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The Common Raven and the American crow are similar looking, but they do have distinct differences. First of all size, ravens can weight up to four pounds and have a wingspan up to four feet, while a crow is only one to one and half pounds with a wingspan up to three feet.  128 more words


Meet the Common Raven

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On a recent trip to Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, I found this Common Raven alongside the road near the main flight deck.  483 more words

Big Bend National Park


I love to walk in the fall. It is not too hot, as the summer sometimes can be. If it is cold, being in the sun while moving usually seems to be comfortable. 124 more words


Family Corvidae

There’s a family in town I’ve been keeping an eye on lately, name of Corvid.  I know one lady who really loves them, and invites them over for meals all the time — but mostly I’d say people around Seldovia just barely tolerate them.  1,007 more words



It’s starting to get spooky around here!


Black Gold

This Common Raven is so dark and shiny that it looks like it’s cover in oil.