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Socket programming in Common Lisp: how to use usocket's with-* macros

So I have tried my hands at socket programming in Common Lisp lately, using the (widely used) usocket library.

After getting past the initial difficulties of learning how to use the library’s API (thanks to various tutorials & guides, especially… 401 more words


A general guide to getting started with CL-SDL2 and CL-OPENGL.

Hi everyone, this is my first official blog post, so go easy on me :)

I’ve found that resources on getting started with SDL and OpenGL in common lisp to be lacking, beyond some basic examples on the… 815 more words

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Travel, Lisp, etc.

I’m currently visiting with family in the US, will be heading back to home in a few days. The talk in Madison that prompted this trip went fairly well, and I’ve spent the last several days catching up with family and friends – quite nice overall, and beautiful springtime weather! 214 more words

Lispvirt Announcements.

Hi everybody!

I’d like to announce the Lispvirt project: a Common Lisp bindings for Libvirt.

We are so happy because Lispvirt was accepted as an official project of… 153 more words


Unscientific and unreliable toy benchmark game: Common Lisp, Racket, Python, C, and Fibonacci numbers

Warning: take the results in this blog post with a grain of salt.

So I have been playing with Common Lisp and type declarations for a while now. 555 more words


Resources on Common Lisp type declarations

In my last post on Common Lisp, I mentioned how I learned that Common Lisp has a gradual/optional typing. Indeed, that was one of the many reasons that piqued me interested in the language. 186 more words