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Clean Up in Isle 8.

So today a “customer” had an ice tea in their hand and bumped into an end cap display when turning around thus knocking it out of their hand. 140 more words

Common Sense

Reading Directions

One of the most fundamental things that we try to engrain in people from the very beginning of ones schooling, but mostly to no avail is to read directions. 320 more words

Common Sense

Forum: Is America In Decline? Why Or Why Not?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the The Watchers Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. 3,789 more words

Knowledge Is Power


One of the biggest hurdles I run into on a daily basis is trying to communicate with other people. Sometimes its a language barrier, but I have learned to overcome that via several apps I have downloaded onto my smart phone, but also by learning some basic phrases in languages prevalent to my area. 201 more words

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Frauding the System

One of the hot button issues for a lot of people is when those who receive some sort of federal or state assistance abuse the system. 251 more words

Common Sense

Just Shut Up and Take It

The title is exactly what I wish I could say to patients some time, but since I generally try not to come across as an a**whole I avoid using that phrase. 359 more words

Common Sense

Frivoulos Lawsuits

There are many rules, laws, and regulations that govern how I perform my job at both of my places of employment. Most of them I agree with, but there a handful of things that I have run into over the years that don’t make sense, but because someone decided to not use common sense at some point there is now a rule on the books about it. 532 more words

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