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cl-SDL2 Loading Images Tutorial

This Tutorial will continue on from cl-SDL2 Creating a Window Tutorial using code you wrote in the previous tutorial. Because of this if you have not completed the first tutorial I recommend that you do so now. 645 more words


More CL libs on Github

Recently I made available some GP code I had in Common Lisp (see previous post). Today I also put on my github account the library I did for Ant Colony Optimzation ( 49 more words


GP code on Github

Some time ago I got an email asking for the code of one of my old papers. Unfortunately the code was lost. But that reminded me that I still had some other code that could actually be made available. 175 more words


A PigLatin translator in Common Lisp (and contrasting it with the Racket version)

As my curiosity had been piqued by the PigLatin exercise in Racket, I decided to basically translate that code into Common Lisp. The result was interesting to say the least. 798 more words

A run-in with the garbage men

When you write and run a computer program you are processing data. You load data, create more data, process it and so on. All this data takes up memory on your computer. 587 more words


Hoyte's Line Number closure in a few choice languages

Douglas Hoyte, in his excellent (if a bit fanatical) book, “Let over Lambda” gives a simple and pithy example to demonstrate the concept of closures – little anonymous functions that can capture variables in the environment in which the closure was created. 955 more words


Land of Lisp in Japan

Didn’t expect to run into this little guy in Japan.

What a pleasant surprise. The entire book has been translated into Japanese as well (yes, including all the comics in it).