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Articles “a/an” and “the” are what is called basic grammar – but basic doesn’t mean easy.

English is a very exact language and that means that all nouns need a ‘determiner’ in front of them. 228 more words

Common Mistakes

Fun & Funny


“Fun” and “Funny” are two adjectives that are often confused.

“Funny” means that something is comical and it makes you laugh.

For example: “That was a funny joke.” 230 more words

Common Mistakes

Avoid common mistakes when booking your next trip and SAVE

So many people are worried when booking their own travel, with the potential of making a mistake. Booking your own trip can be a little tricky at first. 891 more words




The three prepositions “in, on and at” can be a little difficult to know when to use. We often use them with places and times. 263 more words

Common Mistakes

Until & By


Two words that I hear many English learners make mistakes with, even very advanced learners, are ‘until’ and ‘by’ when talking about deadlines.
“Please give me your homework until tomorrow” is a variation on the common mistake I hear. 142 more words

Common Mistakes

Bite-sized Tips No. 25: False Friends on Hotel Websites

A recent tourism editing job had me scouring through many translated websites of hotels (Spanish to English, my pair) and I was appalled to see the same mistakes made again and again. 646 more words