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How not to write SQL queries in C#

Everyday , I see questions on Stack Overflow with string concatenation to form SQL queries. Not only this approach is difficult to debug, it is prone to… 337 more words

Common Mistakes

String comparison mistakes in C#

I have seen lots of questions on Stack Overflow where String.Compare  is used to compare strings if one needs case insensitive comparison. I have even seen production code using the same method.   184 more words

Common Mistakes

Sh*t Hits the Fan: Success and Failure in Fiction

In fiction, things have to go wrong. This is how tension is created, how the stakes rise, and how the danger becomes real. =When used right, in-story failure can catalyze ingenuity and creativity by creating setbacks that force your characters to find out-of-the-box solutions. 1,106 more words


Everyday or Every Day?

One of the most common mistakes I see in my students’ (and many other people’s) writing, is confusion as to the use of “every day” and “everyday.” 241 more words

How Rhetorical Questions Weaken Your Story

While they have their place in rhetoric, rhetorical questions almost always weaken fiction. Below, I lay out how they stall the story, mangle POV, kill subtext, and generally frustrate readers, and why your story would be better off without them. 769 more words


Zooms, Primes and Wide Angles oh my!

Oh boy, the choices out there on the market for lenses. It’s quite overwhelming really. While I will admit that I own a few myself, I must say that I researched the heck out of them before taking the financial plunge. 284 more words

Common English Err

Hi friends
I know English has become an important part of our life. English is not just a language, it is the most widely spoken and accepted international language. 145 more words

Common Mistakes