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9 Things That Are Wasting Your Time

Many people do a lot but get no where in the direction of their goals. If that is you, maybe there are some things you are doing to block your own progress.  291 more words

Common Mistakes

Mistakes In Word Choice

I was reading comments from a copy editors’ camp this week, and I thought I would share what was identified as the most common error they cite: mistakes in word choice. 94 more words

Writing Tips

Comic Grammar. Hilariously funny.

Browsing the net the other day while looking for something else I stumbled upon this site. It’s hilarious.

If you are ultra sensitive. Stay away because this person is a riot. 54 more words


Common mistakes: similar-but-not-interchangeable edition

Originally written for the blog of Light Creative.

We’ve spoken before about homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings. These guys are a little different. 1,633 more words

Three common mistakes people make on the keto diet

The back to school feeling might have inspired you – whether you’ve got kids who are going back to school or not – to make a brand new start at your New Year’s resolutions. 546 more words


Como Usar Say y Tell en Inglés

Son dos palabras muy parecidas, pero tienen un significado diferente. Si todavía no sabes cómo usar say o tell, te lo explicamos abajo.

Personal object… 189 more words


Look Up, Look Down, Look Around

Hi Everyone,

We started off yesterday with a quick review of some common mistakes I hear you guys make all the time. These are little insignificant things that may go uncorrected because what your are saying is easily understood. 568 more words