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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Tickling a Salmon Filet

More and more chefs are employing the technique of tickling their ingredients. The radical new approach was inspired by a young prodigy in France who insists that tickling the food creates a positive atmosphere in the kitchen, while simultaneously kickstarting the joy that comes with cooking. 322 more words


Making The Most Of Your Home Based Business

When you have a business, there are a lot of good things about it, but many pitfalls, as well, if you are uninformed. If you properly prepare and research though, you can avoid the most common mistakes made with home businesses. 817 more words

Legitimate Opportunities

Look at, See and Watch

Look at”, “See” and “Watch” are all very similar verbs, but we use them differently.

See” is very passive. 202 more words


Bridal Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Bridal makeup is very important when it comes to Bangladeshi weddings. Bangladeshi weddings are traditional and an integral part of every single Bangladeshi family. So, it’s no secret that Bangladeshi bridal makeup will always remain at the center of focus of the wedding itself. 250 more words

5 Simple mistakes you may be making with your Hair Straightener

Simple hair straightener mistakes can massively impact your final hairstyle, your over-all look and actually cause damage to your hair – yikes! So today I am going to share some simple mistakes you may be making with your hair tool. 435 more words

Floating minipages and other wizardry

Inspired by a current issue from my friend the LaTeX Noob, I wanted to give a short explanation on how you can combine floats (i.e. … 2,098 more words