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Buy just to buy

One of the biggest mistake, I´ve had this problem a lot, I don´t have an idea of what I want and need and just buy stuff without thinking if I really need it and if I really like it. 372 more words

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Common Skincare Mistakes

 1. Excessive washing. 

The rule of thumb is to wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and another time before heading to bed at night, but this is a generalization of what you should be doing. 653 more words



If you’re currently in the process of learning English you’re struggling to get to grips with our grammar, don’t take it to heart. Here are  2,689 more words


Cruising for the Clueless

After five years of working on-board a cruise ship, and another five months of working logistics for multiple cruise lines, I think I can finally pin point some of the most common mistakes or oversights people make when travelling by cruise ship. 803 more words


Come or go?

Chinese has words corresponding to “come” (來) and “go” (去), but the way they’re used is a little different from English. For this reason, using the English words correctly can be a challenge for Chinese speakers. 439 more words

Common Mistakes

How do you use a colon?

It looks a lot like the semicolon, but the meaning and usage of the colon are different. The colon expresses a clear connection between the parts of the sentence in which it is used: the second clause gives more information about the topic of the first. 1,105 more words

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You've Heard This A Lot, But...

It’s pouring here! And I drew back the curtains as much as I could to see the rain, fixed myself a hot cuppa tea and pulled the blanket over my knees to sit and enjoy the evening. 360 more words

Common Mistakes