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Net Neutrality

Looking through Facebook posts and watching the news, you might get the idea that everyone is for “Net Neutrality”.

I’m not. It just became the regulatory law of the land, but I oppose it. 549 more words

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Online Buisness Websites

So my fiancée and I are in the process of selecting the miscellaneous services we will need for our wedding. In specific we are concentrating on a photographer at the moment, but my point goes for any service that potentially would be used by a couple for a wedding or even for a party of some kind in general. 399 more words

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(Verbatim- sources noted)

by Marc E. Angelucci and Glenn Sacks
September 18, 2004

Despite its many painful and unseemly aspects, the Kobe Bryant rape case and the media storm surrounding it have drawn attention to a severely neglected problem: false rape accusations. 1,430 more words

False Rape Accusations

The Scout Law: Loyal

Loyalty is built off of the previous law of trustworthy. Similarly it is gained and earned over time, but once it is achieved,  loyalty is normally an unshakable force. 134 more words

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Reflecting Thoughts - What Money Can’t Buy, Pt. 3…

  In life we sometimes have to decide what is more important for our self and those around us when spending money on a purchase or expense. 548 more words

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ADHD-Right or Wrong Premise

I have encountered a great many people who have the belief that ADHD drugs and other psychotropic medications WORK on children.

First off let’s define WORK.   1,391 more words

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