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Am I Responsible for My Spouse's Debts in a Second Marriage?

Dartmouth Massachusetts Wills & Trusts Lawyer Answers Critical Question: Is my new spouse responsible for my debts in a second marriage?

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Pennsylvania Common Law Marriage

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Beginning in early 2005, marriage under the common law in Pennsylvania was abolished prospectively, and all marrying couples must marry under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Domestic Relations Code by obtaining a marriage license from their county of residence. 1,556 more words


Things to Know about Common Law Marriage

Common law marriage is an ancient tradition that has never been legally repudiated by federal law in the United States. Consequently it has been left up to the states to decide if they will grant legal recognition to such unions, and as of 2016 15 of them plus the District of Columbia still do. 549 more words


What is a Massachusetts Cohabitation Agreement?

Massachusetts law does not recognize common law marriage. So when couples who have been living together (or cohabiting) decide to break up or when one suddenly dies, there is no “rule book” that controls how property is split up between them. 754 more words


Living Together: How Can I Protect My Property Rights?

Massachusetts does not recognize “common law” marriage. Even if you’ve lived together for 7 years, Massachusetts doesn’t recognize the doctrine. Since there’s no common law marriage, when couples who have been living together break-up there are no real rules about how to split up their property. 576 more words

Living Together/Cohabiting

What Do you Require? #GIRLPOWER

One of the things I did differently with my fiance’ that I didn’t really do with previous relationships is set some requirements. I hate dating rules because everyone’s happily ever after works differently. 783 more words