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Desert Castaway

I once washed up on a desert island,
Full of the sand, snake, and scorpion,
Oh I wished I’d instead be abandoned,
Upon a beautiful and deserted island, 44 more words

7 Common Mistakes That New Graduates Make

So you were just handed your Bachelor’s Degree, have moved out of your dorm, and now can only think one thing: “What now?”

Not to worry because all college graduates have lived through that awkward in-between stage and somehow had navigated their way through to the next step. 669 more words


First Steps: Great training always starts with a diagnostic. We encourage you not to attempt the free simulations on the MBA.com site. Most serious teachers will agree with us, when we say there is a shortage of good prep material. 115 more words


Top 10 Most Common Serve Mistakes


If you don’t turn your shoulders horizontally, you will likely hit the ball into the net.

If you don’t turn your shoulders enough vertically, it is difficult to get lift-off from the ground, and you will likely be hitting the ball into the net. 301 more words


Common Mistake: "In a Newspaper" or "On a Newspaper"

More examples:

• I read that news in the newspaper.
• I saw that news on TV.
• I heard that news on the radio. 162 more words


Grammar alert: As usual, usually

A common mistake is to say “AS USUALLY”. This is INCORRECT!!!!!! English uses “as usual” or “usually”.

As usual

“As usual” can go at the beginning of a sentence, in the middle and also at the end. 142 more words


Grammar alert: Study vs. Learn vs. Teach

TEACH: Passing on knowledge to someone, typically by a teacher.


  • I taught my children the abc when they were 3
  • I teach English at primary school…
  • 89 more words