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Ehud and the deadly serious Marriage Manifesto

Humour me a little, if you wouldn’t mind!I’ve been standing up for marriage, in a world that increasingly says marriage is no longer essential to family life, for nearly twenty years now. 928 more words


Legal benefits to being married

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) –¬†Virginia is for Lovers and there’s a reason why! Getting married in Virginia comes with legal benefits. Attorney Tom Fitzgerald from Kalfus & Nachman joined us with some advice on the subject. 31 more words

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Giving cohabiting couples the same rights as married couples will undermine men's commitment

On the face of it, there’s an obvious injustice. A couple can live together for many years, share a life together, build a family together. But when the couple split up, one person can take all of the assets with him or her. 1,020 more words


Should cohabiting couples have similar rights as married couples? The case for.

After fifteen years together, David and Anne split up. More to the point, David walked out on Anne and moved in with another woman. Anne and their two young children, aged 9 and 10, are still living in the family home. 805 more words

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the roof is meadow of moss
a common law marriage
of structure and elements


A Primer on Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma

Most people hold a formal ceremony to establish their marriage. Married couples get a license and formally record their ceremonial marriage at the courthouse. Oklahoma is among a handful of states that still recognize non-ceremonial marriages, also called ‚Äúcommon-law” marriages. 397 more words


Rotting Uterus

If you read my blog posts a burning question you may have is “if you live in a tiny apartment, aren’t legally married, have a ton of debt, and work all the time, why did you decide to have kids?” Great question! 823 more words