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MuSh: Multi-Shebang Scripting

MuSh is a super simple meta-scripting language for parsing multiple shebang statements that invoke different interpretors. Why would you want to do this? I have no idea. 459 more words

Computer Science

A study of quasi-stationary: the strange and fascinating case of the stolen prizes...

In science, approximation can refer to using a simpler process or model when the correct model is difficult to use. An approximate model is used to make calculations easier.

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怎么为Emacs安装Common Lisp环境(SLIME+SBCL+Quicklisp)

SLIME – SLIME是一个用于Common Lisp开发的模式。 (https://common-lisp.net/project/slime/)

SBCL – Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL)是一个高性能的Common Lisp编译器。(http://www.sbcl.org/)

Quicklisp – Quicklisp是一个用于Common Lisp的库管理器。(https://www.quicklisp.org/beta/)

这篇文章简单指导如何通过SLIME,SBCL和Quicklisp来在Emacs里搭建一个Common Lisp的环境。 192 more words


How to install SLIME+SBCL+Quicklisp into Emacs

SLIME – SLIME is a Emacs mode for Common Lisp development. Inspired by existing systems such Emacs Lisp and ILISP, we are working to create an environment for hacking Common Lisp in. 596 more words


Socket programming in Common Lisp: how to use usocket's with-* macros

So I have tried my hands at socket programming in Common Lisp lately, using the (widely used) usocket library.

After getting past the initial difficulties of learning how to use the library’s API (thanks to various tutorials & guides, especially… 401 more words


A general guide to getting started with CL-SDL2 and CL-OPENGL.

Hi everyone, this is my first official blog post, so go easy on me :)

I’ve found that resources on getting started with SDL and OpenGL in common lisp to be lacking, beyond some basic examples on the… 815 more words