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How to Fight: Two Simple Steps

  1. Don’t do it. You could wind up in the hospital, the court system, or the morgue.  Use every available means NOT to fight.   Apologize.  Make it right. 
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The Train Now Standing At Platform 70

Well, here it is–Platform 70–My three score and ten. I can remember being with my mom on her 70th birthday…She couldn’t believe it, she kept saying, “I’m 70… 329 more words


Happy Christmas to you all

I haven’t blogged for a while but felt led to write this one on Christmas Eve.
In the world it is becoming the norm to not want to offend others, the upshot of this is that we must become mute; for there is nothing one can say that will not offend somebody somewhere. 84 more words


How to Choose the Right Martial Arts School: Adult Students

A lot goes into choosing the right martial arts school, so start by asking the right questions.  Those questions differ somewhat by age.  Younger students do not have their own funds or transportation, and must depend on parents or guardians for guidance.  1,009 more words

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Appropriate Cold Weather Dress

As we head further into winter and slowly inch into colder weather let me break down a few things. To be honest here, it saddens me that I have to spell any of this out, but since I haven’t figured out how to bottle common sense and sell it I’ll break it down. 362 more words

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Susan's Stalker

My friend Susan* has a stalker.  They met through a mutual acquaintance, he asked her out, and she said no.  That should have been the end of the story.  642 more words

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Smile at the Insults You Receive Because they are Compliments

“People who look for weaknesses in other people are showing you how weak they are.”

Everybody knows somebody like this, they pretend to be your friend but every so often they throw an insult your way and then say, “I’m only kidding or I didn’t mean it,” these type of friends are more to be pitied than despised because they have such a low self-esteem, the only way they can feel better about themselves is to insult you. 298 more words