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Be Real If You Want To Make It Last

If you want to make any relationship last, you have to be real; real honest about who you are, as Dr Seuss put it, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” This is a very accurate quote because if you act like yourself from the beginning, nobody will ever be surprised by your actions, and you will always be relaxed in everybody else’s company. 15 more words


The Strength of His Might

The Strength  of His Might

It seems like  we want  to be such strong people  in the eyes  of others.     Admitting  our weaknesses  is embarrassing.     672 more words


Is the US ready for a third Political Party ?

OK, yes I took another extended leave of absence. I hope I did not lose too many readers. So, it’s an election year and boy has it been a weird one! 1,423 more words

Common Sense


Lets take the reverse approach to answer the title of the posting. When we say “this doesn’t make sense”, we are stating that what is taking place is not practical or reasonable. 743 more words


There is No Good Reason To Be Upset

“There’s always a reason why I get upset, unfortunately it’s rarely a good reason.” I normally get upset because of impatience; I want something done in a particular way as efficiently as possible. 227 more words


When you Listen you Learn

The ability to listen is a skill few people master in their adult lives, this behaviour normally starts around the onset of puberty, they decide they know everything that they need to know about life, and should therefore stop listening. 297 more words


An Interesting Interview Question

I’ve been to a few interviews over the years looking for a role to finance my preferred lifestyle, and during those interviews I have been asked a few questions which left me baffled as to what answer they were actually looking for, a good example is the following question; 270 more words