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4 Common Writing Tips You Should Ignore

If you’re anything like me and follow a lot of writing blogs (as you should) you’ll read a lot of great advice from established writers, publishers and the like. 1,214 more words


Her Resolve

She’s bright in her resolve to mend their future,

With strength of will, she’ll make them a new day —

But she can’t fix the part of him that’s broken: 8 more words

Original Poems

What's addressable market anyways?

An important part of a pitch is describing your market. Audience needs to know how big of a problem you are solving; how common it is, and to what extent of population it is appealing. 492 more words


What should you do with a toxic collaborator?

When I wrote Do you have a toxic collaborator? back in January this year, I promised a follow-up post about what to do if you found you… 1,035 more words

Being Strategic

Favourite Mistakes

Foreigners can have a hard time in China, and those brave enough to tackle the language and speak out when they are only 50% sure of what they are saying have the best stories to tell. 779 more words


Foreigner Faux Fas: Too Many Words (1)

As you begin learning a new language, the most common problem you may encounter is the temptation to translate directly from your mother tongue, and end up saying things the same way essentially, just using different words. 765 more words


Even my 7 year old knows how to "game" the system

My daughter, who is 7, is encouraged by her school to read *a lot*.

She has a yellow reading record book where she records all the occasions that she reads, at school and at home, and each Friday her teacher has a look and awards bronze, silver and gold stars depending on how many times she has read. 271 more words