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Common Lisp accessors

The Common Lisp setf function is deceptively humble looking. At the start I didn’t think much of it – except that it looked eccentric compared to the assignment syntax from other languages – but recently I’ve found out how powerful it is, though not quite as convenient as I would hope. 619 more words


Problem 11

I’m using problems in The Advent of Code 2016 to motivate my study of Common Lisp though, sadly, I’ve not been devoting time to it recently. 659 more words


Holy $#!* THAT's a Lisp macro!

Still struggling to understand what’s so special about Lisp, I came across a post linked on lobste.rs, innocuously titled “Hash Table Syntax in Common Lisp… 425 more words


Solutions to Chapter 2 exercises, ANSI Common Lisp (2nd Edition)

Problem 1

;; (+ (- 5 1) (+ 3 7)) => (+ 4 (+ 3 7)) => (+ 4 10) => 14

;; (list 1 (+ 2 3)) => (list 1 5) => (1 5) 319 more words

Common Lisp Hunchentoot Quicklisp on Ubuntu Server @ Rackspace VM

So after six years I finally get round to revisiting this subject, a lot has changed over the years, but not much either, the basics are still the same. 1,842 more words


cl-SDL2 Creating a Window Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple window using cl-sdl2 and common lisp. This window will then act as a base that you will add to in later tutorials.  864 more words


Interop mini-series - Calling C and C++ Callbacks from Common Lisp (Part 2c)

This post picks up on the first part of this interop mini-series (Calling C and C++ from Common Lisp). I recommend checking out that post first in order to make sense of this one. 1,222 more words