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I'm Offended

On a daily basis I watch and hear people complain about or be offended by some of the dumbest things. Seriously, the amount of nonsensical things is staggering. 263 more words

Common Sense

Smashing The Tomato

Whenever I have my mother in my truck with meĀ I will inevitably go through an intersection on a yellow light. She calls this “squeezing the lemon.” I’m sure this is a common term but I don hear anyone else throwing it around either. 222 more words

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The Gay's are Ok

Boy Scouts of America has finally lifted the ban on gay adult leaders…well kind of. I’ll circle back to the “kind of” part in a minute you’ll just have to bare with me for now. 451 more words

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Latrine Duty

I had been kicking this one around in my head for a while trying to decide if it was worth the post. My internal committee came to a consensus on yes. 377 more words

Common Sense

It's Too Hot Out

So today while making reminder calls I has a patient tell me that it was too hot out over the last few days and that’s why they didn’t pick up their prescription. 140 more words

Common Sense


This is what it is all about. If you can find this, interact with it, share it or sell it, itĀ guarantees a result every time. 523 more words


Minimum Wage Increase

So one of my friends sent me a news article with a title that without reading the article will elicit a very inflammatory response. In my case it did, but I put my initial response in check until I was able to sit, read, and digest the article in whole. 373 more words

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