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Smile at the Insults You Receive Because they are Compliments

“People who look for weaknesses in other people are showing you how weak they are.”

Everybody knows somebody like this, they pretend to be your friend but every so often they throw an insult your way and then say, “I’m only kidding or I didn’t mean it,” these type of friends are more to be pitied than despised because they have such a low self-esteem, the only way they can feel better about themselves is to insult you. 298 more words


Evolution or Cooperation… September 24, 2017

Is winning all there is? Has evolution betrayed humans by making all humans competitors? Does competition produce individuals that exhibit excessive selfishness? Is this competition the source of the “me first” syndrome? 390 more words


You Don't Need to Prove You're Right

If you know you’re right, there’s no need to persuade somebody else to accept your point of view because the greatest gift you can give somebody else is enough information for them to find out the truth for themselves. 15 more words


The More Noble Minded

The More Noble Minded

Preaching truth  has been a rather dangerous job  at times,  and often not  a popular job.     When Paul preached  to the people  of Thessalonica in… 761 more words


Nobody Can Change Your Life Until You Want to Change

“Change comes at a price, until the day arrives when you’re willing to pay that price, your life will remain the same as it is today.” ~Anon… 6 more words