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The Most Common Mistakes You Make.

So, you’ve got a lecture or class to take in English next week. Maybe you’ve got an interview coming up for a job that requires English. 894 more words

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Authors Answer 115 - Common Mistakes by New Authors

Everyone goes through that awkward toddler stage of writing. There are mistakes. Lots of them. And frankly, the writing sounds weird, clunky, and just plain awful. 2,247 more words


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Publishing too soon is one that I'm pretty sure I'm avoiding.

Commonly-Confused Words

One of the downsides to the richness of the English language’s vocabulary is that there are so many words that are similar in appearance and sound, yet with distinct meanings. 447 more words

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Bored vs. Boring - Don't Make This Mistake!

I was at a party one night and my Colombian friend was bored. There was no dancing! He was sitting quietly in the corner.

The Australian host of the party asked his Mexican girlfriend what was wrong. 86 more words

Common Mistakes

How joining a students association can help you get the most out of your bachelor's degree (Part 1)

Posted January 12, 2017 — My last post was the first in a short series I have planned for the first few weeks of 2017. The aim is to motivate college and university students who worry about potential career paths to do something about it. 1,308 more words

Getting Into Graduate School

Friday Fit 5 week of 1/6/2017

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years.  Many of you are probably starting off on your health based resolutions this week.  Here are a few articles I think that might be able to help you out. 245 more words


Common Spanglish Mistakes: Part 1

Sometimes when we translate into another language from our own, we use our native grammar and it doesn’t always work.

Here are some examples of common mistakes I hear from Spanish speakers, which may also happen with other speakers of the romantic languages such as French, Italian and Portuguese. 57 more words

Common Mistakes