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Don't Fence Us In

For Western state citizens, who typically value freedom and the ability to leave our homes and breath fresh air, it is very frustrating that we are constrained by the federal government onto tiny plots of land in cities because we are not allowed to own most of the land in the states we live in. 7 more words

Thinking Too Much Benefits Who

Control is an illusion, the only time you are in complete control is when you give all the control you think you have away.

When you’re in the company of somebody who is always sharing positive stories about their friends, you feel positively inspired because you know that when you leave, the only stories they will share about you will be positive too. 42 more words

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Trump Meltdown


Wow! I saw it coming, but for all those folks who liked Trump – wow.

I will say this again — all the polls in the world mean nothing. 165 more words

One Hundred and One Meanings

Age and experience will determine your understanding of the lines listed below.

Every line will have a different meaning depending on the age and experience of the reader. 267 more words

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Reply to Zaid from the Campaign article

Zaid hi

Thanks for replying.

My comment about “here we go again” came about because your opening paragraphs including the IPA survey suggested this was going to be an article based on the usual intellectual supposition angle rather than one from genuine research. 325 more words


Issues Voting

I don’t think progressives are evil. I believe they mean well, but I also think they are foolish, possibly misinformed, and apt to vote emotionally rather than rationally. 1,052 more words

Common Sense

Gary Johnson may well be my general election presidential vote for 2016 since I don’t really expect the GOP to nominate Rand Paul as their candidate even if he were to perform strongly in the primaries. 527 more words

Common Sense