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I was casting about for a package management system and it seemed that quicklisp and asdf were fairly popular (and came prepackaged with Steel Bank Common Lisp). 109 more words

Common Lisp


Reading through Let over Lambda I ran into several instances where the author showed the disassembly of a bit of Lisp code. This struck me as awesome for several reasons and I wanted to do it myself. 301 more words

Common Lisp

Beginning Common Lisp

Looking to use a language of the Lisp family for a project and having used and liked Racket, I looked into Scheme. Scheme confused me completely: from a variety of sources I gathered that one Scheme was pretty much incompatible with another, and different Schemes offered different facilities.   458 more words

Common Lisp

Is Common Lisp suitable for simple numerical computations?

Main stream imperative programming languages like C/C++ and Fortran are most of the time the preferred choice for number crunching applications. Moving to more evolved languages in the last year, I want to evaluate how good they are for that task. 789 more words


Mandelbrot: SETL & Lisp

SETL is a general-purpose programming language developed by Jack Schwartz back in the late 1960s. The language is multiparadigm – both Procedural (containing subroutines and control structures like if statements) and Set Theoretical. 397 more words

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A Solution to the Five Weekends Problem in Common Lisp

I’ve been enjoying playing around with Rosetta Code problems lately. Here’s a solution I posted last week for the Five Weekends problem in Common Lisp: 190 more words


Passphrase Generation Revisited

One of my hobbies is to try out scripts in multiple programming languages, so I found myself dusting off the passphrase generation script. Mostly it’s an exercise in figuring out how languages do things differently. 519 more words