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Lisp Adventures 3: Making Our Own McCLIM Application

In this video I go through the process of making something a little closer to a real-world application using McCLIM. More particularly, I use the text editor gadget to put together a simple, tab-enabled text editor.

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cl-SDL2 Rendering tutorial

With this next tutorial we are going to stop using surfaces to display our images and begin using sdl2’s renderer. This means that we will have to make some some significant changes to our code but nothing that is too difficult. 376 more words


Lisp Adventures 1: Jeremiah Learns McCLIM

In which I begin making videos of myself playing around with programming languages for YouTube…

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cl-SDL2 Using the keyboard to swap images tutorial

In the previous tutorial you learned how to close the window using the esc key on your keyboard. this time we will do something a little more interesting by swapping two images using the arrow keys and then temporarily swapping the image while a key is pressed down. 892 more words


cl-SDL2 scaling an image tutorial

In the last tutorial we displayed an image in the window that we created. Depending on the size of the image that was used, it may have been either too big or too small for the window. 512 more words


AI, Lisp and Why Languages Die

In my exploration of the things arcane and mythical, I stumbled upon a forgotten book by Peter Norvig – Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp. 671 more words