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Who Really Profits From War

Nobody who matters, that’s who profits from war.

The only people who profit from war are Governments and the owners of businesses who win government contracts to supply military equipment. 133 more words


What's the Number for 911?

The advent of 911 for calling emergency services has to be one of the best tools created for the general public. Significantly more efficient than having to remember a 10 digit number in order to call for help and that’s assuming you have the ability and/or time to dial all ten digits. 487 more words

Common Sense


Our family recycle bin contains the usual characters;
empty boxes from devoured pizzas, or peaches of local fruit farms, or even corn squares cereal. In our bright green bin, you can find discarded containers of Gain laundry detergent, 100% Apple Juice, Soy milk, and vitamins. 242 more words


10 Reasons Your Mom Should Take a Self Defense Class

Self defense is simply the right combination of situational awareness, safe choices and behaviors, and physical/mental readiness that enables you to avoid, evade, escape or… 540 more words

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It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas???

If you work retail like I do you have probably already seen some merch or heard the higher ups mention something about Christmas already. I know….nuts right? 238 more words

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Pokémon Go

Alright I’m going to jump on the band wagon and talk about it. Just to clarify……yes, I am 30 years old and yes, I am playing Pokémon Go. 364 more words

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Idiot of the Day

Robert George – another hack writer for that rag of a newspaper The New York Daily News.

It’s writers like George who fan the flames of the misinformed and play into the general populations ignorance. 377 more words

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