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When Should You Use Bear or Bare? Or Whether or Weather? Know Your Homophones!

A homophone is a word that has the same sound as another word but is spelt differently and has a different meaning. Today, we highlight a few of the most common homophones and differentiate them for you so you will never make the same mistake again.  191 more words


The Hikers, Part 2: Look Past the Trail

In my orienteering class, the one I admittedly should have taken before getting lost in the wilderness, we learned that when your path is unmarked or uncertain, you need to learn more than just the route you plan to take. 960 more words


"My phone is broken" or "My phone is out of order"

Don’t say:

The telephone is “broken”.

When you say “my phone is broken”, your listener might think you just dropped your phone on the floor and now it’s broken (shattered) to pieces. 84 more words

Useful Expressions

Writing Pet Peeves #8: Commas

Oh man.

Have you ever, seen sentences, written like this?

No? Lucky you. I have. And each time I just want to grab the person doing the writing and shake them until they never want to put a comma in another sentence again. 162 more words

"Please call me back after one hour" - Common Mistake

In bahasa  Indonesia, you can say “Telepon balik saya setelah satu jam lagi.” (Please call me back after one hour.); however, in English, that’s not right. 68 more words

Common Mistakes