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Does California Recognize Common Law Marriage?

There’s a popular misconception that if you live with your partner for a long time, you’re married through a “common law marriage” with the same rights and responsibilities of legally married couples. 17 more words


Love, But Not Marriage: A Short Story

It was July 1st, 1989, and Johnny was at Skaha Lake. The beach was a hot spot for single people in Penticton, and like a lot of other young men his age, Johnny went there to meet women. 2,043 more words

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Blog: Do you know someone living an urban myth? Warn them!

“We’ve lived together for ten years so my partner will inherit my estate…”


“Common Law Marriage” in England is a MYTH – there is no such thing under English law. 246 more words


Common Law Marriage: How do I know if I have one?

In Texas, there are two ways to get married, and two ways to get unmarried. You can be ceremonially married or common law married. To get unmarried – regardless of how you got married – you need a divorce or death. 412 more words

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End of Her Rope - Fragment #67

“This is ridiculous,” she mutters out loud, but to herself, as she closes the apartment door behind her. Setting down her purse and lightweight overcoat on the hallway chair next to the console table, she bends awkwardly, the belt of her work skirt cutting into her stomach, to pick up articles of his clothing scattered down the hallway and into the living room like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of bread crumbs.

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Marriage and the Culture of Heaven

In the same way that Heaven demonstrates the other-centredness of love, it’s not a leap to see this at work in functional relationships. Lovers are not mercenary when they love their mate; it’s only when they think about what’s in it for them that they become so, and at that instant they cease to love in practical fact. 291 more words


Sunday Adventure - Fragment #66

“It’s going to snow,” she remarked, in response to Daniel’s suggestion that they go tobogganing after breakfast. The sky filling the window behind his head was gunmetal grey.

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