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Room for the Impossible

It never ceases to amaze me how words written a hundred years ago can be so timely for us today!  Oswald Chambers died in 1917, at the age of forty-three, yet his words ring true in 2015! 633 more words

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Pharmacy Emergencies

In a retail pharmacy there are no real emergencies in terms of patient prescriptions. We do try our best to fill your prescription(s) as quickly and safely as possible. 393 more words

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Keeping the Throttle Pinned

By my personal definition the week starts on a Sunday. Since Sunday between my two jobs and other life obligations I have kept my throttle pinned to floor. 204 more words

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Standard Operating Procedure

In the past I have discussed about there being three ways to do something. The right way, the wrong way, and the scouting way. I also went on to discuss how sometimes there can only be one way to do something because of safety or importance. 86 more words

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Just Refill Everything

At least once a week I have patient call in and tell me to “just refill everything”. To which I immediately reply “Well what’s everything? I can’t just guess.” This normally turns into a five minute back and forth that I have a 85% win ratio in which the patient gives in and names a bunch of medications. 366 more words

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Patient Advocacy

By my count if you work in a pharmacy regardless of your position one of your primary functions is an advocate for the patient. When it comes to a patients medication a pharmacy is trying to coordinate a lot of things all at the same time so that the patient is receiving the best appropriate care . 275 more words

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Bros before....

If you know the rest of that phrase fantastic. If you believe it to be true then your an even bigger asshole than some people think I am. 254 more words

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