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A Nice Guy, or a Good Guy?

My friend was talking about a man who had stalked, restrained and physically attacked a woman we knew when she said, “But he’s basically a good guy.”  Shocked, I clarified:  “No, he’s a nice guy.  464 more words

Self Defense

This person is the stuff of nightmares

Take a good look….A really good look.

This is the face of a woman (I think it’s a woman) who wants babies to be aborted right up to birth time. 35 more words


I'm sick of it!

Enough is enough!

I was just out to post a letter when I noticed the add on the window of Lloyd’s bank…MY bank! The add features two men hugging joyfully with the caption…”He said yes!” Open and blatant promotion of perversion, right there on the high street. 187 more words


As your mother

Don’t stand there staring at me with that look of contempt.

Don’t tell me that I have no right to meddle in your affairs.

I am your parent, so not only is it my right, I consider it my sacred duty to give you my opinion on what you are doing. 62 more words


Idiots of the Day

Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway

So let me get this straight. These two idiots are on stage to announce Best Picture. Idiot #1 – opens the envelope and sees that it says Best Actress Emma Stone – La La Land. 166 more words

Current Events

Idiots of the Day

All those parents in Northhampton Massachusetts as well as the school board who put an end to “High Five Friday’s” with local police officers.

What began as a way to strengthen relations between police and students was turned into controversy by parents who believed that a police presence would be detrimental to some of the children. 172 more words

Current Events