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Constructing a Cast of Characters

Individual characters are important, but it’s a rare story that relies on a single character for everything. As such, cohesion among the cast of characters is incredibly important. 1,129 more words


Do You Overreact About Sex? Common Mistakes Parents Make.

One of my biggest fears when my daughters grow up is that I will overreact to any conversation about sex. No joke. I’m monumentally afraid. Yes, I teach about sexual health for my career, but when they are pre-teens, I’m terrified I’ll be like my friend’s mom. 882 more words


Word of the Day: interpret

to interpret

1. to translate orally or into sign language the words of a person speaking a different language.

I agreed to interpret for Edward. 47 more words


Common Mistakes: video vs. vigil

video = vídeo

vigil = vigília

night vigil = vigília noturna


Learn the alphabet with Peppa Pig!

Pay attention to how they say the letter H.


BBC stars who can’t say ‘aitch’: Corporation accused of falling standards after viewers highlight way number of presenters say the letter ‘H’  6 more words


Common Mistakes: supper, super, suit etc.

Here’s a list of commonly mispronounced words. Play the audio and repeat the words as you hear them. Enjoy!

supper – the Lord’s Supper –  13 more words


Accept vs. Except

In the honors English class I teach right now, we are working on writing college essays in preparation for the students’ college application process next fall. 489 more words