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Stories Told

Storytelling is an ancient art. Long before there were books, there were bards who sang songs and told stories. A living, mobile entertainment and news source. 912 more words


The Divine Dilemma
Lua Hadar, May 15, 2016

I’ve become fascinated with Humanity’s prehistoric past. Where did we come from, how did we survive, how did we get to today? 840 more words


Woman in a Bottle

For every third woman I broke,
I got mine too, from a powerful fourth.

My terrible reward, unrushed and textbook.
This fourth woman cooked up deadly spirits, 245 more words

The Human Condition

Honoring Mothers Globally

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of our Mothers. Be grateful if you still have yours, give thanks to those who’ve past, and honor to all our Mothers all over the world.  105 more words

Inspiration And Motivation

Easy Death

Hungry for the reward of private tears,
I cannot be broken any further,
Trust me I tried.
My wrinkled soul would not fit an open wrist. 11 more words

The Human Condition

Little Black Boys

I caress the battle scars of your open city,
Moping faces turn concrete,
People nursing little disgusts,
Little sicknesses, little envies.
People forcing God to bend this way, 238 more words

The Human Condition

Self-Compassion (Part 1: What It Is)

This week is the first post of a short, two-part series on self-compassion. In this starting post I will introduce the term and explain what it is. 652 more words

Authentic Living