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Common Mistakes Most Writer’s Make - Part 3

Lack of Empathy for Your Protagonist

As Enchanted author Alethea Kontis describes, “writing is all about manipulating your reader. When writing love scenes, you are seducing your reader. 148 more words

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes Most Writers Make - Part 2

The Art of Show, Not Tell

“The art of writing lies in a writer’s ability to show their readers the world and people they’ve created. Anyone could tell you the cat walked down the street, but it takes a writer to put you in the cat’s skin, or walking alongside of it, experiencing the heat of the pavement or the stickiness of the summer air. 480 more words

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes Most Writers Make - Part 1

1) There/Their/They’re

  • “There” means “in or at a place/point”
  • “Their” is possessive
  • “They’re” is a contraction of “they are”

2) Its/It’s

  • “Its” is possessive
  • “It’s” is a contraction of “it is”
  • 130 more words
Common Mistakes

My Critters List of the 5 Most Common Weaknesses in Fiction

Ever since I became serious as a freelance editor/proofreader and a participant on Critters.org, the oldest online writer’s critique group, I have encountered the same weakness in fiction over and over again. 2,470 more words


Los Errores en Spanglish que Todos Cometemos

Todos lo hacemos. Intentamos crear palabras nuevas porque en nuestro idioma suena bien, no? Esto, la verdad, es peligroso porque al final acabas hablando Spanglish, y no English. 320 more words


Learning a language can be boring as hell, but it can also be simply hilarious.  The difference between one letter can lead to some fantastic sentences.  335 more words


Common Mistakes: “Challenging”

“I am a qualified candidate with a challenging personality.” This kind of phrasing appears on resumes and in cover letters from ESL writers fairly often. Yet, the word “challenging” does not express the intended meaning in this context — it actually suggests a negative impression of your character. 717 more words

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