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Programming Language Popularity - Part Twelve

I made a number of Google searches of the forms below and summed the results:

"implemented in <lang>"
"written in <lang>"
"developed in <lang>"
"programmed in <lang>"
… 123 more words

CLOS for Clojure?

Does there exist anything like CLOS (Common Lisp Object System) for Clojure?

Then again, if we all listened when somebody said “don’t do this, it’s dumb”, Steve Russell might have listened to John McCarthy and never hand-compiled his eval, and we might never have had Lisp on a computer at all. 291 more words


Simple expression evaluator comparison between Haskell, Rust, and Common Lisp

Consider a simple expression language that consists only of the four basic mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The idea of this exercise is to implement an evaluator for such a language in Haskell, and then compare it with literal translations (as far as possible) into Rust and Common Lisp. 697 more words

Common Lisp

Playtime with Lisp!

Since it has been a while that I have updated my blog, I thought of resurrecting it (in a manner of speaking) by playing around with some Common Lisp. 654 more words

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