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Consistent Volume Levels

I have zero knowledge on how sound engineering works. but I’m a little confused by the lack of consistent sound levels in some of the podcasts I listen to. 295 more words

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Sorry, Were Out of Stock

When any proprietor of any wares states they are out of something, please don’t ask if we really are. If anything the next questions should be, “When will you have more?”, or “Do you know who else might have it available?”. 137 more words

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Carry A Damn NotePad

I’m fairly certain that at some point in the last year I covered the many reasons as to why everyone should carry a little notepad/book on them at all times. 184 more words

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Use Your Words

Recently I’ve been struggling to find something to write about/be inspired by so I decided to pull another one out of my personal archives. On a side note apparently I have been doing this for a year now. 262 more words

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Simply put, people who make anything more than it is are the problem and by complicating an issue, they now have instant company and attention in a world of their making. 874 more words

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Moving with Kids

Having just spent the past few months in moving hell with 3 young kids, 2 dogs, a pet rat and fish I’m exhausted. But we survived! 357 more words


Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body

In light of my recent injury I decided to pull this one out of my personal archives.

Pain is what you are experiencing when you are doing something to your body that you shouldn’t be, asking your body to perform beyond its limits, or you have experienced a trauma of some kind. 397 more words

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