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9 Common Mistakes Students Always Make During Problem Sums Solving

When it comes to Paper 2 of your PSLE Math Examinations, many students tend to commit all sorts of careless or seemingly trivial mistakes. Here we list down a few of the more common ones to look out for so that hopefully, you will be more aware of them and prevent them from happening. 174 more words


Editor's List of Common Mistakes

I found these tips here at AbsoluteWrite, an online writing group that I highly recommend.

Allen Guthrie, an acquisition editor for Point Blank Press, wrote up a ‘white paper’ called ‘Hunting Down the Pleonasms’ that has become a cult classic. 1,341 more words

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10 June 2015 (TheAge, SMH) - Rookies beware: top four sharemarket mistakes

(10 June 2015, The Age, MONEY supplement, p6, Marcus Padley ‘The Honest Broker’)

‘Having a smartphone doesn’t make you an expert in the sharemarket. Here’s four mistakes any rookie can make.’ 54 more words

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How to use the phrase "the Internet" correctly - Common Mistake

I found many of the English learners use the phrase “the Internet” incorrectly, especially in the use of the prepositions. They don’t know whether to use… 219 more words

Common Mistakes

4 mistakes and easy fixes to organize your stuff better!

Colour coding clothes.

Colour coding clothes makes it difficult to identify and recognise different clothes of the same colour. Instead of colour coding clothes, try to keep some special outfits (sets) together. 197 more words


Why All the Fuss about Spellings and Style Guides?

I expect some people will see my latest bite-sized tips post and wonder what it’s all about and why I bother with these lists of spellings and occasional forays into a bit of grammar based on the… 611 more words

Bite-sized Tips

Bite-sized Tips No. 16: Times

This is a stylistic minefield and the most important aspect to remember is to be consistent throughout your document and in all the documents for a particular client. 788 more words

Bite-sized Tips