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Seconds pass in, seemingly pointless, monotony
One inexperience, to be followed, by the next
Unknowable, inexplicable in its complexity
Beyond challenge, reason or justification.

There is no appeal to time… 153 more words

Fleurs du Mal

They with baptismals and living mothers,
For whom the bells toll,
At whom crickets of the veldt titter,
Even the swollen savage, fat in the Saharan sun, 360 more words

The Human Condition

PoCo Theory: The Theorization of Fiction

Invited by France’s foreign ministry to appear as guest of honor at the Institut Francais’s cultural event La Nuit des Idées , French journalist Caroline Broue… 1,715 more words

The Human Condition

My Reflections on Parental Leave

Two weeks ago I returned to work after spending the last 12 weeks on parental leave. Since 2005, this was the longest period of time I had spent without being in school or at work, so I decided to reflect on the experience to see what I learnt during this unique period of my life. 499 more words


For richer and for poorer

We are not only living for ourselves.

That is what I often think throughout my days, my activities, throughout my day-to-day business. It is the background noise in my head, buzzing through my thoughts, my hopes, dreams and wishes. 1,137 more words

Bunlar Gayet Normal

Çok sevdiğim bir söz var. Ateşlisinden bir söz. Geçen yıl yaz aylarında önüme düştü. Whatsapp’tan, sevdiğim bir arkadaşımdan. Telefonumda durur, ara ara bakar, hatırlarım. İlk kimin ağzından dökülmüş, bilmiyorum. 1,059 more words


Self compassion

Following my experiences of severe depression, anxiety and low self-worth, when a clinical psychologist introduced me to the concepts of self compassion and common humanity, it was truly life-changing. 827 more words