ideas, beliefs that ignites something in me that may grow to become a blog post. This week it was a term I heard on NPR in a segment I was barely paying attention to. 1,129 more words


“But there is another kind of listening, a listening that we neglect at our own peril, that is not about getting some particular place, but simply about witnessing another human being. 622 more words

The Absolute Importance of Luck

It must have been late 1941 or early 1942. Jews were required to wear the Star of David and to obey a 6 p.m. curfew. I had gone to play with a Christian friend and had stayed too late. 155 more words


A Gift of the Highest Nature

We are all familiar with asking a friend to “save a spot” for us, or requesting someone to “hold a space” for us. But what about holding interpersonal, emotional spaces and spots for others? 623 more words

Why every relationship is an assignment (even if we'd rather it wasn't)

Every relationship is an assignment.

It’s a message I’ve been receiving loud and clear for a while now. That everyone who you meet (or marry or give birth to) – whether or not you like them – has something to teach you. 792 more words

Every Single Day

This is a different kind of a post. It’s about something I think about every single day. Forty or so years ago I traveled to India. 1,188 more words

Cut Off: The artist IMPREINT and perceptions of homelessness

The cardboard sign sitting outside of a red telephone box looked curiously lonely.  Where was it’s owner?  I searched for him for a few moments, looking for his outline inside the box. 

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Nicci Attfield