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Moving Insanity

We’re having one of those times. You know, when we look at 20+ places to find a temporary living situation, and the paperwork to Canada keeps getting lost in the mail, and our jobs are the most stressful they’ve been, well, ever, and the people that say they want our furniture continually renege, and we’re throwing away so much stuff it’s like having our life histories stripped away. 392 more words

Just Sounding Off In General

The quiet of the mountains

With all that’s going on in national politics and world news, it’s a welcome break to spend some time in the quiet of the winter mountains. 101 more words

To Africa, with Love 

A long time ago I had a friend from Senegal who used to admonish me for telling kids at camp to finish their food because “there are starving kids in Africa”. 405 more words

Maybe we all really can get along

This Danish television program takes people who fit in different boxes ethnicity, belief and social and economic class, and shows the commonalities that exist across these divisions.   143 more words

The New Normal

Dear Country Mine

More than black

Beyond white

Rainbow blast

All colors bright

Wide human range

Of every variety

None deemed strange

Loving mixed society

Our global promise… 92 more words

American Society

..... Enough 

When I was 14 years old, I ran away and lived on the streets in Atlanta, Georgia for several weeks with my best friend at time. 761 more words

Common Humanity